By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
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No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
Lineage 1
No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
Lineage Not Yet Assigned
No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
Lineage Not Yet Assigned
No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
Lineage Not Yet Assigned
No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
Lineage 1
*     Charles Edward Barker Sr  b.c. 1650, York Co, VA - [BILLB7]
o    Charles Edward Barker Jr.  b. 1675, St PeterÕs Par, New Kent Co, VA; m. Rebecca
¤     Charles Edward Barker III  b. 5 Mar 1703, New Kent Co, VA
*     John Barker  b. 1732, Hanover Co, VA; d.c. 1796, Washington Co, VA; m. Martha Snead
o    Thomas O. Barker  b.c. 1756, Bedford Co, VA; d. 14 Mar 1845, Washington Co, VA; m. Rebecca Gaddy
¤     John (Slim Jack) Barker  b.c. 1791, Wash. Co, VA; d. 7 Jul 1861, Scott Co, VA; m. Sarah Bays
*     Edmond Barker  b.c. 1820, Wash. Co, VA; d. 24 May 1872, Scott Co, VA; m. Sarah Lawson Wood
o    James William Barker  b. Washington Co, VA; d. 28 Dec 1938, Custer Co, OK; m. Martha Jane Barker
¤     Elisha McKinley Barker  b. 8 Sep 1893, Wash. Co, VA; d. 1 Jul 1961, Woods Co, OK; m. Ruby Louisa Branch  B-18
*     George Barker  b. 1730, Hanover Co. VA; d. 1788, Caswell Co, NC; m. Susanna Perkins, ca. 1757 – [Carolin JBH at]
o    George Washington Barker  b. Mar 1759, VA; m. Frances Ann Kerr, Caswell Co, NC
¤     George Barker  b. 23 Nov 1799; m1. Leah Ward, TN; m2. Martha Jouett, 1843, MO
*     Thomas Benton Barker  b. 13 Feb 1847, Newton Co, MO; m. Florence Love
o    James Barker  b. 25 Sep 1884, Barry Co, MO; m. Lula Belle Lane  154438
o    Martha Jane Barker  b. 5 Apr 1877, MO; m1. Blankenship; m2. Gallemore
o    George Isaac Barker  b. 20 Feb 1879, MO; m. Mary Louella Lane
o    Horace Barker  b. 15 Oct 1885; m. Louella Marshall
o    Clara Belle Barker  b. May 1887; m1. Brower, m2. Jesse Collorn
*     Artelia Elizabeth Barker  b. 30 Jul 1821, Maury Co, TN; m. James Williams
*     Ralph Alexander Barker  b. 18 Feb 1823
*     Elijah Barker  b. 15 Nov 1825; m. Charity Cowan
*     James Barker  b. 16 May 1827
*     Nancy Barker  b. 14 Jun 1829
*     George Barker  b. 21 Sep 1830
*     Mary Ann Barker  b. 1 Jan 1832, TN; m. William Christian
*     Margaret Parrelle Barker  b. 1836, TN
*     Ferbie Barker  b. Mar 1837; m. James Ratliff
*     Andrew Jackson Barker  b. 22 Nov 1844, Newton Co, MO; m. Sarah Mayfield
o    George Thomas Barker  b. 31 Oct 1870
o    Nannie Laura Barker  b. 9 Feb 1872
o    William Jackson Barker  b. 14 Jan 1875
o    John Millnor Barker  b. 12 Jan 1877
o    Stephen McDuffy Barker  b. 31 Jan 1881
o    Harry Granville Barker  b. 26 Oct 1890
¤     Mary Barker  b. 1784, Caswell Co, NC; m. John Brown
¤     David Barker  b. 1785, Caswell Co, NC
¤     William Barker  b. 1786, Caswell Co, NC
¤     Sarah Barker  b. 1788, Caswell Co, NC; m. James Rummage
¤     Alexander Barker  b. 17 Mar 1791 (?), Caswell Co, NC; m. Margaret Dodson
¤     Frances Barker  b. 17 Nov 1791 (?), Caswell Co, NC; m. Arthur H. Crawford
¤     Keziah Barker  b. 14 Dec 1794, Caswell Co, NC; m. Simeon Johnson
¤     Elizabeth Barker  b. 1798, Caswell Co, NC; m. James B. Baucom
¤     John Barker  b. 1800, Caswell Co, NC
¤     Lucinda Barker  b. 1804, NC; m. Solomon Harris
¤     James Barker  b. 1807, Caswell Co, NC; m. Nancy Mills
¤     Nancy Barker  b. 1820, Caswell Co, NC; m. William Rummage
Lineage 2
*     William Barker  b. 1730; d. 1770, Pittsylvania Co, VA; m. Prudence - jbarkerx [jbarkerx AT]
o    Stephen Barker  b. 31 Oct 1764, Pittsylvania Co, VA; d. 18 Dec 1815, Pittsylvania Co, VA; m. Patsy Reynolds
¤     Joseph Barker  b. 1808, Pittsylvania Co, VA; d. 1890, Person Co, NC; m. Elizabeth Baynes
*     James Edward Barker  b. 8 Aug 1840, VA; d. 17 May 1917, Caswell Co, NC; m. Susan Jane Farley
o    William Henry Barker  b. 4 Jul 1870; d. 1927, Caswell Co, NC; m. Laura Hunter Bray
¤     Allie Clarence Barker  b. 26 Sep 1902; d. 1970; m. Gurtha Strickland  B-32*
*     John Thomas Barker  b. 30 Aug 1855, Person Co, NC; d. 12 Apr 1921, Caswell Co, NC; m. Mary Ann Jones
o    Thomas Woody Barker  b. 13 Apr 1884, Person Co, NC; d. 19 Mar 1947, Caswell Co, NC; m. Mattie Lou Tulloh
¤     James Dailey Barker  b. 26 Sep 1907, Person Co, NC; d. Atlanta, Fulton, GA; m. Janie Mildred Jones  B-22*
* These are known 3rd cousins with a paper trail. Therefore, B-32 could be placed in a lineage even though he only had a 12-marker test.
