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Lineage 1: This branch moved into Abbeville, SC and primarily remained there; believed by some to descend from a Frederick Botts (primarily because his wife was a Comer) and Conrad Bott in VA although these connections are not well established. [no confirmed project members – need DNA signature; if you believe you are part of this line, please join the project]


Thomas Comer Botts, b 1787, NC, m Nancy Moore

  • Thomas Asa (Buttons) Botts, b 1824, Abbeville, SC
    + Matilda Wright
    • James M Botts, b 1849
    • John T Botts, b 1851, m Margurite Stribling
    • Asa North Botts, b. 1858, m. Mary Lou Wright
    • E.G. Botts, b. 1862
  • Jacob R Botts, b 1826, Abbeville, SC, m Louisa Jane Cannon
  • William P Botts, b 1829, Abbeville, SC
  • John George Botts, b 1830, Abbeville, SC
    + Catherine Robinson

o   Samuel Oscar Botts, b 1860, SC

o   John Botts, b 1873, SC

o   Charles Botts, b 1874, SC

o   Jacob Botts, b 1879, SC

  • Charles Alexander Botts, b 1841, Abbeville, SC

o   Thomas Henry Botts, b 1872, Abbeville, SC

o   James Mabry Botts, b 1876-78, Abbeville, SC

o   William Archer Botts, b 1879, Abbeville, SC

o   Arthur Traywick Botts, b 1879, Abbeville, SC

o   Charles A Botts Jr., b 1885, Abbeville, SC



Lineage 2: This branch moved into NW Georgia possibly from South Carolina or Tennessee; DNA evidence indicates definite connection to Lineage 4 but genealogical connection not yet determined. [2 confirmed project members]

John W Botts, b 1851, GA, m Melvina Manda Hagewood

  • James Mark Botts, b 1881, SC
    + Cordelia Fisher (1st marriage)
    • Jack Lee (Fred) Botts, b 1902, GA  B-12
    • John W Botts, b 1908, GA

+ Ada Pearl Cash (2nd marriage)

    • James Mark Botts, b 1923, Chattanooga, TN, m Dora Lorene Thompson B-1, B-13 [genealogically related but determined by DNA to be false paternal and therefore not genetically related]



Lineage 3: This branch moved into Macon and Pike County, AL from VA. One letter from Nathan J Botts says that the father of John Joshua Botts was named Joel.  [1 confirmed project member]


John Joshua Botts, b 1805, VA (d 1890, Macon, AL)
+ Elsie Renfroe

  • Nathan Joshua Botts, b 1849, Macon County, AL (d 1932, Pike County, AL)
    + Lecy Ann Bass

o   John Hardy Botts, b 1882, Pike County, AL  B-5

o   Nathan Joshua (Jody) Botts, b 1884, Pike County, AL

o   Joel (Buddy) Botts, b 1893, Pike County, AL

o   Samuel (Sam) Botts, b 1897, Pike County, AL

  • John W Botts, b 1860, AL



Lineage 4: This branch emigrated from England to Virginia and became a prominent family in Colonial America. Included several well-known lawyers, statesmen, and military leaders. Descendants have been proliferous and have branched out throughout America. Lineage 2 has been determined by DNA to be connected to this line [2 confirmed project members]


Thomas I Botts, b 1586, Northamptonshire, England

+ Elizabeth Waters

  • Isaac Botts, b 1643, Staffordshire, England (d 1675, York, ME)
  • Thomas Botts, b 1650, Northamptonshire, England (d 1677, Henrico, VA)
    + Amy
    • Thomas Botts, b 1674 Northampton, VA (?)
      + Elizabeth Kannon (?)
      • Thomas Botts, b 1703, Stafford, VA
      • Joseph Botts, b 1704
      • John Botts, b 1705, Stafford, VA
        + Sarah Wood
        • George Botts, b 1731, Stafford, VA
        • John Botts, b 1733, Hartford, MD
        • Abraham Botts, b 1735, Stafford, VA
        • Isaac Botts, b 1738, Stafford, VA
      • Moses Botts, b 1707, Loudon, VA
      • Aaron Botts, b 1709, Stafford, VA
      • Archibald Botts, b 1711, Stafford, VA
      • Seth Botts, b 1713, Stafford, VA
        + Sabina Bridwell
        • William Botts, b 1744, Stafford, VA
        • Aaron Botts, b 1746, Stafford, VA
        • Joseph Botts, b 1748, Stafford, VA
        • Joshua Botts, b 1751, Stafford, VA
          + Frances Gaines
          • Archibald Botts
          • William Botts, b 1773, Dumphries, VA
          • Benjamin Gaines Botts, b 1776, Dumphries, VA
            + Jane Tyler
            • Alexander Lithgow Botts, b 1799, Dumphries, VA (resided NY)
              + Susan Frances Randolph
              • William Henry Botts, b 1822, Washington, DC (resided NY)
              • Thomas Lawson Botts, b 1828, Washington, DC (d 1854, NY)
              • Alexander Botts, b 1830, Washington, DC
              • Julian Botts, b 1832, Washington, DC (d NY)
              • Stevens King Botts, b 1837, Washington, DC
              • Randolph Botts, b 1840, Washington, DC (d 1898, Albany, NY)
            • Gen Thomas Hutchinson Botts, b 1800, Dumphries, VA
              + Mary Scandrett Stone
              • William Stone Botts, b 1829, Fredericksburg, VA
              • Benjamin Alexander Botts, b 1831, Fredericksburg, VA (d 1885, Houston, TX)
              • Walter Browne Botts, b 1835, Fredericksburg, VA (d 1894, Houston, TX)
              • Charles Minor Botts, b 1837, Fredericksburg, VA
              • Henry Triplett Botts, b 1839, Fredericksburg, VA (d 1889, Savannah, GA)
              • Albert Burnley Botts, b 1841, Fredericksburg, VA

