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Cooper Genealogy  DNA Project                                                                      This page  updated at  3:55 PM on 05-20-2013

Welcome to Cooper Genealogy Surname DNA Project . If you have spent any time researching your Cooper ancestry &  family history, you have probably reached a point where you cannot identify earlier ancestors. A DNA test is a useful tool to use in conjunction with other written documentation in genealogy research to help define different Cooper-Lines and validate existing Cooper family history. The two tests that we have found most useful are the Y DNA 37 marker test  to trace paternal common ancestors , and the Family Finder test which shows  paternal and maternal cousins  for up to 5 or 6 generations .




Special Sponsorship Program: We   plan  to  offer a special discount for  members of  the COOPER  surname group who have tested at 12 or 25 markers and who wish to upgrade to a 37 marker test . Contact Josh Taylor to confirm eligibility and make the arrangements.



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Explore the page tabs at the top black bar for COOPER specific information. The Forum is a place for inquiries, discussion and sharing COOPER genealogy information. . For more general DNA information, see the World Families pages to the left under Site Content.



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