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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 
  • John Braunche b c1419 d 1488 m Avise - braunche [braunche1 AT]
    • John b c1466 d c1521 m Margaret Edwards
      • Richard b c1503 d 5 Sep 1544 m Elizabeth Beauford
        • William b c1525 d c1601 m Katherine Jennings
          • Lionnel b c1566 d c1605 m Valentina Sparkes
            • Christopher Branch b c1600 d 1691 m Mary Addie
              • Thomas b 23 Apr 1623 d c1694 m Elizabeth
                • Mathew b c1661 d c1728 m Francis
                  • Olive b c1712 d c1799 m Verlinche Branch
                    • Daniel b c1745 d c1791
                      • James b c1772 d c1820 m Polly Hancock (possibly)
                        • John b 21 Jul 1810 d 5 Jan 1892 m M. P. Farthing
                          • Alexander b 1844 d 1920 m A. Williams
                            • George W. b 1873 d 1964 m L. A. Williams
                              • Olaf L. b 1908 d 2000 m M. Brasel  B-5 Kit # 143159
  • Symon Branche b 1560 Co. Kent, England m Alice Stokes - buffalo234 [carolynswebmail AT]
    • Peter Branch b 1596 Co. Kent, England m Elizabeth Gillame
      • John b 1628 Kent Co., England m Mary Speed
        • Peter b 1659 MA m Hannah Lincoln
          • Peter b 1696 CT m Content Howse
            • Peter b 1743 CT m Ruth Partridge
              • Samuel b 1766 CT m Triphena Stedman
                • Samuel S. b 1801 VT m Elizabeth Smith
                  • Samuel C. b 1835 OH m M. Caroline Stribling
                    • Alpha C. b 1871 IL m Addie Matila Barr B-3, B-4
  • Lionel Branch b.1572 England m. Valentia Sparkes - goldenrider [resus3kd AT]
    • Christopher b. 1602 England 1681 Va. m. Mary Addie
      • George b. 1630 d. 1688 VA. m. Ann England
        • George b. 1654 VA d. 1694 NC m. Susan Corker
          • William b. 1680 VA d. 1781 NC m. Margaret
            • Issacher b. 1700 m. Sarah Steward
              • William b. 1730  d. 1793 NC m. Elizabeth
                • Nicholas b. 1760 NC d. 1820 TN Elizabeth Hurst
                  • Benjamin B. b. 1802  d. 1855 TN m. Sarah Moore
                    • Thomas Andrew Jackson  b. 1836 d. 1914 TN  m. Mary Frances Allen
                      • Allen b. 1865 d. 1935 TN m. Paralee Anderson Standifer/Standfer
                        • Thomas Herman b. 1902 d. 1973 OK m. Hazel I. Householder    
  •  Edward Branch  b circa 1766, d 1818 m. (1) Martha Bott
    •   Miles Bott Branch  b 1790-1861)  m.  Elizabeth Rebecca Goodrum
      • Thomas C. Branch b 1836 , d 1911 m. Mary Elizabeth Huff
        • James Huff Branch b 1874, d 1925 m. Minnie Iowa Newsom
          • Thomas Allen Branch b. 1904, d 1978, m. Annie Perle Oakes  Kit # 238435 & 238299
  • Edward Branch, b. circa 1766, VA; m. (3)  Martha Tillman, 1797, Amelia Co., VA - mississippimemories AT
    • Edward Tillman Branch, b. 1798, Amelia Co., VA; married Winiford Ragland, 1830, Raymond, Hinds Co, MS
      • Joseph Arthur Branch, b. circa 1840, Attalaville, Attala Co., MS; married Mattie Allen, circa 1865, Attala County, MS
        • Edward Arthur Branch, b. circa 1869, Branchville, Attala Co., MS; married Claudia Mae Baldridge, 1894, Madison Co., MS
          • Clark Commander Branch, b. 1899 Newport, Attala Co, MS; married Lelia Porter, 1922, Attala County MS 28881
  • George C. Branch 1799-1848? GA, AL - drbabs
    • Thomas Benjamin Branch 1843-1920 AL, MS
      • William Curtis Branch 1870-1940 AL, MS
        • Clyde Claiborne Branch 1895-1959 AL, LA
          •   Robert Lee Branch 1924-2003 OH, LA, CA
  • Townsend Stitt Branch b. 1856 VA d 1905 NY m. Ester Hamill - tombranch2 AT
    • Benjamin David Branch b. 1882 NY d. 1966 NJ m. Helen Francis Carroll 154084
  • Williams Branch b 1796 Duplin Co., NC m. Elizabeth Grimsley
    • John Wright Branch b 1815-16 Sampson Co., NC m.  Mary P Stone 
      • George Lassiter Branch b 1848 Robeson Co, NC m. Esther Jane Nye
        • Jetter Judson Branch b 1883 Columbus Co, NC m. Orrie Jane Jones
          • Grover F. Branch b 1904 Robeson Co., NC m. Margaret Viola Phipps Kit # 171542 
  • Henry Branch,  b c 1786, NC, m Sarah Johnson 
    • John Willis Branch, b c 1820, Bladen Co, NC, m Eliza Jane Cannon
      • James Evert Branch, b c 1844, Wake Co, NC, m Margaret Francis Vaughn
        • Melvin Isaiah Branch, b 1904, Love Co, OK m Irma Gertrude Cox Kit# N21413
  • Samuel Branch, 1660, d 1692 Barbados, m Elizabeth Haynes
    • John Branch, b 1683, d 1721 Barbados, m Elizabeth Seaward
      • John Branch, b 1713, d 1764 Barbados, m Ann Fox
        • William Samuel Branch, b 1742, d 1776 Barbados, m Jane Weekes
          • Samuel Ralph Branch, b Barbados, m Loretta Margaret Duncan (Nee Whittaker)
            • Thomas Mackingtosh Branch, b Barbados, m Chirstin Priscilla Brewster Young
              • George Wells Branch, b Barbados, d Grenada, m Elvira Yearwood
                • George Faulkiner Branch, b Grenada, d Grenada, m Ellice Emily Agar
                  • George Ronald Branch, b 1909 Grenada, d England, m Helen Gwendoline Franklin  Kit#182865

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