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C. Breese

John Brees

  Cornelius Breese b. 1718, m. Sarah Skillman

    Moses Breese Sr. b. 1744 Basking Ridge, NJ; d. 1775 Morristown, NJ

      Moses Breese Jr. b. 1775 Basking Ridge, NJ; d. 1847 Muncie, IN; m. Anna

        Israel Breese b. 1818 Ohio; d. 1869 Ohio; m. Delila McConnell

          Walter Calvin Breese b. 1862, Hamilton Co., OH; d. 1927, Hamilton Co., OH; m. Mary Winders

            Clifford Breese b. 1882 Hamilton Co., OH; d. 1955 Toma WI; m. Goldie Schull

    DNA Testee: kit no. 68690

R. Breese

Ephraim Breese, b abt 1794 in Basking Ridge, NJ, d > Probably aft 1872
   Isaac Breese, b Nov 10, 1821 in Ohio, d Oct 7, 1909 in > Indianapolis, IN
     Joseph Clayton Breese, b Jun 30, 1849 in Indiana, d Jun > 15, 1921 in PA
       Robert Clayton Breese, b Apr 24, 1884 in PA, d Aug 3, > 1936 in PA
          Clayton Kelso Breese, b Apr 8, 1909 in PA, d Mar 22, > 1996 in CO

   DNA Testee:  kit no. 120910

T. Breese

John Brees b.1713 England, d.1803 NJ
    Henry Breese, b.1753 NJ, d.1835 NY
        Stephen Breese, b.1776 NJ, d.1853 NJ
            Charles Ogden Breese, b.1811 NJ, d,1885 OH
                Lemuel H. Breese, b.1845 OH, d.1909 OH

                   Lemuel Walter Breese, b.1884 OH, d.1967 OH


J. Breece

Henry Breece b. 1792, Carteret Co. NC; d. 1833, Hickman Co TN; m. Lavina Pounders

  William Breece b. 1816, Bedford Co. TN; d. 1894, Boone Co. AR; m. Tressie Harris

    William Breece b. 1847, Hickman Co. TN; d. 1914, Boone Co AR; m. Rachel Young

      Chester Arthur Breece b. 1882, Boone Co. AR; d. 1951, Boone Co. AR; m. Maude Allen

        Allen Breece b. 1913, Boone Co. AR; d. 1999, Batesville AR; m. Opal Davidson

  DNA Testee:  kit no. 351507



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