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Understanding the WFN Results Table
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Y-DNA Results for the Britton Project at Family Tree


The two charts below display Y-DNA results for men who were tested by Family Tree DNA. Those who are closely related and descend from the same Britton ancestor have been placed together in the same family group.


Fields included in the chart from left to right are: the Kit # of the participant, the name of his Paternal Ancestor (where known), the country of origin (where known), and Haplogroup (Red indicates that the Haplogroup has been predicted, Green that it has been verified by SNP testing), followed by the markers on which each member has been tested.


Family Tree DNA Chart Classic:






Britton DNA Results from Other Sources:


The Britton Project keeps a second database on page 5 for DNA results obtained from other databases. This database is drawn from the following sources:


  1. Family Tree's open database at Y-search

  1. Ancestry's database

  1. Y-DNA Database at Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

  2. Oxford Ancestry


 Each participant in this second database has been assigned a special code consisting of a letter or letters followed by a number, thus enabling researchers to match DNA results with pedigrees on the Patriarchs' page.

A indicates test results from Ancestry

SMGF from Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation

OA from Oxford Ancestors.  

A code consisting of five letters and/or numbers represents data gathered from Y-Search.



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Individual Project Administrators may present the results in another way.  Please contact your Project Administrator if you have questions about the results.
For information on the whole process of DNA testing, please see our step-by-step guide DNA the Smart Way


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