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Kit # 34966
Corrigan from Co Mayo, Ireland.

Kit # 43739
Corrigan from Co Cavan, Ireland, family thought to be from Co Fermanagh previously.

Kit # 58583
Charles Corrigan born Ireland, marr Rebeca Elliott, 2nd marr Mary.
Charles A Corrigan, b 1856 Maryland, marr Mary McBride ~1880.
Charles J Corrigan, b 1888 Philadelphia PA, marr Mary "Janey" Karsner.

Kit # 71421
Patrick Carroocan, b abt 1800 Co Clare Ireland, marr Bridget Gorman.
Patrick Carrucan, b abt 1831 Co Clare Ireland, marr Mary O'Brien.
Patrick Carrucan, b 1864 Eltham Vic Australia, marr Ellen Carroll.

Kit # N10033
Michael Corrigan, b 1791 Ireland, marr Rose Nugent.
Patrick Corrigan, marr Ellen McNenly.
Hugh Corrigan, marr Anna Ophelia Hazlewood.
Hugh Corrigan II, marr Clementine Eleanor March.

Kit# 78958
Michael Corrigan, b 1791 Ireland

Kit # N7450
John Corrigan, b 1830 Co Roscommon Ireland.
This family has links to Kiltybranks/Kiltobranks, RC Parish of Lisacul, Roscommon.

Kit N45032
George Corrigan

Kit # 86099
William Carrigan, b 1735 Co Derry Ireland, marr Elizabeth Brown.
James Carrigan, b 1760 Co Derry Ireland, marr Jane Sample.
John Cyrus Carrigan, b abt 1787 North Carolina, marr Nancy Spencer.
Jesse Carrigan, b abt 1807 marr Selina Hardin.
Wiley Hardin Carrigan, b 1838 Lincoln Co Tennessee, marr Pathenia Summerford.
Horace Edward Carrigan, b 1884 Nashville Tennessee, marr Willie Mae Culbertson.

Kit # 86212
Patrick Corrigan, b abt 1831 (possibly Co Fermanagh) Ireland, marr Margaret Campbell.
James Patrick Corrigan, b 1865 Lindsay Ontario Canada, marr Elizabeth Boyer.
Frank James Corrigan, b Rochester NY.
(pegjohn "AT"

Kit # 89823
Patrick Corrigan, b 1836 Ireland.
Thomas A Corrigan, b 1870 Illinois.

Kit # 92523
John Corrigan, Ireland, marr Kate Mason.
Michael Corrigan, b 1843 of Ansboro Co Down Ireland, marr Elizabeth Rooney.
John J Corrigan, b 1879 Cleator Moor Cumbria England, marr Bridget Loughran.
John C Corrigan born Chicago Illinois.

Kit # N52274
This Corrigan family have been on Achill Island Co Mayo Ireland for at least the last 4 generations.

Kit# 95341
Norban Curry, b: 1803, Barren Co., KY

Kit # 98149
Patrick Corrigan, b 1785 Ireland, marr Rose Ann Folun.
Patrick Corrigan Jr, b 1816 Co Mayo Ireland, marr Mary Riley.
James Peter Corrigan, b 1853 Dixon Lee Co Illinois, marr Margaret Ellen Dineen.
Basil Corrigan.

Kit # 99650
Patrick Corrigan, b 1785 Ireland, marr Rose Ann Folun.
John Curry, b 1807 Co Mayo Ireland, marr Jane Garner.
Frederick George Currie, b 1838 Co Mayo Ireland, marr Eliza Harris.
Thomas Frederick Currie, b 1871 Ontario Canada, marr Mary Wallace Bruce.

Kit# 102125
Unknown Corrigan

Kit # 104447
Patrick Corrigan, b 1785 Ireland, marr Rose Ann Folun.
James Corrigan, b 1821 Co Mayo Ireland, marr Leah E Russell.
George Henry Corrigan, b 1856 Whiteside Co Illinois, marr Sarah Ellen Kirby.
George Henry Corrigan, b 1877 Portage Co Wisconsin, marr Mary Helen Hopkins.

Kit # N54927
Patrick Corrigan, b 1785 Ireland, marr Rose Ann Folun.
Patrick Corrigan Jr, b 1816 Co Mayo Ireland, marr Mary Riley.
James Peter Corrigan, b 1853 Dixon Lee Co Illinois, marr Margaret Ellen Dineen.
Joesph Corrigan.

Kit # 109862
Patrick Corrigan, b abt 1803 Ireland, marr Ann Stewart.
Thomas Corrigan, b abt 1839 Co Down Ireland, marr Eliza Kane.
Charles Stewart Corrigan, b 1864 Lochee Dundee Forfar Scotland,
marr Anne Emily Mueller.
Robert Bruce Corrigan Snr, b 1897 Woodside Queens NY.