*     Henry Barker  b.c. 1786, VA; d. 1823, Mercer Co, KY; m. Catherine Back -  Robert Lee Barker [bbarker75 AT]
o    William Barker  b.15 May 1813, Fayette Co, KY; d. 11 Feb 1895, Washington Co, KY; m. Serena M. Lawson
¤     John W. Barker  b. 11 Dec 1841, Mercer Co, KY; 13 Nov 1906, PeeWee Valley, Oldham Co, KY; m. Emily P. Sanders
*     William Sanders Barker  b. 25 Jan 1869, Camblesville, Taylor Co, KY; d. 9 Aug 1939, Auburn, Logan Co, KY; m. Ora Ellen Hunter
o    Henry Hunter Barker  b. 6 Sep 1897, Columbia, Adair Co, KY; d. 2 May 1961, Franklin Co, KY; m. Mary Frances Lee  B-1
Lineage 3
*     Captain John Barker  b. bef 1635, England; d. 1689, Charles City Co, VA; m. Letitia – Ronald John Barker [ron0729con AT]  
o    John Barker Jr.  b. bef 1635, England; d. bef 19 May 1714, Charles City Co, VA; m. Grace Busby, 1680, VA
¤     Josiah Barker  b. 1686; d. 1760; m. Faith Washington
*     John Barker  b. 1725; d. 1776-1777; m. Lucy Reeks or Wallace
o    John Barker  b. 1756; d. 1846; m. Polly Brooke
¤     Napoleon Barker  b. 1814; d. 1880; m. Sophronia C. Davis
*     John David Barker  b. 1840; d. 1919; m. Angeline H. Jones
o    John Lloyd Barker  b. 1878; d. 1928; m. Claudie Bertha Landers
¤     John L. Barker  b. 1911; d. 1972; m. Arturinia Claire Olivero  B-28
Lineage Not Yet Assigned
*     William Barker  b.c. 1755 or 1762; d. 1813; m. Elizabeth McDaniel; 1810, purchased land, Pittsylvania Co, VA – James Monroe Barker IV [tetterj AT] or [JMBCHB AT]
o    John Barker
o    Thomas Barker  b.c. 1766; m. Jemima (Barker?)
o    Joseph Herbert Barker  b.c. 1778, VA; d. 2 Nov 1857, Home Creek, Buchanan Co, VA
o    Allen Barker  b.c. 1784, VA; m. Isabell McDaniel
¤     James Madison Barker  b. 1809; m. Mary Anna McDaniel
*     James Monroe Barker I  b. 1844, VA; m. Elizabeth Roach
o    James Monroe Barker II  b. 1870, VA; m. Maggie Haley  B-11
o    Delilah Barker  b.c. 1786, VA; d.c. 1866, Surry Co, NC
o    Jeremiah Barker  b.b. 1790, VA; d.c. 1851, Surry Co, NC
o    Zerena ÒRenaÓ Barker  b.c. 1802, VA; d.a. 1850
*     John Barker  m. Grace Haslam, 1769, Duffield, Derbyshire, England – Suzanne Hardebeck [sshardebeck AT]
o    John Barker  b. 1771; m. Elizabeth Draper
¤     Elijah Barker  b. 1800; d. 1856, Derby; m. Ann Shorthouse
*     Samuel Barker  b. 1830, Derby; d. 1910, North England; m. Lydia M. J. Wood
o    George Barker  b. 1880, North England; d. 1957, Perry Co, OK; m. Fannie Sanders  B-27
*     Benjamin Barker  b. 1785, Mecklenburg Co, VA; d.c. 1850/60, Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. Judith Jones, c. 1822 – Teresa [1222sassyone AT]
o    Calissa Barker  b.c. 1823, Mecklenburg Co, VA; m. Ridout
o    Richard T. Barker  b.c. 1827, Mecklenburg Co, VA; d. 8 Jan 1864; m. Cissila Ann Jones
¤     Oscar Barker  m. Mary A. Jones
o    William Benjamin Barker  b. Oct 1832, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  d. 1913, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  m. Amanda Cleaton
¤     Mary J. Barker  b. 1859, Mecklenburg, VA;  m. John Alfred Springfield, May, 1883, Dinwiddie Co, VA
¤     Sarah or Sallie E. Barker  b.c. 1859/60, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  m. William Holt Dabney, Dinwiddie Co, VA
