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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Thomas Cox b. 1641 London m. Christian Matthews - Les Sutton [lessutton AT]
    • John Cox b. 1675 Drayton, England m.Rachel Duskin
      • John Cox Jr. b. 1699 England m. Mary Harlan
        • Samuel Cox b. 1723 London Grove, Chester Co. PA m.Hannah Wierman
          • ​Samuel Cox b. 1754 York Co. PA m. Martha Cox
            • ​Thomas W Cox b. 1770 Randolph Co. NC m.Amy Ruth Bonham
              • ​Enoch Locke Cox b. 1801 VA m. Nancy Davis
                • ​William Chester Cox b. 1835 Whitley Co. KY m.Susan E. Worley
                  • ​Isaac Alexander Cox b. 1865 KY m. Elizabeth Prewitt
                    • ​James Chesley Cox b. Whitley Co. KY m. Clara Fritts 83025
            • ​Samuel Cox b. 1790 Montgomery Co. VA m. Jane McClure
              • Fleming Trigg Cox b. 1811 Knox Co. KY m. Guinevera Lay
                • ​Samuel Hampton "Sam" Cox b. 1831 Whitley Co. KY m. Nica Jane Cox
                  • ​William Marion Cox b. 1854 Bell Co. TX m. Nancy Woods
                    • ​Horace William Cox b. 1898 Bell Co. TX m. Analene Ray Cox 117043, 123858
                  • ​Columbus Alonzo "Lon" Cox b. 1869 Nolanville, Bell Co. TX m. Narcissa Miller
                    • ​Ruben Quites Cox b. 1904 Bell Co. TX m. Emma White 9681
              • ​Samuel Griggs Cox b. 1830 Whitley Co. KY m. Elizabeth Dagley
                • ​Paul Calhoun Cox b. 1877 Nolanville, Bell Co. TX Rhoda O'Roark
                  • ​Lloyd Douglas Cox b. 1909 Morgan, Bosque Co. TX m. Mary Pauline Allison 20640
        • Solomon Cox b. 1738 Adams Co. PA m. Naomi Hussey
          • Solomon Cox Jr. b. 1761 Cane Creek, Orange Co, NC m. Martha Dixon
            • ​Joseph Cox b. 1789 VA m. Amy Baker 
              • ​Isom J. Cox b. 1815 Ross Co. OH m.Elizabeth Littlepage
                • ​Charles Lee Cox b. 1861 Chillicothe, Livingston Co. MO m.Mary Manning
                  • ​Frank Leslie Cox b. 1898 Chillicothe, Livingston Co. MO m.Sadie Berry 117298
              • ​Andrew Baker Cox b. 1828 Ray Co. MO m. Catherine Shriver
                • ​William Alonzo Cox b. 1848 Chillicothe, Livingston Co. Mo m. Elisa Ann Beasley
                  • ​Joseph Oscar Cox b. 1872 Chillicothe, Livingston Co. MO m. Nellie Roberts
                    • ​Glen Russell Cox b. 1911 Livingston Co. MO m. Georgia Gordon 117296
                  • ​Ira Beasley Cox b. 1875 Livingston Co. MO m. Bessie Cornelius 95687
        • Absalom Cox b. 1767 Cane Creek, Orange Co. NC m. /Mary Prigmore
          • ​Daniel Cox b. 1800 KY m. Amy Cox
            • ​Stephen "Steve" Cox b. 1829 Whitley Co. KY m.Elizabeth Betsy Bryant
              • Absalom B. Cox b. 1852 KY M. Martha Bryant
                • ​Rev. Levi Cox b. 1888 Whitley Co. KY m. Mary Elizabeth Stephens
                  • ​Willie Elmer Cox b. 1918 McCreary Co. KY m. Mabra Thomas 155962
              • ​Stephen “Steve” Jr. b. 1868 Ky m. Zilphia Davenport
                • ​John Melt Cox b. 1888 Whitley Co. KY m.Lidia Susan Patrick
                  • ​Floyd Cox b. 1908 KY m. Zora Brassfield 121536
        • Christopher Cox 1773 Guilford Co. NC m. Hannah Johnson
          • Cornelius (Nealy) Cox b. 1806 Knox Co. KY m. Katherine Jackson
            • Cornelius Jackson "Jack" Cox b.1844 MO m. Huldah Ann Kemp
              • William Cornelius "Will" Cox b.1870 Dallas Co. TX m.Georgia Ann Cotton
                • William Cornelius "Nealy" Cox b. 1869 Dallas Co. TX m. Maude Newberry 6395   
        • Thomas Isaac Cox b.1775 Wythe Co. VA m.Rachel CarrJoe B Cox [jandhcox AT]
          • Solomon Cox b.1798 TN m.Elizabeth Johnston
            • Pleasant C. Cox b. 1820 Salt Creek, Monroe Co. IN m. Martha Jane Bybee
              • Francis Marion Cox b. 1871 Lampasas Co. TX m. Iola Pearl Sims
                • Joe Berton Cox b. 1905 Lampasas Co. TX m.Delma Mae Poe 6394
            • ​Jehu Cox b. 1822 Putnam Co. IN m. Margaret Hodge - Ada Stump [blueday AT] 
              • ​John H. Cox b. 1845 Taney Co. MO m. Margaret Ellison
                • Lemuel Cox b. 1907 Lexington, Cleveland Co. OK m. Opal Irene Bentley 9680   ​
            • James Christopher Cox b. 1824 Monroe Co. IN m Elizabeth van Winkle - Joe B Cox [jandhcox AT
              • ​James Madison Cox b. 1870 Lampasas Co. TX m. Amanda McCall
                • ​James Alvia Cox b. 1898 Williamson Co. TX m. /Margaret Drennan 159053
  • Cary Cox  b abt 1736 VA m Mary Horne
    • Carey Cox Jr b. 1778 Halifax Co. NC m Martha RoundtreeWalter Turner [wvturner AT]
      • Chappel Cox b. 1799 Webster Co. GA m. Martha Mathis
        • Carey Thomas Cox b. abt 1821 m. Martha Ann Daniel
          • John Augustus Cox b. 1845 Talbot Co. GA m. Sarah Missouri Hixon
            • Thomas Matthew Cox b. 1882 Webster Co. GA m. Laura Emma Fullbright 183614
  • Elias Cox b. 1784 VA m. Prudence Scantlin – Bonnie Kofsky [bcoxkofsky AT]
    • Joshua Burnett Cox b. 1808 VA m. Mary Ann Hall
      • John Lewis Cox Sr b. 1846 Wayne Co KY m. Martha Ann Morgan
        • William Isaac Cox b. 1867 Pope Co IL m. Mary Melissa Sistler
          • John Lewis Cox b. 1907 Pope Co IL m. Gladys Blocher 169694
  • Jerome Cox b. 1813 Edgefield SC m. Louisa - Walter Turner [wvturner AT]
    • ​James Presley Cox  b. 1852 SC m. Polly Anna Irvin
      • ​Anthony Jerome Cox b. 1890 MS m. Jeffie Mae Bourland 187213
  • John William Cox b. 1859 KY m. Sarah Agnes Cox -
    • ​Walter Leo Cox b. 1911 m. Angela Gearm 276241

Click here to find out how to add your pedigree or contact a pedigree provider.

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