Kit# 115297
Thomas Corrigan of Co Limerick Ireland
Peter Corrigan, b abt 1827 Co Limerick Ireland or Manchester England
Charles Corrigan, b 1866 Pembroke Dock Wales
Leonard Corrigan, b 1900 Woolwich London England

Kit# 121498
Unknown Corrigan

Kit # 171393
Patrick Corrigan, b early 1700 Dublin Ireland, marr  Margaret McQuaid.
Patrick Corrigan/Corgan, 1760 Dublin Ireland, marr Polly Singleton.
James Corgan, b ca 1819/20 Union County IL, marr  Louisa (Grammer) Penrod.
James Albert Corgan, 1864 Union County IL, marr Anna Mexico Jackson.
William Delmus Corgan, b 1895 Goreville IL, marr Carrie Waller.

Kit# 179740
Patrick Corrigan, b Co Tyrone, Ireland, marr Grace McNut/McNulty/McMulken
Robert Corrigan,  bc 1816  Co Tryone, Ireland, marr Catherine Mortin (Moreton)
Robert Thomas Corrigan, b 1846 Ontario Canada
Robert James Corrigan, b 1869 Ontario Canada, marr Euphemia McKay
Robert Hector Corrigan, b 1892 Ontario Canada
For more information on Robert Corrigan and the "Corrigan Incident" see (Short version) (Long version)

Kit# 186065
Edward "Ned" Corrigan, born 1790/1810, in Owenduff, Co Mayo Ireland.

Kit# 197737
Patrick Corrigan b1746, wife Catherine b1750  - maiden name unknown
Peter Corrigan b1783, married Catherine (info unknown)
Patrick Corrigan b1826, married Bridget Toner
Peter Corrigan b1873,  married Margerat Whearty
All were born in Co Louth, Ireland within a 5km radius close to town of Drogheda

Kit# N99886
James Henry Richard Carrigan

Kit# 211274
No information provided.

Kit # 233429
Patrick Corrigan, about 1836, Ireland (Died about 1882)
John Corrigan, about 1865, New Jersey, USA (Died Syracuse, NY, USA)
William J Corrigan,  1892, New York, USA (Died Newaygo, MI)

Kit # 239026
Patrick Corrigan, b abt,1849 Co Tyrone, Ireland, marr: Anne Colgan
Joseph Leo Corrigan, b 1877, Philadelphia, marr: Sarah Finn

Kit# 251817
Bernard "Barny" Corrigan, b 1790, Ireland, marr Ann Courly /Corley
Bernard Corrigan,  b 1834, Halifax,  West Riding, ENG, marr 1. Mary Hawksworth, 2. Julia Whitehead
Joseph  Corrigan,  b 1878, Halifax,  West Riding, ENG, marr  Kate Watts

Kit# 265401
No information provided

Kit# 265412
Martin Corrigan, b 1825 and d. 1901

Kit# 266645
No information provided

Kit# 282797
Thomas Corrigan, b 1829 Ireland, died 1884 Illinois USA


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Kit # A00001
James Corrigan, b 1828 Burris, Manulla, Mayo Ireland, marr Mary Mitchell
Michael Corrigan, b 1852 Mayo Ireland, marr Mary McDermott
Joseph F Corrigan, Sr b 1895 Pittsburgh, Pa, marr Helen Kirchner

Kit # A00002
James Corrigan, b 1858, Achill Island, Co Mayo IRL, marr Honor Patten
John Corrigan, b 1878,Co Mayo IRL, marr Mary Kilbane
Michael Corrigan, b Co Mayo IRL

Kit#  A00003 
Michael Carrigan, b abt 1812  Ireland, marr Catherine born 1820 to 1831 Ireland
Lawrence Carrigan, b 1865 MN, marr Matilda Goble
Edward R Carrigan, b 1894 Meeker Co., MN, marr Myrtle Moon

Kit# A00004  and B1613
Patrick Corrigan, b Ireland,  married Sarah
Michael Corrigan, b 1851 Dublin, Ireland,  married Mary Flanagan
Francis Corrigan, of New Jersey, married Mary Agnes Doud


Tested at SMGF

Thomas Corrigan, b 1788, Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny Ireland, marr Julia Ann Delaney
John Joseph Corrigan, b 1855, Huntley Township, Carleton, Ontario, Canada, marr Mary Germain
John Joseph Patrick Corrigan, b 1887, Pembroke, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada, marr Cecilia Loretta McKay





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