¤     Andrew Barker  b. 1863, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  d.a. 1880
¤     George Benjamin Barker  b. 22 Dec 1863, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  d. 1947, Church Road, Dinwiddie Co, VA; m. Agnes Mary Eleanor Springfield
*     Hattie Barker  b. Sep 1883, Namozine, Dinwiddie Co, VA;  d. 1948, Church Road, Dinwiddie Co, VA; m. Lit Maitland
*     Edmonia Barker  b. Oct 1894, Namozine, Dinwiddie Co, VA;  d.c. 1998, Church Road, Dinwiddie Co, VA; m. Ira Lee Brooks
*     William Samuel Barker  b. Aug 1894, Namozine, Dinwiddie Co, VA;  d. May 1971, Church Road, Dinwiddie Co, VA; m. Ethel Talmadge Elizabeth Thomasson
*     George Benjamin Barker  b. Feb 1897, Namozine, Dinwiddie Co, VA; d. Aug 1987, Church Road, Dinwiddie Co, VA  174460
¤     Julia Barker  b. Sep 1871, Mecklenburg Co, VA
¤     Robert Henry Barker  b. Mar 1879, Mecklenburg Co, VA;  d. 15 Jul 1957; m. Susie Elizabeth Palmer
*     Robert Lee Barker  b. Jan 1904; d. Apr 1981, Petersburg City, VA; never married
*     Maude G. Barker  b. Jan 1905; d. Aug 1985, Waverly, Sussex Co, VA
*     John E. Barker  b. Jun 1907; d. Mar 1968, Dinwiddie Co, VA
*     Lester L. Barker  b. Oct 1908; d. Jul 1960, VA
*     Susie E. Barker  b. Dec 1909; d. Jul 1998, Chapel Hill, Orange, NC
*     Linda C. V. Barker  b. 1912; d. 1960, VA
Lineage Not Yet Assigned
No pedigrees have been submitted by the members of this group.
*     Samuel Barker  b. 1648, Claverly Church, Salop, England – Norm Sechrest [aj532j AT]  
o    Richard Barker  b. 1715; d. 1765; m. Ruth Allerton
¤     John Barker  b. 1735; d. 1800; m. Abigail Scott
¤     William Barker  b. 1745; d. 1770; m. Hannah Fithian
¤     Samuel Barker  b. 1750, England; d. 1777; m. Mary Fithian
¤     Isaac Barker  b. 1755; m. Phebe Tomlinson
¤     Mary Barker  b. 1755; m. Lewis Mulford Jr.
¤     Richard Barker  b. 1756; d. 1795; m. Mary Scott
o    William? Barker  b. 1716; m. Elizabeth? Gregory
o    Ephraim Barker  b. 1720; m. Hannah Grove
o    John Barker  b. 1725, NJ; m. Esther Wade
¤     John Barker Jr  b. 1746, NJ;  d. 1818;  m1. Mary Nelson, m2. Mary Cox
¤     Wade B. Barker  b. 1751, Hopewell, Mercer Co, NJ; m1. Hannah Stretch, m2. Phebe Sheppard, m3. Hannay Fullerton, m4. Hannah Sears
*     John G. Barker  b. ?; d.c. 1849/50, Niagara Co, NY; m. Lucetta Lusk Dunwell – Leslie Thomas [aeriehollow AT]  
o    Charles Rollin Barker  b. 9 Jul 1847, Troy, Rensselear Co, NY; d. 14 Jul 1915, Chicago, Cook Co, IL; m. Harriett Elizabeth Ely 
¤     Evangeline Dunwell Barker  b. 13 Oct 1877, WI; d. 24 Mar 1842, Cook Co, IL; m. John Louis Guthrie
¤     Charles Ely Barker  b. 1880, Cook Co, IL; d. 1953
¤     Agnes Julia Barker  b. 1888, Cook Co, IL; d. 1963
o     Morris Lusk Barker  b. 13 Feb 1848, Newark, Wayne Co, NY; d. 1 Oct 1922, Adams Co, IL; m. Ella E. VanNorman
¤     Ray Coleman Barker  b. 21 Jun 1889, St. Cloud, Stearns Co, MN; d. 29 Jan 1936, Cook Co, IL; m. Edith Mary Thomas
¤     Roy Morris Barker  b. 1890, Sauk Center, Stearns Co, MN; d. 17 Nov 1927, Cook Co, IL; never married
¤     Will Sherman Barker  b. 30 Mar 1893, Cook Co, IL;  d. Unk