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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
  • Alexander Chappelle b 1557 Bath, Somerset, England - Billie Jane McInerney [jerryc91 AT]
    • Alexander Chappelle b 1583 Devon, England m Johann Ellett
      • George Chappelle b 1616 Barnstable, Devon, England d 1682 New London, CT m Margaret Taylor
        • Caleb Chappelle b 1671 New London, CT d Mar 1733 Lebanon, CT m Ruth Royce
          • Caleb Chappelle b 1697 Lebanon, New London, CT d 1776 Lebanon, CT m Elizabeth Hutchinson
            • Amos Chappelle b 1736 Lebanon, New London, CT d 1777 Horse Neck, Long Island m Sarah Slosson
              • Julius Chappelle b 1774 Lebanon, New London, CT d 1824 Belpre, Washington Co., OH m Ann Knight
                • Daniel Knight Chappelle b 1814 OH d 1864-1865 m Christianna Jolly
                  • Benton Maderia Chappelle b Oct 1842 Cheshire, GA d 18 Aug 1915 m Florence Abbie Guthrie
                    • Frank Benton Chappelle b May 1876 Charleston, WV d 29 Feb 1948 Macomb, OK m Lillie May Wilson
                      • Morgan Night Chappelle b 11 Jul 1912 Tecumseh, OK d 29 Nov 1981 Skiatook, Osage, OK m Doris Hood C-16 N36246
  • John Thomas Chappell,1590,SouthHampton, England, Mary Barker Naomi M. Borders [nborders123 AT]
    • Thomas Chappell, 19Oct1612,Gravesend,England,Mary Sarah Bannister
      • Thomas Chappell,1650, Charles City, VA, Elizabeth Jones
        • Samuel Chappell,1680, Prince George, VA, Elizabeth Scott
          • Samuel Chappell II,1722,Surry, VA, Mary Tatum
            • Christopher Chappell,24Sep1744, Surry VA, Elizabeth Harris
              • Williamson Chappell, 14Feb1797, PeeDee Creek, Montgomery, NC, Patience Blake
                • Elen Chappell,28Jan1847, Todd, KY, Joseph Richard Johnson 258187
  • Captain John Chappell, b c1600, m Mary Barker - JR Chappell [JRChappell AT]
    • Thomas, b c1630, m Mary Banister
      • Thomas, b c1650, m  Elizabeth Jones/Tidewater VA
        • Samiel, b c1690, m Elizabeth Scott/ Tidewater VA
          • John, b c1734 Pr George Co, VA, m Sarah Mathais
            • Robert Clark, b Nov 1819 W. GA, m Mary Elizabeth Kimball
              • John Christopher, b Feb 1847 Henry Co GA,  m Sallie Elizabeth Smith
                • Luther A. b 1885 Malvern Ark d 1969 Monroe, LA m Matty Christine Hughes C-2 N26236
  • Samuel Chappell b 1755 m Dorothy Laraby - dchappell [nursechappell AT]
    • Edgecomb Chappell b 10 Jul 1776 New London, CT m Ester Tilden
      • William Chappell b 25 Nov 1812 Avon, NY m Anna Maria Deal (Diehl)
        • Samuel Chappell b 2 Augj 1842 Avon, NY m2 Josephine Thorn
          • Samuel Harrison Chappell b 9 Nov 1887 Yakima, WA m Laura May McLean 239745
  • Richard, b. c1775 prob. Illogan, Cornwall - roderickjc [roderickchappel AT]
    • Richard, b. c1800 prob. Illogan, Cornwall, m Elizabeth Richards
      • Thomas,  b. 15 September 1831 St Austell, Cornwall, m Elizabeth Jane Searle
        • Alfred, b. 26 February 1869 Moonta Mines, South Australia, m Catherine Davey Harvey
          • Keith Lytton, b. 8 June 1898 Unley, South Australia, m Lorna Liggett Marrett C-9 N42961
  • Elisha Chappell b 8 Apr 1789 Surry, NC d 5 Jul 1856 Saline, MO - JAMESCHAPPELL [JRCHAPpell AT]
    • Henry Lewis Chappell b 19 Jan 1819 d 18 Oct 1878 Stanburry, MO
      • Rufus Chappell b 16 Apr 1856 NC d 8 May 1932
        • Ross Emmet Chappell b 4 Aug 1902 Newkirk, OK 189710
  • Newman Lee Chappell b ~ 1897 m. Gladys SW Chappell [toothin AT] C-4 N30608


Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • George Chappell b 28 Apr 1616 Birandale, England d 8 Jun 1682 Hartford, CT - Ivan Gilbert [ivanggilbert AT]
    • Caleb Chappell b 7 Oct 1671 New London, CT d 29 Mar 1733 New London, CT
      • Jabez Chappell b 14 Dec 1714 Lebanon, New London, CT d Nova Scotia
        • Asahel Chappell b c1750 CT d Jul 1829 Marcellus, Onondaga, NY
  • Chappelle, Daniel Knight b. 1814 Ohio d. bet 1864-1865, m. Christianna Jolly  - Jerry C.
    • Benton Madeira Chappelle b. Oct 1842, Cheshire, GA. d 1915 m. Florence Abbie Guthrie
      • Frank Benton Chappelle b. May 1876, Charleston, West Virginia, d. 1948 m. Lillie May Wilson
  • Caleb B. Chappell b 1829 TN or AR m Rebecca L. Dobbs - maryhrpr
    • James W. Chappell b 1867 AR d 1927 AR m Elizabeth J. Broach
      • Jefferson Davis Chappell b 1889 AR d 1966 AR m1 Madeline Britton m2 Marhta Ann Largent
  • William Henry Chappell b1841 New Kent Co VA m Elizabeth Henry - John Chappell [RFDavid AT]
    • John Edward Chappell b1873 New Kent Co VA m Avis Ray Thurston


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