+ Ann Carter Willis

              • James Lawson Botts, b 1825, Fredericksburg, VA  [go to lineage 5]
            • John Minor Botts, b 1802, Dumphries, VA
              + Mary Whiting
              • Benjamin Botts
              • John Botts
              • Archibald Blair Botts
            • Joshua Botts, b 1804, Dumphries, VA
            • Charles Tyler Botts, b 1809, Dumphries, VA (d 1884 Oakland, CA)
              + Margaret Frances Marshall
              • Horace Marshall Botts, b 1831, Richmond, VA (d Monterey, CA)
          • Thomas Botts, b 1778, Dumphries, VA
        • John Botts, b 1754, Stafford, VA

+ Lucy Gaines

          • Rev Joseph Botts, b. 1790, Culpeper, VA

+ Sabra Wilkes

            • William Oscar Botts, b. 1817 Boone, KY

+Mary Francis Walker

              • William (Will) Grafton Botts, b. 1867, Hancock, IL

+ Louisa (Lou) Olena Garnett

                • Charles Clifford (Cliff) Botts, b. 1892, Hancock, IL    B-6



Lineage 5: This branch is tied to Lineage 4. Descendants of Thomas Lawson Botts (who died as a confederate leader in the Civil War), moved from VA to MD after the war. [no confirmed project members although B-6 is related – need DNA signature; if you believe you are part of this line, please join the project]


Thomas Lawson Botts, b 1825, Fredericksburg, VA [lineage 4: Thomas I, Thomas, Thomas, Seth, Joshua, Benjamin Gaines, Thomas H]

+ Sarah Elizabeth Bibb Ranson

  • Thomas Hutchinson Botts, b 1854, Fredericksburg, VA (resided in MD)
    + Lillian Word Neeson

o   Thomas Hutchinson Botts, b 1899, Walbrook, MD (d 1964, Fayetteville, NC)

o   Rev Henry Neeson Botts, b 1902, Baltimore, MD

o   Ferson Botts, b 1903, Baltimore, MD

  • James Ranson Botts, b 1857, Fredericksburg, VA
  • Robert Hite Botts, b 1861, Baltimore, MD
    + Margaret Maggie Katie Fisher

o   James Lawson Botts, b 1889, Baltimore, MD

o   Robert Thomas Botts, b 1895, Baltimore, MD




Lineage 6: This branch is probably related to Lineage 2 out of Fannin, GA. Descendants of James Jason Botts (who died as a confederate leader in the Civil War), showed up in Fannin, GA sometime around 1840/1850. [no confirmed project members although B-12 may be related – need DNA signature; if you believe you are part of this line, please join the project]


James Jason Botts, b 1829, SC, d. 1862 Knoxville, TN (Civil War casualty)

+ Permelia Ann Williams

  • Thomas Pharoah Botts, b 1848 SC, d. 1936 Fannin, GA
    + Frankie Suite

o   Larkin Bruce Botts, b 1871 Fannin, GA

o   Pharoah Botts, b 1873 Fannin, GA

o   John Botts, b 1875 Fannin, GA

o   Lawson Botts, b. 1877 Fannin, GA

o   Walter Botts, b. 1888 Fannin, GA

o   Kimsey Botts, b 1892 Fannin, GA

       + Ethel May Patterson

      • Dennis Botts, b. 1919 Fannin, GA
  • James Larkin Botts, b 1861, GA




Lineage 7: This branch is primarily in Pennsylvania, but a few recent descendants spread through out west. [1 confirmed project member]


