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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Clewis / Clough
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • George, b c1809 NC, m Mary Polly Hicks, 28 Nov 1830, Decatur Co GA - Terry Barton [terry AT]
    • Richard Lewis, b 24 Aug 1851, Houston Co TX, m Martha Jane Oliver
  • Thomas Clews b c1785 Staffordshire - Dawnine K. Clews [hetshepsuit AT]
    • Edward Clews b 1817 Staffordshire d 1876 m Emma Buttery
      • Thomas Clews b 1849 Staffordshire d 1923 Lancashire m Sarah Jones
        • William Clews b 1872 Staffordshire d 1944 Portsmouth, VA m Fannie Virginia Williams
          • Rev. Dr. William Hedley Clews b 1909 NH d 1979 VA m Julia Calvert Arnold 228064
  • No listing at this time
CLEWIS in the US Census
US Census - 1790
  • Molly, Sampson NC
US Census - 1800
  • Geo, Wilmington, Brunswick NC
US Census - 1810
  • Thos, Ouachita LA
  • George, Brunswick NC
  • Sami, Brunswick NC
US Census - 1820
  • Jame, Oxford, Guernsey OH
  • Elizabeth, Horry SC
US Census -1830
  • JJ, Mobile AL
  • John, Decatur GA
  • George, Thomas GA
  • David, Western Division, Madison KY
  • John, Brunswick, NC
  • Orland, Rutland VT
US Census -1840
  • George, District 621, Decatur GA
  • Joseph, Columbus NC
  • Lewis, District 2, Dooly GA
  • Neill, Columbus NC
US Census - 1850
  • Georgia - Division 20, Crawford Co -  Family #607
    • R (male) b c1822 NC - Overseer
    • Jane, b c1828 GA
    • H (male), b c1844 GA
    • A (female), b c1846 GA
    • Female, b April 1850 GA
  • Georgia - Division 20, Crawford Co -  Family #608
    • C (male) b c1830 NC - Overseer
  • Georgia - District 24, Dooly
    • Charles, b c1830 NC
  • Georgia - District 81, Thomas
    • A (male), b c1850
  • North Carolina - Columbus -  Family # 616
    • Joseph, b c1805 NC
    • Charlott, b c1809, NC
    • Ann, b c1837 NC
    • Caroline, b c1839 NC
    • Mary , b c1841 NC
    • Samuel, b c1843, NC
    • Wm. K, b c1845, NC
  • North Carolina - Columbus -  Family # 618
    • Cornelius, b c1819 NC
    • Martha, b c1825, NC
    • Eliza J, b c1842 NC
    • McPherson, b c1844 NC
    • Julia A, b c1846 NC
    • Louiza, b c1848 NC
    • Martha, b Feb 1850 NC
  • New Mexico Territory - San Antonio, Valencia
    • I (male) b c1820, New Mexico Territory
to be continued
  • Nathaniel Clough b. c1795 m. Hester Hargrove June 6, 1816 - George R. Clough [grclough51 AT]
    • Caleb Clough b. Feb. 16, 1823 m. Mary Ann Case
      • Nathaniel D. Clough b. c1852 m. Annie Rebecca Duling
        • John Harry Clough b. c1875 m. Clara Gorman 273881
  • George Clouse b.1740 in Shenandoah Cty VA, USA  d.1810 Unicoi Cty, TN, USA, m. Elizabeth - J. Clouse [cousinclouse AT]
    • John Dillard Clouse, Sr., b. 1775 in Washington Cty TN, USA, d. 1859 in Cedar Creek, White Cty, TN, USA, m. Martha
      • Thomas Jeferson Clouse, Sr., b.1801 in Washington Cty TN, USA, d. 1872 in White Cty, TN, USA, m. Susan C. Julian
        • ​John Jobe Clouse, b. 1827 in Cedar Creek, White Cty TN, USA, d. 1897 in Board Valley, White Cty TN, USA , m. Mahala Jane Bumbalough
          • ​Isaac Wesley Clouse, b. 1854 in White Cty TN, USA, d. 1908 in Wanette, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma, USA, m. Margaret Melinda Barger
            • ​Robert Bethel Clouse, b. 1879 in Sparta, White Cty TN, USA, d. 1971 in Norman, Cleveland Cty, Oklahoma, USA, m. Sarah Emmaline Rogers
              • ​Rene Eugene Clouse, b. 1911, Hail, Fannin Cty TX, USA, d. 1989, Noble, Cleveland Cty, Oklahoma, USA, m. Alice Whitten 285833

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