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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
Caldwell / Cardwell
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Caldwell b c1749 Belfast, Ireland m Nancy Wooden - Beverly Brown [starfighteraz AT]
    • David Caldwell b 17 Jun 1781 Belfast, Ireland m Mary Ann Vaughn
      • John Caldwell b 17 Jun 1817 Glasgow, Scotland m Agnes White
        • Alexander Caldwell b 23 Aug 1838 Lanark, Ontario, Canada m Catherine Napier
          • John Alexander Caldwell b 25 Mar 1865 Lanark, Ontario, Canada m Margaret Larocque
            • John Alexander Caldwell Jr. b 30 Oct 1904 Ontario Canada m Olive Dawson 291247
  • Robert Caldwell b 1750 PA d 1800 m Mary Wallace - Gary Caldwell [caldwell.gary AT]
    • David Caldwell b c1787 MD d c1861 m Nancy Curry
      • William N. Caldwell b 1829 PA d 1902 m Jane B. Moore
        • James Miller Caldwell b 1875 PA d 1960 m Bessie Jane Miller 137235
  • John Caldwell b c1768 Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland m Ann King - Al Caldwell [zero1c AT]
    • Samuel Caldwell b 6 Oct 1774 Belfast, Co. Antrim, Ireland m Elizabeth Donaldson
      • Stewart Caldwell b 8 Oct 1815 Mercer Co., PA m1 Jane Beatty m2 Nancy Moorehead
        • Joseph Ira Caldwell Sr. b 26 Jan 1868 IL m Julia Ann Dickinson
          • Kenneth Lee Caldwell b 8 Mar 1907 Rosemont, Osage Co., KS m Irma Pearl Walker 103727
  • Patrick Caldwell b. 1778 MD or VA d. 1852, m. Margaret Daniel - Cald525 [caldmccl AT]
    • John G. Caldwell b. 1832 IN d. 1906 IN m. Priscilla Barnett
      • Thomas Francis Caldwell b. 1857 IN d. 1926 IN m. Angelina Katherine Miller
        • Albert Francis Caldwell b. 1893 IN d. 1958 AZ m. Lucille Josephine Scheilley C-23 80881
  • Thomas A. Culwell/Coldwell b 1785 VA m1 Hattie G. Collins m2 Rhatnis Woods - KYLad [jgjcollins AT]
    • Allen Thomas Coldwell/Caldwell b 12 Jul 1825 Jefferson Co., KY m Lucinda E. Smith
      • John William Caldwell b 1856 c Lovelaceville, KY d 1929 Paducah, KY m1 Lenora C. Grubbs
        • Rex Arnold Caldwell b 3 Oct 1887 c Lovelaceville, KY d Apr 1966 Barwick, GA m1 Buleah Mae Taylor m2 Rosalie Baker B1008
  • Timothy Caldwell b c1790 Philadelphia, PA m Martha M. Swords - Norman C. Caldwell [nccsurveyor AT]
    • Benjamin b 1825 Maytown, PA m Jershua Evans
      • Eugene b 1850 Palo, MI m Mary J. Wermuth
        • Fred J. b 1881 Muskegon, MI m Mata Hartwig
          • Evert A. b 1912 Detroit, MI m Irene D. Speck N40359
  • Robert Caldwell m Mary More/Moore - Pat Hocker [p.hocker AT]
    • William Caldwell bap. 25 Dec 1836, 2nd Presbyterian Church, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, m Margaret Birch C-1 27520
      • Mary Jane, b 1858
      • Robert William, b 1860
      • Elizabeth, b 1862
      • Catherine Anne, b 1865
      • Alice Maud Mary, b 1867
      • Margaret, b c1870
      • Lyman John, b 1882
