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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Carney / Kearney / Kearns / Carnes / Carne
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove spaces.
  • John Carnes b c1550 Galloway, Scotland - submitted by Terrance MacFarlane [chevalier_gach_macfarlane AT]
    • Alexander Carnes b c1580 Scotland d 1635 Ulster
      • John Carnes b c1610 Ulster
        • Thomas Carnes b 1660 Ulster d New Haven, CT m Elizabeth Brown
          • Joseph Carnes b 1687 New Haven, CT
            • John Carnes b c1720 MD
              • Joseph Carnes b 1753 Frederick Co., VA m Comfort Cash
                • Thomas Carnes b 1787 Granville Co., NC m Mary Anderson(?)
                  • Joseph Carnes b 1818 Habersham Co., GA m Nancy Davis
                    • James Davis Carnes b 1851 Cobb Co., GA m LouJane Smith
                      • Zachary E. Carnes b 1876 Cobb Co., GA m Ollie Hairston
                        • James Davis Carnes b 1908 Cobb Co., GA m Melba Holland 167489
  • William Carney arrived 1650 VA - Robert L. Carney [rlcarney5195 AT]
    • Richard Carney b c1660 d c1710 in Norfolk Co., VA
      • Richard Carney b c1684 d c1740 in Norfolk Co., VA
        • Richard Carney b c 1710 d 1792 in Halifax Co., NC. m Mary Westcott
          • Richard Carney Jr. b c1750 d c1832 in Montgomery Co, TN m Sally Lewelling
            • James Wright Carney b c1785 d c1833 m1 Mary (Polly) Dawson  m2 Sarah Powell C-4 46811
  • Hugh Carney b 1678 Fowlis Wester, Perthshire, Scotland m Janet Malloch - Alan B. Cairnie [cairnie AT]
    • John Carney b 10 Sept 1704 Fowlis Wester, Perthshire, Scotland m Janet Key
      • Hugh Carnie b 29 Feb 1764  Perth, Scotland m Ann Clunie
        • Robert Cairney b 03 Jul 1789 Upper Craigie, Perth, Scotland m Jean or Jane Milne
          • Robert Cairnie b 01 Sep 1824 Edinburgh, Scotland m Elizabeth Heggie Dandie
            • David Dandie Cairnie b 13 May 1853, Glasgow, Scotland m Mary Wilson Bruce
              • John Bruce Cairnie b 22 Sep 1889 Thurso, Caithness, Scotland m Isabella Moodie 314609
  • Thomas CARNE born 1750  Plympton Earle, Devon - P.V.Carne [alanval AT]
    • Thomas CARNE b 1776 Plympton Earle, Devon
      • John CARNE b 1807 Plympton Earle, Devon
        • John CARNE b 1846 Plymouth, Devon 270593
  • Stephen Carne b 1750 Lanivet, Cornwall - Roger Carne [rogercarne AT]
    • Daniel Carne b 1790 St Winnow, Cornwall
      • John Carne b 1813 St Winnow, Cornwall
        • John Carne b 1839 Lanivet, Cornwall
          • Albert Carne b 1867 Plymouth, CA  C-2 N4393
  • Thomas Kearns b c1775 Tipperary or Galway, Ireland - Lionel Kearns [lkearns AT]
    • John Kearns b c1813 Tipperary or Galway, Ireland
      • John Kearns b 1845 Tipperary, Ireland
        • Charles Francis Kearns b 1895 WA 15309
  • Wells G. Carnes b c1778 m Linna - BettyStokes [betinhou AT]
    • William Redwine Carnes b 4 Jul 1813 AL m Elvira Brewer
      • William Franklin Carnes b 16 Mar 1845 Nacogdoches Co., TX m Louisa Ann Blackburn
        • Benis Gordon Carnes b 2 Jun 1891 Nacogdoches Co., TX m Willie Beatrice Graves 74569
  • Thomas Carney b 1789 c Nashville, NC - benfcarney [benfcarney AT] 136479
  • Hugh Carney, Ireland - Christopher T. Cairney [chris AT]
    • James Karney or Carney or Cairny b. 1833 Scotland
      • Thomas Patrick Cairney b. 1862 Ontario Canada
        • William Neville Cairney b. 1896  Alberta Canada C-3 41559
