These lines include the ones which have participants in this surname project, and I have also included one group which we want to target for involvement, in the hopes that the results will be helpful to all of us as well as to them.  We are particularly interested in finding participants from family groups with roots in Wales, Shropshire, and the English midlands, but we will welcome anyone who would like to join the project.  This page is designed to help us make sense of the results, and so it is particularly important that any participant provide us with an outline of his pedigree back to the first known ancestor.  The lines of descent which are indicated stop a generation or more short of the participant, to protect identity.


Please send any queries or pedigrees for this project to: At


Thomas Benbow of Trefeglwys Parish, Montgomeryshire, Wales



 Richard Benbow of Llandinam Parish, Montgomeryshire, Wales




Samuel Benbow of Essex, England





 William Benbow (Bendbowe) of Shropshire, England





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