  • John J. Colwell b c1807 Belfast, N. Ireland m Reliance Akin - Ken Caldwell [leivers_plettau AT]
    • John J. Colwell Jr. b c1837
    • Albert Francis Caldwell b 17 Sep 1843 Dover, NH d 4 Mar 1915 m Cynthia Maria Tripp
      • WIlliam "Harry" Swain Caldwell b 19 Nov 1868 New Bedford, MA m1 Lydia F. Tripp m2 Mary "May" A. Ball
      • Albert Francis Caldwell Jr. b 1 Aug 1870 New Bedford, MA m Emma Frances Pierce
      • Chester Burton Caldwell b 1 Jul 1887 New Bedford, MA d 25 Jul 1964 m1 Frances Petrie m2 Elaine Marie Diehl 141849
  • Daniel J. Cardwell b. c1820 TN m. Frances Norris - Cardwell Admin [CaldwellAdmin AT]
    • James Calvin Cardwell b. 1845 Grainger Co., TN m. Elizabeth Jane Dyer
      • Samuel Cardwell b. 1872 Union Co., TN m. Julia Waggoner
        • William Ludlow Cardwell I b. 1896 Union Co., TN m. Katie Williams C-21 72536

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Alexander Cauldwell b 1527 Toulon France m Ann - BMayo
    • William Alexander Cauldwell b 1558 Ayershire, Scotland m Elise Muir
      • William Caldwell b 1575 m Elizabeth Wallace
        • John Caldwell b 1603 m Mary Sweetenham
          • James Caldwell b 1634 Ireland m Catherine Hume
            • Henry Caldwell b 1680 Ireland m Catherine Hume?
              • James Caldwell b 1724 Ulster, Ireland m Elizabeth Alexander
                • James Caldwell b 1770 W. VA m Nancy Ann Booker
                  • Samuel Caldwell b 1819 Columbus, OH m Elizabeth Bowers
                    • James Caldwell b 1872 IL m Catherine Wilson
                      • Harry Caldwell b 1896 OH m Florence Lamneck
  • William Caldwell b 1684 Dunboe, Londonderry, Northern Ireland d 16 Jan 1783 MA - Gretchen Caldwell [bostonrott AT]
    • Lt. Matthew Caldwell b 1724 MA d 17 Oct 1795 MA
      • Capt. William Caldwell 2d b c1756 MA d 27 May 1836 Barre, MA m Mary Black
        • George Caldwell b 27 Jun 1801 Oakham, MA d 4 Jan 1881 Oakham, MA m Eliza Parker
          • Joseph Nelson "Nelson J" Caldwell b 15 Jul 1842 Oakham, MA d 9 Jul 1925 Cuyahoga, OH m Amy L. Congdon
            • Harry N. Caldwell b 25 Dec 1873 MA d 13 Apr 1913 Wesborough, MA m Marion M. Beal
              • George W. Caldwell Sr. b 28 Feb 1897 MA d 14 May 1986 Great Barrington, MA m MadelynWeijnman/Weynman
  • Samuel Caldwell b 1740 VA m. Ann Richardson - donnas978 [donnas978 AT]
    • William Caldwell b 1760 VA m. Elizabeth Kennedy
      • James Patton Caldwell b. 1793 KY m. Mary "Polly" Pepper
        • William Z Caldwell b 1824 MO m. Rachel Rolland
          • James Patton Caldwell b.1844 MO m.Rebecca Jane Lee
            • Rachel Orena Caldwell b.1874 MO m. Joseph S Keeth/Keith
  • Robert Cardwell b. 1746/47, Ireland, d. 14 Feb. 1839, Campbell Co., VA m. Alecia - Glen Cardwell [g.l.cardwell AT]
    • William Amos Cardwell, b. abt. 1781, Campbell Co. VA, d. 19 Feb. 1864, Butler Co., KY m. Sarah Moore Wood
