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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
  • William Bancroft b c1453 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England - Gordo
    • William Bancroft b c1500 Chellaaston, Derbyshire, England m Anne
      • John Bancroft b c1520 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England m Margaret Hollingsworth
        • Rauffe (Ralph) Bancroft b c1574 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England d c1616 m Alys (Alice)
          • Thomas Bancroft b c1570 Warston-on-Trent, Derbyshire, England d 13 Oct 1626 m1 Johanna Froggart m2 Rebecca Errington
            • John Bancroft b c1592 Swarkestone, Derbyshire, England d 9 Nov 1637 Lynn, MA m Jane Bonython
              • Thomas Bancroft b 1622 Derbyshire, England d 1691 Reading, MA m1 A. Bacon m2 E. Metcalf m3 M. Wright
                • Thomas Bancroft b 14 Jul 1649 Dedham, MA d 12 Jun 1718 m Sarah Poole
                  • Thomas Bancroft b 1673 Reading, MA d 1731 m Elizabeth Webster - Ned Bancroft [nbancroft AT]
                    • Thomas Bancroft b 1696 Reading, MA d 1783 m Lydia Dean
                      • Lt. Joseph Bancroft b 1735 Reading, MA d 1825 m Elizabeth Temple
                        • Joseph Bancroft b 1762 Reading, MA d 1832 m Abigail Upton
                          • Joseph Bancroft b 1801 Reading, MA d 1868 m Mahala Foss
                            • Lewis M. Bancroft b 1851 Reading, MA d 1923 m Anna Boyce Black
                              • Clinton Lewis Bancroft b 1876 Reading, MA d 1949 m Ruth Duthie Beckford
                  • Samuel Bancroft b Dec 1693 Reading, MA d Aug 1764 m1 S. Lampson m2 S. Leathe m3 M. Fitch
                    • Samuel Bancroft b Jul 1715 Reading, MA d Nov 1782 m Lydia Parker
                      • Samuel Bancroft b Jul 1736 Reading, MA d Aug 1812 m Sarah Holt
                        • Willaim Bancroft b Feb 1769 Nova Scotia, CAN d c1860 NY m A. Burnap
                          • Cyrus Bancroft b 1804 MA d c1856 m1 R. Evans m2 S. Simonds
                            • Ambrose Bancroft b 1832 MA d 1910 m C. A. Hunt         
  • William Bancroft, b 1500 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England, d 1557 - Lee Jones [leegjones AT]
    • John Bancroft, b 1521 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England, d 1557 m Margaret Hollingsworth
      • Ralph Bancroft, b 1547 Chellaston, Derbyshire, England, d 1611, Swarkton, Derbyshire, England m Alice
        • Thomas Bancroft, b 1570 Derbyshire, England, d 13 Oct 1626 m Rebecca Errington
          • John Bancroft, b 1592 Derby, Derbyshire, England, d 1637 South Hampton, NY m Jane
            • Ephriam Bancroft, b 15 Jun 1656 Windsor, CT, d 17 Oct 1727 Windsor, CT m Sarah Stiles
              • Thomas Bancroft, b 14 Dec 1703 Windsor, CT, d 1779 Windsor, CT m Martha Thompson
                • John Bancroft, b 1733 Windsor, CT, d 1800 Santic, CT m Ann Phelps
                  • John Bancroft, b 12 Oct 1767 CT m Penelope Heath
                    • Caleb Jones Bancroft, b 1805 m Chloe Wolcott
                      • Frederick Jones Bancroft, b 1834 CT, d 1903  m Mary C.
                        • Frederic Wolcott Bancroft, b Jul 1880 CO, d Apr 1963 NY m Dorothy Wandel 85963
  • Thomas Bancroft b c1623 England m Elizabeth Metcalf - Kathy Stewart-Longhurst [pklonghurst AT]
    • Thomas Bancroft b 1649 Dedham, Norfolk Co., MA m Sarah Poole
      • Thomas Bancroft b 1673 Reading, Middlesex Co., MA m Mary Webster
        • Thomas Bancroft m Lydia Emery
          • Moses Bancroft m Mary Wiley
        • Benjamin b 1701 Reading, Middlesex Co., MA m Anna Lawrence - gmapatty [LOTSAROCK AT]
          • Benjamin b 1724 Charlestown, Suffolk Co., MA m Alice Tarbell
            • Samuel Parker b 1764 Groton, Middlesex Co., MA m Azubah Parker
              • Samuel Prescott b 1789 Pepperell, Middlesex Co., MA m1 Hannah Shattuck m2 Hannah Emma Parker
                • Samuel Parker b 1840 Pepperell, Middlesex Co., MA m Mary Elizabeth Foster
                  • Frederick Sherman b 1866 Middlesex Co., MA m Lulu Grace Smith Gilson
                    • Lloyd Englewood b 1894 Middlesex Co., MA m Catherine E. Straitiff  129252
  • William R. Bancroft b 6 Feb 1769 Nova Scotia, Canada m Sally Wood - Donna Green [redhouse06 AT]
    • William F. Bancroft b 10 Oct 1814 Scipio, NY m Cornelia Morgan
      • George W. Bancroft b 15 Feb 1858 Scipio, NY m Kittie Hussey
        • William H. Bancroft b 2 Dec 1883 Ledyard, NY m Emma Fowler
  • Robert Bancroft b 1839 Lancashire, England d  1925 Philadelphia, PA m Annis Saxon - threadancer
    • Martha Bancroft b 1861 Lancashire, England
    • George Bancroft b 1863 Philadelphia, PA, d 1870 Philadelphia, PA
    • Robert Bancroft Jr, b 1865 Philadelphia, PA, d 1941 Philadelphia, PA m Hannah Anderson
      • Howard John Anderson b 1894 Philadelphia, PA, d 1974 Philadelphia, PA m Helen Mary Campbell
    • Albert Bancroft b 1869 Philadelphia, PA, d 1954 Moorestown, NJ m Laura V Anderson
      • Walter Bancroft b 1895 Philadelphia, PA, d 1951 Philadelphia, PA m Kabe
      • Albert Bancroft Jr. b 1897 Philadelphia, PA, d 1916 Philadelphia, PA
    • Louisa S Bancroft b 1876 Philadelphia, PA 57366

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