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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Bacon b c1454 England d 1500 m Agnes Cockfield - Gary Bacon [gary AT]
    • Thomas Bacon b c1480 England d 28 Feb 1535 Helmingham, Suffolk, England m Johan Wade
      • John Bacon b 1507-1509 d 1557 Helmingham, Suffolk, England m Margaret
        • Michael Bacon b 1535 Helmingham, England d 25 Mar 1615 England m1 Elizabeth Wylie m2 Grace Bloweres - Frank Bacon [fmbacon AT]
          • Michael Bacon b 6 Dec 1579 Winston, Suffolkshire, England d 18 Apr 1648 Dedham, MA m Alice
            • Michael Bacon III b c1608 England d 4 July 1688 Woburn, MA m1 Mary m2 Mary Richardson m3 Mary Haynes
              • Michael Bacon IV b Feb 1639 Winston, England d 13 Aug in Billerica, MA m Sarah Richardson
                • Michael Bacon V b c1670 MA d 1723 Berkeley, SC m Joanna Way
                  • Joseph Bacon b c1705 Dorchester, SC d 1764 St. John's Parish, GA m1 unknown m2 Rebecca Baker m3 Marsey Baker
                    • Thomas Bacon b 1747 Dorchester, SC d 26 Jan 1812 Liberty Co., GA m1 Catherine Winn m2 Sarah Baker m3 Martha Wheeler
                      • Thomas Bacon Jr. b 7 Sep 1775 Liberty Co., GA d 23 Oct 1834 Philadelphia, PA m1 unknown m2 Elizabeth Sumner m3 Sarah Holcombe
                        • Robert James Bacon b 6 Dec 1830 Liberty Co., GA d 5 Jun 1907 Mitchell Co., GA m1 Mary Isabelle Walton m2 Elizabeth Thornton Browne
                          • R. J. Bacon b 24 Oct 1880 Albany, GA d 18 Oct 1946 Albany, GA m1 Lucia Jackson m2 Carrie Harden 164782
            • Daniel Bacon b 1615 England d 7 Sep 1691 Newton, MS m Mary Read
              • Jacob Bacon b b 2 Jun 1654 Newton, MS d 5 Jun 1709 Newton, MS m Elizabeth Knight
                • John Bacon b 27 Feb 1683 Watertown, Newton, MS d 19 Feb 1741 Canterbury, CT m Marcy Foster
                  • Jacob Bacon b 20 Apr 1714 Norwich, CT d Sunderland, VT m Prisilla Richmond
                    • Joseph Bacon b 1757 d 11 May 1823 Sunderland, Bennington Co., VT
                      • Joseph S. Bacon b c1797 New York d 27 Aug 1885 Sauk Co., WI m Rebecca Sweeney
                        • Lafayette Washington Bacon b 1 Jan 1834 Northwest, Erie Co., PA d 26 Mar 1913 Redondo Beach, CA m Jeanette Angeline Sweeney
                          • Charles Arthur Bacon b 23 Mar 1861 Denver, CO territory d 29 Mar 1936 Los Angeles, CA m Mercy Harrington Simmons
                            • Thomas Lafayette Bacon b 7 Oct 1881 Denver, CO d 19 Sep 1966 Chico, CA m Mary Amelia Swift N97555
  • Captain Edmund Bacon, 1641, London, Middlessex, England, Anne Lyddall - Bobby J (Bacon) Cox [researcher126 AT]
    • ​John Bacon, 1683, New Kent County, Virginia, Susanna Parks
      • ​Colonel Lyddall L. Bacon, 1717 St. Peters Parish, Virginia, Mary Allen
        • ​Captain Drury Allen Bacon, 4 December 1765, Virginia, Polly Stokes
          • ​Captain Allen Stokes Bacon, 22 May 1787, Merklenburg County Virginia, Elizabeth Jackson
            • ​Josiah J. Bacon, 1811, Tennessee, Mary “Polly” Toliver,
              • ​John Harrison Bacon, 14 January 1847, Roane County Tennessee, Lucinda Breeding,
                • ​Charles Arthur Bacon, 10 August 1881, Ferris, Dallas County, Texas Ocie Belle Stone,
                  • ​Ernest Hale Bacon, 16 May 1914, Collin County Texas, Bessie Mae Clayton 301329  286579
  • Martin Bacon b 1716 Baltimore, MD d 1772 m Mary Watson - Melinda Cullen [Mallenrn AT; AlmedaMartin AT]
    • John Bacon b 1743 Baltimore, MD d 1784 m Temperance Hunt
      • Martin Bacon b 1776 Baltimore, MD d 1858 m Elizabeth Lynch
        • William L. Bacon b 1820 Baltimore, MD d 1866 m Martha Green
          • Joshua Royston Bacon b 1858 Baltimore, MD m 1883 m Ella Harris
            • Eva Bacon b 1881 Baltimore, MD d 1965 m Louis William Leight
              • Thelma Bacon Leight b 1902 Baltimore, MD d 1975 m Martin Alyosius Cullen 206155
  • Lydall Bacon b 1790 VA m Mary Elizabeth Cooke - Darwin Dee Bacon []
    • Langston Bacon b 1819 GA m Mary Caroline Griffin
      • Rial B. Bacon b 1852 GA m Mary Matilda Newsom
        • Charles Wilson Bacon b 5 Jul 1875 Franklin Co., TX m Mattie Rebecca Hawkins
          • Alton Lee Bacon b 5 Jan 1905 Franklin Co., TX m Minnie Sarah Castle 202822
  • William Samuel Bacon b c1838 Frankfort, KY m Susan Francis Conner - Warwick Knight [martybacon AT]
    • Sophia 1874
    • Henry  1876
    • Robert Samuel Bacon, b 1864 Boonville, MO m Catherine H Boellert
      • Edmond/Edmund b 1905 WA
      • Giles  b 1906  WA
      • Kathryn Frances b 1907 ID
      • Robert Henry Bacon  b 1900 St. John, WA m Leta Symms B-1 40703
  • Robert Stillwell Bacon b 1905 Quincy IL, m Venetia Danner - Richard Bacon [richabac2 AT] B-4 42545

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