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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • Moses Cleveland b c1525 Ipswich, Suffolk, England s c1555 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England - Bob Thomas [bobt3130 AT]
    • Richard Cleveland b Jul 1542 St. Mary at Elms, Ipswitch, Suffolk, England d Ipswitch, Suffolk, England
      • Isaac Cleveland b 1584 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England d 3 Jun 1626 Ipswitch, Suffolk, England m Alice
        • Moses Cleveland b 2 Feb 1619 d 1701 St. Stephens, Ipswitch, Suffolk, England - Jeff Hankins [hkjca AT]
          • Edward Cleveland b 5 May 1663 d 1746 Woburn, Middlesex, MA
            • Deliverance Cleveland b 1684 d 1744 North Kingstown, Washington, RI
              • Josiah Cleveland b 1706 North Kingstown, Washington, RI
                • Oliver Cleveland b 1733 d 1803 RI
                  • Ann Cleveland b 28 Feb 1766 d 1830 Fair Haven, Rutland Co., VT
                    • Eliada Lewis 22 Mar 1786 Poultney, Rutland Co., VT
                      • Leonard Thayer Lewis 10 Mar 1818
                        • Mary Jane Lewis 13 Mar 1853 Celina, Mercer Co., OH
                          • Ralph Hubert Hankins b 9 Jul 1889 New City, KS 134874
        • Alexander Cleveland b c1620 Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire, England d c1683 Blue Run, Prince William, VA m "Lady" Armistead Axminster
          • Roger Cleveland b c1645 Prince William, VA d 1689 VA m Dorcas Alexander
            • Alexander Cleveland Sr. b 31 Jul 1667 Abingdon, Gloucester, VA d aft Feb 1764 Blue Run, Orange, VA m Mildred "Millie" Presley
              • John Cleveland b 31 Jul 1714 Abingdon, Gloucester, VA d 1 Nov 1778 Blue Run, Orange, VA m Martha Elizabeth Coffey
                • Capt. Robert Cleveland b 8 Jan 1744 Blue Run, Orange, VA d 10 Apr 1812 Lewis Fork, Purlear, Wilkes, NC m Alice "Aley" Mathis
                  • Mary Jane Cleveland b 10 Nov 1789 Lewis Fork, Purlear, Wilkes, NC d 8 Jun 1876 Greer, Greenville, SC m Jesse Russell Rector Sr. 98620
  • Moses Cleveland b. 2-Feb-1623/24 Ipswich, England; m. Ann Winn
    • Samuel Cleveland; b. 9-Jun-1657; m. Persis Hildreth - Terri Sprague [tsprague AT]
      • Samuel Cleveland; b. 12-Jan-1684/85; m. Sarah Boswell
        • David Cleveland; b. 1-Jun-1724; m. Rebekah Tracy
          • Tracy Cleveland; b. 8-May-1751; m. Phebe Hyde
            • David Cleveland; b. 16-Dec-1775; m. Pollie
              • David Cleveland; b. 9-Dec-1802 VT; m. Nancy Ann Smith
                • Henry Clay Cleveland; b. 25-Mar-1832 MI; m. Mary Anne Musle
                  • Andrew Lewis Cleveland; b. 7-Feb-1868 IA; m. Margaret Kelly
                    • Alice Mae Cleveland; b. 2-May-1900 NE; m.Patrick Riley
      • Joseph Cleveland b. 18-Jul-1689 Chelmsford, MA; m. Abigail Hyde - Mark A. Cleveland [skippymac AT]
        • Ephriam Cleveland; b. 3-Feb-1711/12 Canterbury, CT; m. Hannah Paige
          • Joseph Cleveland; b. 26-Apr-1749 Bridgewater, MA; m. Elizabeth Wheeler
            • Ephriam Cleveland; b. 2-Apr-1784 MA; m. Anna Hubbard
              • Charles Giles Cleveland; b. 27-Nov-1823 Richmond, NY; m. Lucy Johnson
                • Evert Ostrander Cleveland; b. 19-Dec-1859 NY; m. Ella May Horn
                  • Grover Cleveland; b. 1908 MI; m. Virginia Isabel Minier C-3 N34551
        • Samuel Cleveland b 7 Jun 1730 Canterbury, CT m Ruth Darby - Craig Cleveland [cleve5 AT]
          • Chester Cleveland b 22 Mar 1770 Canterbury, CT m Mary Hibbard
            • Selby Cleveland b 18 Mar 1807 East Bethel, VT m Abigail Clement
              • James Cleveland b 30 Jan 1847 Eagle, WAI m Jennie McIntyre
                • Claude Cleveland b 5 May 1888 Hay Springs, NE m Ruth Fifield 214885
    • Aaron Cleveland b. 10-Jan-1654, Woburn, MA; m Dorcas Wilson - Josephine Donahue [JoDonahue AT]
      • Benjamin Cleveland; b 16-May-1701, Woburn, MA; m. Ann Clark
        • Dea. Benjamin Cleveland; b. 30-Aug-1733, Windham, CT; m Mary Elderkin
          • Enoch Cleveland; b. 14-Sep-1765, Horton, Kings, Nova Scotia, Canada; m. Isabella Little
            • Elisha Cleveland; b. 21-Oct-1804, Cornwallis, Kings, N.S, m Prudence Porter
              • George Cleveland; b. 16-Dec-1833, Horton, Kings, N.S.; m. Parmelia Parker
                • William E. F. Cleveland; b. 29-May-1867, at sea; m. Ellen Theresa Grady
                  • Ellen Theresa Cleveland; b. 27-Nov-1892; Boston, Suffolk, MA; m. Jeremiah Murphy
  • Evan (aka Evans) Cleveland b 1812 TN, m Nancy Jordan 1830 IL, d 1890 IL - Barry Cleveland [carmitimes AT]
    • Lewis Cass Cleveland, b 1850 IN, m Addie Wilson 1878 IL, d 1933 IL
      • Guy Cleveland, b 1890 IL, m Vera Raglin 1912 IL, d 1963 IL C-7 80587



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Alexander Cleveland b. abt 1620 England - Eloise C. Lucckese [lucckese6829 AT]

    • Alexander Cleveland; b. abt 1659; m. Milly Presley
      • John Cleveland; b. abt 1695 VA;  m. Martha Coffee
        • John Cleveland; b. abt 1730; m. Mollie McCan
          • Jeremiah Cleveland; Oconee Co., SC; m. Obedient Callaway
            • Eli Cleveland; b. 3-Mar-1803; m. Mary Reeder
              • Johnathan Reeder Cleveland; b. 9-Sept-1828; m. Sarah Elizabeth Miller
                • Martha Isbell [Mattie] Cleveland; b. 2-Sep-1882; m. Curtis Lee Carter
  • John Lawson b 29 Sep 1857 MS or AL  m Winnie Louise - patsy556 [patsymontalvo AT]

    • William Avery b 9 Jul 1884 or 1885
    • Ethel Pearl b 1889 OK
    • Auther Elijah b 1892 MS or TX
    • Ula N. b 1894 MS or TX
    • Lucius b 1897
    • Luther b 1897


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