  • John b c1802 Ireland - rformer [rformer AT]
    • Joseph Emmet b 1841 New York, NY m Mary Roberts
      • Jesse Thomas b 1877 Butte, CA m Maria Teixeira de Leao
        • Joseph Emmet b 9 Dec 1904 Diamantina MG Brazil m Magda 139204
  • Henry L. Carnes b 1805 PA or WV d 1865 m Jane Jarrett - Pete Carnes [polarbear35 AT]
    • Arthur B. b 1826 WV d 1905 Kanawha Co., WV m Harriett Pendell
      • Melton L. b 1865 WV d 1916 Spenser, WV m Mary E. Riley
        • William D. b 1897 Charleston, WV d 1971 WV m Ethel Cobb 192341
  • Nicholas Carney b c1807 VA or Ireland m Emeline Davis - Tonya Carney [tonya.archey AT]
    • Matthew Carney b Apr 1848 Fentress, TN m Angeletta Western
      • Robert Carney b 19 Jun 1879  TN or Cumberland Co., KY m Mary Denton
        • Wm. Denton Carney b 10 Mar 1903 Clay Co., TN m Myrtle Davis 172271
  • Unknown Kearney/Carney b Ireland m Bridgett Feeney - Ed Hagen [hagen2460 AT]
    • William Henry Kearney/Carney b 15 Mar 1837 N. Ireland m Anna Dace McKenna
      • Clara D. Kearney b 9 May 1880 Philadelphia, PA m Christian Hagen 288411
  • John Carney b 5 Dec 1820  d 30 Jun 1859 Vermilion Co., IL m1 Catherine Rutledge m2 Nancy Brewer - chicks [chicks AT]
    • Sylvia A. Carney b 10 June 1854 Vermilion Co., IL; d 7 Nov 1948 Hoopeston, Vermilion Co., IL m Thomas Henry Fugate
    • Elizabeth Carney b 1857 Vermilion Co., IL; d c1892 Vermilion Co., IL  m Isaac Johnson C-13 5306
  • Patrick Kearney b 1821 Ireland d Feb 1883 Archbald, PA m Mary O'Boyle - holtkearney [pepperdog AT]
    • John J. Kearney b Jun 1848 Archbald, PA d Dec 1928 Archbald, PA m Ellen Healy
      • Austin Francis Kearney b Mar 1889 Archbald, PA d Oct 1941 Archbald, PA m Alice Cavanaugh N65133
  • Joseph Carney b 1853 England d 1932 Bridgeport, CT m Caronline Morgenrot - jay78 [jcarney AT]
    • Frances Carney b c1889 Bridgeport, CT
    • James Theodore Carney b c1890 Bridgeport, CT d 1932 Washington, CT m Emma Maynard  
    • Esther Carney b c1891 Bridgeport, CT
    • Irene Carney b c1894 Bridgeport, CT C-14 109034

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Bernard Bryan Carney b 1795 Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland d 1872 Chicago, IL m Honor Moran - T. J. Carney [tjc AT]
    • Thomas Carney b 1735 Castlebar, Co. Mayo, Ireland d 1907 Chicago, IL m Sarah Carney
      • Thomas Joseph Carney b 1862 Chicago, IL d 1888 Denver, CO m Mary Morris
        • Thomas Joseph Carney b 1886 Chicago, IL d 1942 Chicago, IL m Marguerite (Margaret) Coughlan
  • Daniel Carney / Kearney Bef. 1830 Co. Cork, Ireland - passel []
    • Thomas Patrick Carney/Kearney b c1837 Aughadown (nr Skibbereen) Cork, Ireland m Ellen Tighe
      • John Joseph Carney b 25 Jul 1873 Meenah, Bombay, India m Ellen Martha Georgina Willmore   
        • John Joseph Carney b 1908 Winnipeg, Manitoba  m Leona Giroux 
  • Patrick Carney b 1831 d 1890 m Ellen Naughton - carneyj276 [carneyj276 AT]
  • James Carney b 1834 Co. Roscommon, m Elizabeth O'Leary - Robert J Carney [Carneyfish AT]
    • Michael Carney b 1872 Albany NY, m Ann Hargey
      • Francis J. Carney b 1895 Thompsonville CT, m Alma Denault
  • John Carney b c1835 VA m Mary ? - hd3209 [hd3209 AT]
    • Annie E. Carney b 1854 VA d 1909
      • Mary Lavinia Godsey b 1880 Mathews Co., VA
        • Annie Marie Owens b 21 Oct 1909 Mathews Co., VA d 13 Feb 1992 Boston, MA


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