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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • William Batman b 1639 Copmanthorpe, Yorkshire, England d 1670 - Philip Batman [pabatman AT]
    • Thomas Batman b Copmanthorpe d 1689
      • John Batman b 1673 Copmanthorpe d 1722
        • Thomas Batman b 1700 Copmanthorpe d 1771
          • Thomas Batman b 1736 Copmanthorpe d 1808
            • Thomas Batman b 1784 Copmanthorpe d 1840
              • George Henry Batman b 1829 Copmanthorpe d 1917
                • George Henry Batman b 1863 York, England d 1947
                  • Percival Batman b 1891 York, England d 1978 353822
  • James Dunn Bateman, b 1804 DE; m Margaret Elizabeth Roberts - Kate Weaver [anwagirl AT]
    • ​Elisha Summerfield, b 1838 Lee's Creek, Crawford, AR; m Marina Catherine Bush
      • ​William Andrew, b 1873; m Thedius Louisa Gardner
        • ​German Elisha, b 1899, Gallman, Copiah, MS; m Gladys Lee Funderburke B-4 46549
  • Samuel M. Bateman, b 1816, m Margaret A. Turnbow - Jeanne Creel [jcreel32001 AT] 
    • ​George W. Bateman, b Jan 5, 1850, MS, d Aug 1, 1910, m Elizabeth ? 
      • ​Joseph W. Bateman, b Sep 16, 1880, MS, m Clara Britt 
        • ​George Henry Bateman, b Nov 5, 1900, MS, m Margaret Eulene Gilbert B-11 142960
  • Seth Phelps, b bef 1755, d 1823, Tyrrell Co., NC – Mark Bateman [PABateman AT]
    • ​Eby Phelps, b c 1785, NC, posted bastardy bond for Nancy Cooper Bateman
      • Edmond Bateman, b 26 Sep 1811, Tyrell Co. NC, m Elizabeth (Betsy) Ludford
        • ​Joseph Bateman, b 21 Mar 1845, Tyrrell Co., NC, m Frances Everett
          • ​James Henry Bateman, b 5 Jan 1880, Tyrrell Co., NC, m Mattie Virginia Swain 
            • ​Rodney Swain Bateman, b 12 Feb 1910, Tyrell Co., NC, m Evora Matilda Parisher B-13 170252
  • Jonathan Bateman,  – Hubert Williams [williams_hubert AT]
    • ​John Garvin Bateman
      • ​Esais Bateman
        • ​Johnathan C. Bateman, m Rachel Ann Yoakum
          • ​James Henry Bateman, m Elizabeth Stow B-15 169850 (Note: This Bateman ancestry is for B-15's maternal grandmother)



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