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 We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


  • John Bowie Sr. b 1688 Scotland d 1759 m Mary Mullikin - Amber Slabe [Abslabe AT]
    • John Bowie b 1708 d 1753 - Toney Alvin Bowie [toneybowie AT]
      • James Bowie b 1739 d 1790
        • Rezin P. Bowie b 1762 d 1819
          • James Bowie b 1795 d 1839
            • Rufus Bowie b 1828 d 1870
              • David Bowie b 1857
                • Augustus (Gus) Bowie b 1885 171280
    • Capt. William Bowie Sr. b 1721 Brookridge, Prince George Co., MD d 1791 m Margaret Sprigg
      • Walter Bowie Sr. b 1748 Mattaponi, Prince George Co., MD d 1811 m Mary Brookes
        • William Bowie b 29 Jan 1776 Locust Grove, Prince George Co., MD d 1826 m Catherine (Kitty Beans) Duckett
          • Col. William Duckett Bowie b 7 Oct 1803 Fairview, Prince George Co., MD d 1873 m Eliza Oden
            • Gov. Oden Bowie b 10 Nov 1826 Fairview, Prince George Co., MD d 1894 m Alice Carter
              • Washington Booth Bowie b 1874 Prince George Co., MD d 1938 m Marie Williams 179141
  • William Bowie b 1764 Anne Arundel Co., MD d c1838 m Ann Card - Lesa Inman [lesainman AT]
    • William Bowie b 1791 VA d 1853 Union Co., OH
      • James William Bowie b 1822 OH d 1863 Alton, IL m Nancy Ann Hearn
        • Eli C. Bowie b 1845 Noble Co., OH d 1922 Ritchie Co., WV m Priscilla Haynes
          • Charles Michael Bowie b 1877 OH d 1966 Ritchie Co., WV m Catherine J. Bowie
            • Eli C. Bowie b 1913 Ritchie Co., WV d 1978 Ritchie Co., WV m Arwanda Brooks 187680


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