Unknown Botts

  • Reuben Botts, b 1822 Clarion, PA
    + Anna Wyon

o   George Botts, b 1858 Clarion, PA

+ Jane Kunkle

      • Harry Joseph Botts, b. 1884 Clarion, PA

+ Florence M Wetzel

        • Richard Keith Botts, b. 1925 Kellyville, OK, d. 2002 Cameron, TX    B-8
      • George Botts, b. 1898 Clarion, PA
    • James Garner Botts, b. 1862 Clarion, PA

+ Ross

      • Louis Clemmons Botts, b. 1887 Clarion, PA
    • Joseph Botts, b. 1865 PA

+ Mary Jane Huntzberger

      • Charles Ira Botts, b. 1892 PA
      • Garner Botts, b. 1893 PA
  • Jonas Johnethon Botts, b. 1820 PA

+ Elizabeth Richards

    • Jacob Alton Botts, b. 1857 PA

+ Anna E Elslager

      • Henry Daniel Botts, b. 1883 Clarion, PA
      • John Edward Botts, b. 1885 Clarion, PA
      • Arthur Leslie Botts, b. 1897 Clarion, PA
      • Jacob Alton Botts, b. 1906 Clarion, PA
    • Charles D Botts, b. 1865 Clarion, PA

+ Matilda (Tillie) J Hoover

      • Frank Daniel Botts, b. 1891 Clarion, PA
      • Clarence Charles Botts, b. 1895 Clarion, PA
      • Walter Thurston Botts, b. 1899 Clarion, PA



Lineage 8: This branch is from the Germany/France border and immigrated into Wisconsin in the mid 1800. [1 confirmed project member]


Nikolaus Bott, b. Germany

  • Heinrich Bott, b. 1693 Germany, d. 1731 Waldbšckelheim, Germany

o   Johann Peter Bott, b. 1723  Waldbšckelheim, Germany, d. 1773

      • Johann Bott, b. 1753 Waldbšckelheim, Germany, d. 1823
      • Johann Georg Wilhelm, b. 1778 Oberstreit, Germany, d. 1834
        • Adam Bott, b. 1801
        • Peter Bott, b. 1806, Oberstreit, Germany; d. 1862 Milwaukee, WI   

¤  George Jakob Bott, b. 1830

¤  Peter Sebastian Bott, b. 1845, Oberstreit, Germany, d. 1925 La Crosse, WI

¤  Peter John Bott, 1872 La Crosse, WI, d. 1948 Tacoma, WA  B-10

¤  Lucas Sebastian Bott, b. 1873

¤  John Bott, b. 1883

¤  Herbert Joseph Bott, b. 1896

¤  Sebastian Bott, b. 1846

        • Heinrich Bott, b. 1813



Lineage 9: This line came from England and settled in PA [1 male and 1 female project member who also have a autosomal DNA connection to Seth Botts in Lineage 4]


William Bott, b. 1809 England, d. 1857 Philadelphia, PA (arrived 1833)

+ Ann Burdett

  • Samuel Bott, b. 1832 England

+ Mary E

o   Samuel Bott, b. 1859  Philadelphia, PA

  • William Bott, b. 1835 Philadelphia, PA
  • Rev Thomas Burdett Bott, b. 1839 Philadelphia, PA, d. 1910

      + Cornelia Wilson Hazzard

¤  Howard Springman Bott, b. 1861 Philadelphia, PA, d. 1935

                          + Emma Douglas

¤  Howard Springman Bott, Jr. b. 1891 Beverly NJ, 1951

                                       + Annette Gaines Bartholomew

¤  Howard Douglas Bott, b. 1918 Beverly NJ

¤  Eugene Leroy Bott, b. 1927 Beverly NJ, d. 2007  B-14, B-15

           + Lillian Younger

¤  Unknown Bott



Lineage 10: This line out of Kansas City may involve an adoption or remarriage [1 confirmed member]


William Antoni Bott, b. 1886, d. 1936 Kansas City, MO (mother was Louise Mainhardt?)

+ unknown

  • William Antoni Botts Jr., b. 1917, d. 1961 B-16




NOTE: There are many patriarch lines and branches not yet documented in the project. Just because your line might not be listed, it does not mean we donÕt need or want you in the project. We are definitely trying to establish all Botts/Botz/Bott lines, so please join if you can. Also, feel free to send me any Botts/Botz/Bott lines of which you are aware, or any corrections or extensions on the lines listed here. Thanks. Mike Botts


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