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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Richard Booth b.1606 Cheshire, England m. Elizabeth Hawley - RBSoldz [4soldz AT] 
    • Simeon Booth b 1641 Wells, ME d 1702 Hartford, CT m Rebecca Frost - Shane Booth [bluetbird57 AT]
      • William Booth 1663 Saco, ME d 1751 m Hannah Burroughs
        • Caleb Booth b 1695 East Windsor, MA
    • Joseph Deacon Boothe b.1653 Stradford, Fairfield, CT m. Hannah Wilcoxson
      • Joseph Boothe b.1692 Stradford, Fairfield, CT m. Rebecca Moorehouse
        • Stephen Boothe b.1721 Stradford, Fairfield, CT m. Esther Osborne
          • Stephen Boothe b. 1751 Stradford, Fairfield, CT m. Nancy Cosby
            • William Booth(e) b 3 Oct 1786 Russell Co., VA d c1870 KY m1 Sarah Taylor m2 Nancy Sturgill - Shinshaw [shinshaw AT]
              • James Booth(e) b 8 Nov 1823 Russell Co., VA d 1898 Elliot Co., KY m Isabelle Harmon
                • William Worth Booth(e) b 17 Mar 1859 Lawrence, Elliot Co., KY d 17 Mar 1912 KY m Mary L. Porter
                  • Matthew Middleton Booth b 19 Nov 1895 Elliot Co., KY d 7 Mar 1987 KY m Thelma "Gladys" Rose
            • John Boothe b.1802 Russell Co., VA m. Jane Patrick
              • Stephen Boothe b.1830 Russell Co., VA m. Jane Jennie Stinson
                • Stephen Sylvester Boothe b. 1862 Russell Co., VA m. Susan Horner
                  • John Frank Boothe b. 1882 McDowell, WV m. Rowena Lee Altizer B-18 115034
  • Thomas Booth d 1766 Amelia Co., VA m Dorcas - Jeanette A. Pearce [JeanAnnP AT]
    • George Booth b c1720 Amelia Co., VA m Judith McEwen
      • William Booth b 3 Feb 1745 Amelia Co., VA m Judith Johns
        • Stephen Booth b 14 Feb 1786 Amelia Co., VA m Mary Congleton
          • William Anderson Booth b 9 Oct 1818 Bourbon Co., KY m Nancy Jane Bradley
            • Newton Congleton Booth b 18 Nov 1869 Adams Co., IL m Georgia Elizabeth Welsh
              • William Newton Booth b 9 Apr 1900 Camp Point, Adams, IL m Gladys Elva Davis 270103
  • John Booth b c1758 - Gary Booth [EBooth7585 AT]
    • George Booth b c1794 d c1865 Rolf, IA or WI
      • Samuel Booth b 31 Oct 1831 Goshen, CT d 28 Jan 1917 Quincy, IL m Angie Chloe Keeney
        • Frank M. Booth b 1872 Ft. Dodge, IA d 20 Oct 1948 MT m1 Minnie Guthman m2 Bertha F. Demaree
          • William F. M. Booth b 19 Nov 1910 Lovell, WY d 21 Jan 1974 WY m Fern L. Owings B-23 144500
  • Shelly Booth b 1770 Darlington Dist., SC d c1814 aft Battle of New Orleans m Rachel Elba Pouncey - Mike Booth [mabooth AT]
    • John Booth b 4 Jan 1807 Warren Co., MS d 4 May 1880 Dawson, Navarro, TX m Nancy Roberts
      • William H. Booth b Oct 1836 Hinds Co., MS d 2 Apr 1921 De Leon, Comanche, TX m Frances Louise Northcutt
        • Jesse Booth b Jun 1886 Hinds Co., MS d 12 Jul 1952 San Diego, CA m Georgia Louellen Bowman 176914
  • Benjamin Booth b 1790 m Margaret Maguire - Robin Booth [wharepuke AT]
    • Edwin Booth b 1822 Glastonbury, England m Eliza Fortt
      • Albert Edwin Booth b 1867 Brighton, England m Amy Susan Webber
        • Alfred Stanton Booth b 7 Aug 1905 Brighton, England m Joyce Isobel Miller 275916
  • William G. Boothe b.1826 Lawrence Co., Arkansas d. 1858 - 1860 Arkansas, m 7 Oct 1846 in Lawrence co.,AR to Sarah Jane (Grey/Gray) Winstead b. abt 1822 Kentucky d. after 1889 Benton co.,Missouri (Possible parents John F. Booth(e) 1789 - 1838 Lawrence, Arkansas and Sarah "Sally" (Cochran) Garner b. 1788 Tennessee d. 1860 Arkansas) - Valerie McGeachy [vmcgeachy2 AT]
