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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.

Bear / Barr

Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree

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  • Jagli Bar b. ~1525, Kronau, Zurich, Switzerland m Elsbeth Rapolt - Franklin Craig Baer [FRANK AT]
    • ​Joachim Bar b 20 Dec 1556, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland m Elsbeth Joss
      • ​Hans Ulrich Bar, b. ~1584, Rifferswil, Knorau District, Zurich, Switzerland m Barbel Wyss
        • ​Hans Bar, b 17 Sep 1609, Rifferswil, Canton, Zurich, Switzerland m Klianna Hufschmid
          • Joss Bar, b 6 Aug. 1647, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland m Margaret Gut
            • Hans Heinrich Bar, bap. 4 Oct. 1688, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland, m Maria Gut
              • Heinrich Bar (Henry Baer), bap. 22 Dec. 1715, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland, m Barbara Good
                • Henry Baer, b 12 Feb. 1775, nr. Leacock, PA m Anna Marie Miller
                  • Henry Baer, b 8 Oct. 1799, nr. Leacock, PA m Susanna Landis
                    • [Preacher] Adam Baer b 4 Jul 1826, Manor Township, PA m Hannah Herr
                      • Adam Herr Baer, b 8 Sep 1865, Lancaster Co, PA m Bertie Leah Metz
                        • Amos Charles Baer, b 16 May 1912, Denbigh, VA m Hazel Elizabeth Bennett 339624
  • Robert Barr b c1632 d c1709 in Lisbane, Co Down, Ireland m Jennet Hunter - Michael G. Barr [mgbarr AT]
    • James Barr b c1662 d 1726 in Lisbane, Co Down, Ireland m Isabella Hamilton
      • Gavin Barr b c1695 d c1732 crossing Altantic m Margaret Mc Cants
        • John Barr b c1716 d c1763 SC m Margaret Mc Crea
          • Thomas Barr b c1734 d c1783 York Co., SC m Isabella Dickey
            • William Barr b 1780 SC d 1825 AR m Mary McKnight
              • James W. Barr b c1804 SC d bet 1850-60 m Malinda Young
                • John N. Barr b Aug 1835 AR d 1905 McNeil, TX m Sarah Hilburn
                  • James W. Barr b 1862 Collin Co., TX d 1939 Bell Co., TX m Susan Biddy
                    • John N. Barr b 1892 Bell Co., TX d 1977 Waco, TX m Agusta Farris H1316
            • John Barr m Margaret - Chester Allen Barr [callenb AT]
              • James Barr b c1790 Lincoln Co., NC
                • James Henry Barr b 3 Jun 1816 TN m Mary Ann Garner
                  • Thomas C. Johnson Barr b 17 Jan 1844 Wash. Co., IN m Melissa Gatten
                    • James Chester Barr b 17 Mar 1892 Allen Co., KS m Anna Elizabeth Goloby H1758
  • Thomas Barr b 1716 Londonderry, N. Ireland m Janet Hutchinson - Daws Barr [daws.barr AT]
    • Robert Barr b 1748 PA m Mary Sadie Williamson
      • John Barr b 1774 PA m Jane Boggs
        • Alfred Barr b 1815 OH m Maria Marquess
          • Moses Shepherd Barr b 1848 IN m Sarah Shoemake
            • Daws Shepherd Barr b 1889 IA m Mary Van Vark 255188

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