      • Robert Cardwell, b 3 Dec. 1813, Campbell Co., VA. d. 26 April 1877 Butler County, KY, m. Nancy J. Moore
        • William Benjamin Cardwell, b. 20 July 1841 Butler Co., KY, d. 1 May 1926 Ohio Co., KY, m. Angeline Flener
          • Azro A. Cardwell, b. 30 May 1874 Butler Co., KY, d. 5 July 1947 Butler Co., KY, m. Noveline Embry
            • Ray Cardwell, b. 20 July 1912, d. 2 Feb. 1987, Lake Wales, FL, m. Lillian Whitaker
        • Thomas Frank Cardwell b 31 Jul 1857 Butler Co., KY m Missouri Johnson - Joy Asbury [gasb AT]
          • Ezra Martin Cardwell b 28 Sep 1884 Butler Co., KY m Atlanta Johnson
  • Thomas Caldwell b c1750 Ireland d Dec 1816 Jessamine Co., KY m Elizabeth "Betsy" Harris - [dsamuelson AT]
    • William Caldwell b 15 Dec 1779 Nanesmond Co., VA d 1 Aug 1844 Sangamon Co., IL m Nancy Robards
      • George Lewis Caldwell b 6 Dec 1804 Jessamine Co., KY d 22 Jun 1840 Jessamine Co., KY m Eliza McDowell
        • George McDowell Caldwell b 6 Jul 1835 Jessamine Co., KY d 16 Dec 1909 Sangamon Co., IL m Gabriella "Kitty" Robards
          • James Ernest Caldwell b 14 Aug 1871 Sangamon Co., IL d 1 Mar 1934 Sangamon Co., IL m Bessie Council
            • James Everett Caldwell b 31 May 1901 Sangamon Co., IL d 18 Feb 1988 Marion Co., OR m Dorothhy Elizabeth Moore
  • James Caldwell m Rebecca, Half-Moon Valley, PA - James T Caldwell [jtcaldwell AT]
    • John Caldwell b 25 July 1787 d 4 Oct 1856 m Jane Ann Repine, Indiana Co, PA
      • John Repine Caldwell b 2 Oct 1830 d 10 Apr 1897 m Lydia Lafferty, Westmoreland Co, PA
        • Daniel Repine Caldwell Sr. b 14 Sep 1882 d 2 Aug 1952 m Mary May Fry, Westmoreland Co, PA
  • William Cardwell b. 1773 VA - tcc230 [tcard230 AT]
    • Dennis A. Cardwell b. 1812 Henry Co., KY m. Mary W. Tucker
      • Talbot V. Cardwell b. 1833 Oldham Co., KY m. Quintilla Curtis Allnutt
        • Argenta B. Cardwell b. 1875 Amite Co., MS m. Emma Alice McMichael
          • Clinton C. Cardwell b. 1909 Rapides Parish, LA m. Jewell Marguerite Fugler
  • James Caldwell b c1791 KY m Nancy - CEdresen [cendreesen AT]
    • Tarlton Caldwell b 1823 IN d 1883 m Melancy McCauly
      • William McCauly Caldwell b 1856 IA d 1933 KS m Amanda Emily Norvell
        • Arthur S. Caldwell b 1878 MO d 1957 KS m Grace Greenwood Shull
          • Wayne S. Caldwell b KS m Ada Mae White
          • James M. Caldwell b KS
          • Hazel R. Caldwell b 1905 m Claude Mann
          • Lloyd E. Caldwell b 1909 KS m Mary Sharpe
  • Francis Cardwell b 1796 d c1844 Warren Co., TN m Judah Lebo - Ina Cardwell [inacar AT]
    • Thomas W. Cardwell b 1835 TN d 1922 Roby, TX m Millie/Milly Douglas
      • Robert Lee Cardwell b 1868 TN d 1950 TX m Millie Bouldin
        • Moses Eclar Cardwell b 1897 d 1975 TX m Mamie Ellen Mays
  • Oliver Caldwell b Poteau OK Indian Reservation c1902, m Ivy (Iva) Lee Nutt - jenn1706 [jenncaldwell2003 AT]

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