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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Bear / Barr
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Jagli Bar b. ~1525, Kronau, Zurich, Switzerland m Elsbeth Rapolt - Franklin Craig Baer [FRANK AT]
    • ​Joachim Bar b 20 Dec 1556, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland m Elsbeth Joss
      • ​Hans Ulrich Bar, b. ~1584, Rifferswil, Knorau District, Zurich, Switzerland m Barbel Wyss
        • ​Hans Bar, b 17 Sep 1609, Rifferswil, Canton, Zurich, Switzerland m Klianna Hufschmid
          • Joss Bar, b 6 Aug. 1647, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland m Margaret Gut
            • ​Hans Heinrich Bar, bap. 4 Oct. 1688, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland, m Maria Gut
              • ​Heinrich Bar (Henry Baer), bap. 22 Dec. 1715, Ottenbach, Zurich, Switzerland, m Barbara Good
                • ​Henry Baer, b 12 Feb. 1775, nr. Leacock, PA m Anna Marie Miller
                  • ​Henry Baer, b 8 Oct. 1799, nr. Leacock, PA m Susanna Landis
                    • ​[Preacher] Adam Baer b 4 Jul 1826, Manor Township, PA m Hannah Herr
                      • ​Adam Herr Baer, b 8 Sep 1865, Lancaster Co, PA m Bertie Leah Metz
                        • ​Amos Charles Baer, b 16 May 1912, Denbigh, VA m Hazel Elizabeth Bennett 339624
  • Robert Barr b c1632 d c1709 in Lisbane, Co Down, Ireland m Jennet Hunter - Michael G. Barr [mgbarr AT]
    • James Barr b c1662 d 1726 in Lisbane, Co Down, Ireland m Isabella Hamilton
      • Gavin Barr b c1695 d c1732 crossing Altantic m Margaret Mc Cants
        • John Barr b c1716 d c1763 SC m Margaret Mc Crea
          • Thomas Barr b c1734 d c1783 York Co., SC m Isabella Dickey
            • William Barr b 1780 SC d 1825 AR m Mary McKnight
              • James W. Barr b c1804 SC d bet 1850-60 m Malinda Young
                • John N. Barr b Aug 1835 AR d 1905 McNeil, TX m Sarah Hilburn
                  • James W. Barr b 1862 Collin Co., TX d 1939 Bell Co., TX m Susan Biddy
                    • John N. Barr b 1892 Bell Co., TX d 1977 Waco, TX m Agusta Farris H1316
            • John Barr m Margaret - Chester Allen Barr [callenb AT]
              • James Barr b c1790 Lincoln Co., NC
                • James Henry Barr b 3 Jun 1816 TN m Mary Ann Garner
                  • Thomas C. Johnson Barr b 17 Jan 1844 Wash. Co., IN m Melissa Gatten
                    • James Chester Barr b 17 Mar 1892 Allen Co., KS m Anna Elizabeth Goloby H1758
  • Thomas Barr b 1716 Londonderry, N. Ireland m Janet Hutchinson - Daws Barr [daws.barr AT]
    • Robert Barr b 1748 PA m Mary Sadie Williamson
      • John Barr b 1774 PA m Jane Boggs
        • Alfred Barr b 1815 OH m Maria Marquess
          • Moses Shepherd Barr b 1848 IN m Sarah Shoemake
            • Daws Shepherd Barr b 1889 IA m Mary Van Vark 255188

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