    • John Nelson Boothe b. 17 Feb 1852 Lawrence co., Arkansas d. 1 March 1890 Benton co., Missouri , married abt 17 April 1887 Benton co.,Missouri to Emma Cordelia (Walls) Gates b. 28 Jan 1867 Kansas d. 21 Nov 1951 San Diego, CA
      • William Abner Boothe b. abt 1872 Benton co., Missouri d. after 1900 Missouri or Oklahoma married 29 Jan 1891 Benton co., Missouri to Emma Cordelia (Walls) Booth(e) b. 1867 Kansas d. 1951 CA
        • Delphia Elvira 1891 - 1946
        • Elsie Myrtle 1894 - 1919
        • Archie Ardon 1896 - 1971
        • Jesse LeRoy Boothe I b. 16 March 1899 Saline co., Missouri d. 12 July 1961 Clark co., Washington, m 6 Oct 1933 Clark co., Washington to Hazel Ellen Richards b. 15 Sept 1915 Idaho d. 19 Dec 2000 Vancouver, WA 320984
      • Lillie Violet "Lee" 1887 - 1924
      • Sadi Esther "Doll" 1889 - 1943
  • Joe W. Booth b Mar 1862-65 CA m Mary Elizabeth Daggs - Kenneth A. Booth [b3kenneth AT]
    • Joe Calvin Booth b Jan 1908 OK m Mabel Denning 167371



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Robert Booth b 1602 England m Deborah - Shane Booth [bluetbird57 AT]
    • Simeon Booth b 1641 Wells, ME d 1702 Hartford, CT m Rebecca Frost
      • William Booth b 1663 Saco, ME d 1751 m Hannah Burroughs
        • Caleb Booth b 1695 East Windsor, MA
  • George Booth b c1670 probably VA d 1730 NC m Mary Wicker - Jane Hobbs [jandjhobbs AT consolidated .net]
    • Hannah Booth b c1700 Currituck Co., NC d NC m Edward Simmons
  • William Booth b 1752, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England - Troubador [steve AT]
    • Richard Booth b 1782, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England
      • Abraham Booth b 1808, Stafford, Staffordshire, England
        • Rowland Tittensor Timmis (took mother's name) b 1831, Longton, Staffordshire, England
          • Rowland Ernest Timmis, b 1875, Longton, Staffordshire, England
            • Frank Timmis, b 1910, Longton, Staffordshire, England
  • James Mather Booth, b. 1788 Cheshire County, England. First Mayor of Marietta, Ohio - Martin Booth Tracy [mbtracy1963 AT]
    • Horatio Booth, b. 1814 River boat captain
      • Frank D. Booth, b. 1845 migrated to Nebraska
        • Rita Booth, b. 1874 m James Albert Tracy in Iowa, homesteaded in Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado
  • William Cissaro Booth b. 1804 Darlington District, SC m. Missouri Bullard - Lee Crockett [lcroc51 AT]
    • Derensellear R. Booth b. 1844 Autauga County, AL m. Alabama Lavinia Dees
      • Machen Daniel Booth b. 1882 Columbia County, AR m. Bertha Beatrice Dick
  • Henry Booth, London - Elizabeth Griffiths [griffiths.elizabeth.r AT]
    • John Booth b 1822 London, d 1898 Australia
      • Archibald b 1862, d 1926 (6th child) Sydney
        • Archibald (Bob) b 1900, m Vera Stuart, d 1980 Sydney
  • Samuel J. Booth b MI m Betsey A. Sackett - johnabooth [johnabooth AT]
    • Charles C. b 14 Mar 1860 Livingston Co., MI d 29 Mar 1954 m1 Lilly E. Stage m2 Annie M. Geiser
      • Claude J. b 22 Aug 1885 Howell, MI d 22 Jan 1990 Wellignton, KS m Myrtle Alvesta Riley
    • Clarence b Jul 1864 MI m Emma
      • Mabel b c1895 KS
      • Grace b c1896 KS
    • William Ward b Aug 1866 MI m Cora Dell Copeland
      • Roy W. b 10 Oct 1901 OK d 16 Jul 1968 San Mateo, CA




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