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Clark(e) lines

    (Last updated 18 Jul. 2015)

By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, project members can identify their genetic heritage and related families.   Click here to find out how to use the Patriarchs Page or how to contact a pedigree provider.

Send your pedigrees for this surname by email to the Project Administrator.  Click the link "Pedigrees" above for instructions.

We list here paternal lines for all Clark(e)s who wish them listed, denoting Earliest Known Ancestor and Line Leader. We hope that eventually all our tested members will have paternal lines listed here. We also encourage other Clark(e)s who believe themselves descended from ancestors listed on this page, (and all Clark(e)s who meet our project criteria), to join this DNA surname project.

We use kit number for ID number. If a person was tested by a company other than FTDNA we will instead use ySearch number in parentheses, if possible.

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   Haplogroup R1b Lineage 1

   Haplogroup R1b - Not yet assigned to a lineage
   Haplogroup I1 - Not yet assigned to a lineage

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haplogroup R1b Lineage 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Anthony Clark b. 21 Jun 1749, Co. Antrim, Ireland; d. 14 Jul 1827, Bell Buckle, TX; m. Mary Oates - Jeffery Clark [jefferysclark AT]
    • Anthony Clark b. 25 Jun. 1790, Kings Mountain, NC; d. 23 Sep. 1865, Coryell Co., TX; m. Sarah Dunlap
      • William Dunlap Clark b. 11 Jul 1814, Lincoln Co., NC; d. 10 Aug 1887, Gatesville, TX; m. Elizabeth Kelton
        • Samuel Anthony Clark b. 31 Jan 1860, Raineys Creek, TX; d. 26 Jan 1948, Lubbock, TX; m. Margaret Godber
          • Charles Hughes Clark b. 12 May 1898, Carlton, TX; d. 23 Feb 1977, Hillsboro, TX; m. Eileen McCarty B32348
  • Richard P. Clark b. 14 Mar 1801, St. Mary's Co. (or Charles Co.), MD; d. 17 Feb 1864, Texas, Baltimore Co., MD; m. Mary Slater, ~20 Apr 1837, Balto. Co., MD - George J. Clark [clarkroots AT]
    • Robert Clark b. 16 Aug 1846, Texas, Balto. Co., MD; d. 2 May 1929, Lutherville, Balto. Co., MD; m. Adeline Wittkopf m: 23 Jun 1875 in Balto. Co., MD
      • George Benjamin Clark; b. 22 Mar. 1897, Dulaney's Valley, Balto. Co., MD; d. 20 Aug. 1982, Parkton, Balto. Co., MD; m. Amanda Elizabeth Cole, 1916 110924
      • Harry Richard Clark b. 12 May 1877, Arlington, MD; d. 25 Aug 1932, Lutherville, MD; m. Lillie May Turnbaugh, 1899 - Conrad Terrill [cwterrill AT] 221362
  • Wesley H. Clark b. circa 1814, New Jersey; d. 10 Nov 1888, Burlington Co., NJ; m. Phebe Gaskill m: 31 Jul 1841 in Burlington Co., NJ - Wesley H. Clark [Wes.Clark AT USPTO.GOV]
    • John Wesley Clark b. 8 Jul 1850 Jacobstown, NJ; d. 19 Jul 1922 Long Island City, NY; m. Catherine Rauser 1873 in NY
      • Harry Wesley Clark b. 28 Oct 1884, Brooklyn, NY d. 25 Nov 1942 Brooklyn, NY; m. Nellie Thorne Kniffen Apr 1911/1913 in NY 35882

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haplogroup R1b - Not yet assigned to a lineage ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Richard McKinley Clark Sr. b. circa 1824, VA; d. 18 Sep 1909, Bland County, VA; m. Susannah Martin 29 Jan 1850, Rockingham County, NC - Ed Clark [edjclark111 AT]
    • Richard McKinley Clark Jr. b. May 1854, Bland County, VA; d. 13 Dec 1920, Bland County, VA; m. Mary Jane Hager, 27 May 1875, Bland County, VA
      • John William Clark b. 6 Aug 1880, Bland County, VA; d. 13 Dec 1940, Bland County, VA; m. Mary Roberta Crouch, 7 May 1904, Bland County, VA 281207
  • Patrick Clarke b. 29 Oct. 1808, Dunshaughlin, Co. Meath, Ireland; d. 23 Dec. 1891, Clarkston, UT; m. Mary Ward - Wesley J. Clarke [wesjc13 AT]
    • Michael Joseph Clarke b. 31 Oct. 1835, Trescott, ME; d. 30 Apr. 1927, Clarkston, UT; m. Sussannah Thompson
      • John Peter Clarke b. 27 Jan. 1862, Logan, UT; d. 30 Nov. 1937, Clarkston, UT; m. Sarah Homer
        • Lester Lavern Clarke Sr. b. 18 Jan. 1894, Clarkston, UT; d. 29 Jun. 1974, Parowan, UT; m. Bertha Henderson 139578
  • Samuel Clark b. 1823, Jenner, Somerset Co, PA; d. 22 Apr 1896, Morrellville, Cambria Co, PA; m. Eve Faust - David Clark [dcharlesclark AT]
    • George W. Clark b. 18 Aug 1846, Summitville, Somerset Co, PA; d. 18 Apr 1917, Etna, Allegheny Co, PA; m. Nancy Jane Dishong
      • Harry G. Clark b. 11 Aug 1876, Johnstown, Cambria Co, PA; d. 28 Nov 1959, Geauga, Summit Co, Ohio; m. Jennie Enos
        • Charles Horton Clark b. 23 Dec 1895, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA; d. 1 Nov 1981, Geneva, Ashtabula Co, Ohio; m. Hazel Blanche Kirkpatrick 409799

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haplogroup I1 - Not yet assigned to a lineage ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Alexander Clark b. 1723, place uncertain, m. Johana May - Michael Clark [mchadwickclark AT]
    • Samuel Clark b. 1761, Burke, NC, m. Margaret Hayes
      • John Hayes Clark b. 1803, Russell Co., VA, m. Mary Polly Taylor
        • Alexander Lackey Clark b. 1839, Floyd Co., KY, m. Elizabeth Perry
          • John Brown Clark b. 1867, Floyd Co., KY, m. Campbell Chadwick B3938


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