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Join the Collins DNA Project

If you have already tested at FTDNA

  1. Log in to your FTDNA account.
  2. At the top of the page is a menu. Click Projects | Join a Project.
  3. You can search for a project called Collins, or click the letter C and scan the results that you see. Look for the project specifically called Collins.
  4. Click the word Collins. On the next page you will see an orange Request button at the bottom of the page. Fill in the box with your information and click Request.

If you are not logged on, visit our FTDNA site, click the Join button and fill in the request form.

If you have not yet Y-DNA tested

CLICK HERE to order a Y-DNA test. 37 markers or better is recommended.

If you have tested elsewhere and need to transfer Y results

It is strongly recommended that you order the FTDNA Y transfer product WITH upgrade (at this time, $58) - NOT the $19 product. Otherwise, you will not get matches.


Help us help you so you can benefit from this project!

Add our project administrator emails to your address book before emailing us. Otherwise our emails might bounce when we send out project communications.

Set up your FTDNA account to be match- and project-friendly. When you log in to your FTDNA account, click the gray cog on the upper right to access your project profile and settings.

  1. Enter the tester's name under Personal Profile | Name.
  2. Under About Me specify who you are and what your testing goals are. You may add more details about your earliest known direct paternal ancestor that you can't fit elsewhere. Your profile is especially important if you are not the tester but are monitoring the kit for somebody.
  3. Under Genealogy | Most Distant Ancestors enter your direct paternal ancestor's name, birth date, death date, and places lived as specifically as you can in the small amount of space available. Also, enter the geographic origin and make sure the GPS coordinates are filled in. We will expect this ancestor in the vast majority of cases to be named Collins or some variant. Our software picks up this field for display in Y-DNA results - we want to see it filled in.

    Under Genealogy in your FTDNA Account Settings, select Most Distant Ancestors. When you see this screen, under Ancestral Locations click Update Location.

    Enter the name of your earliest known direct paternal ancestor, an approximate birth date, and a location. Example: b.c. 1800 England l. Hamilton Co, Ohio.

    Now comes the fun part. Enter a known location for your paternal ancestor. The more specific, the better. You can use the location search tool built in FTDNA, or you can customize your own latitude and longitude by using a tool such as iTouchMap to zoom to and get the coordinates of your own location.
  4. Add your earliest known direct maternal ancestor, which will be useful for any mitochondrial DNA projects you might be participating in.
  5. Under Surnames, add the surnames in your ancestry. This will be useful for your Family Finder matches, if you have chosen to take that test.
  6. Create a Family Tree using the editor in your FTDNA account.  OR - upload a GEDCOM file of your family tree. Not everybody has a subscription to and can view your tree there.
    • i. To export your tree out of, Log in to your Ancestry account. Under Family Trees, click the tree you want to export. Under Tree Settings, view Manage Your Tree and click where it says Export Tree.
    • ii. You can also a construct a GEDCOM file with a free GEDCOM editor. Try MyHeritage Family Tree Builder or GenealogyJ.
    • iii. Once you have a GEDCOM file ready, click Family Tree | myFamilyTree on your main FTDNA account page. Click the dark gray cog at the lower right to upload your GEDCOM. After it is uploaded, click the cog again to adjust your privacy settings - otherwise your matches may not be able to see your family tree.
  7. Bonus! Upload your Y-DNA results to Y-Search. In your FTDNA account, click Y-DNA | Matches. At the bottom of your Matches page, you will see a button to click to go to YSearch, or your YSearch ID if you have already uploaded.

Besides your own email, enter a beneficiary in your Contact Information.

Once you have taken all those steps, your FTDNA account will be in good shape! If you correspond with me and I find you have not done these things, I will remind you.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • If you have leftover Collins records from your genealogy research, I can find a home for them on our Collins resources website. Contact Susan if you wish to donate records.
  • The project will engage in recruitment efforts to attract more testers. Fundraising efforts are for attracting testers with known lineages in the British Isles. The funds will help pay for their test kits. Please donate - and feel free to specify in the Note: field if you want your donation earmarked for a tester from England, Scotland, Ireland, etc.



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