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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


  • John Askew d 1720 m Sarah New Kent  Va. - Robert C. [askewquest AT]
    • John   b 1705 m 1723 Anne Strange  d Lunenberg Va 1780
      • Daniel  b 1735  Brunswick Va m Rachael  d Patrick Va 1815
        • Amos  b 1760 Halifax Va m Prudence  d 1849 Fayette Ind (name change to Eskew)
          • Drury  b 1791 Halifax Va m Nancy Silvey 1817  d 1863 Fayette Ind
            • Amos Howel b 1821 m Mary Thomas d 1902 Hamilton Ind
              • James Howel b 1843 m Sarah Gilpin d 1905 Ham Ind
                • Francis Marion  b 1876 m Dora Brown d 1957 Ham Ind
                  • Chester Marion b 1910 m Carol Ankerman Hillsborough Fla
                  • kit # 78520
  • Benjamin Askew/Eskew  b c1775 Eng d 1843 Wilson Co TN m Nancy - seskew
    • Wiley D. Eskew b 1813 Wilson Co TN d 1884 Caldwell Co KY m Minerva C. Van Hooser
      • Andrew Jackson Eskew b 1842 Wilson Co TN d 1909 Crittenden Co KY m Nancy Caroline Van Hooser
        • Andrew Peyton Eskew b 1882 Caldwell Co KY d 1944 Crittenden Co KY m Harriet Elizabeth Canada - kit # N52049
  • James Tilmon Askew, b 1778 NC, m Nancy Murray Walton - pmorrow [pmorrow AT]
    • George Christian Askew, b 1809 NC, m Sarah Harrison Lusk
      • Mary Jane Askew, b 1853 NC, m George Pinkney Morrow
  • Benjamin F. Askew b 1747 NC m Susannah - Margarette Stout [danmar2579 AT]
    • John 1789 m Elizabeth King
      • James Edward b 1819 NC m Sarah Goolsby
        • James Henry b 1858 AR m Sarah Lewis
          • Mary Helen b 1893 m George Kitchens
  • Aaron b 1789 NC m Elizabeth - snrashford [snrashford AT]
    • Thomas b 1814 TN n Elizabeth Blassingane
      • William Quinton b 1838 MO m 1. Martha Stutts 2. Martha Barnwell
        • William Thomas b 1859 AL
          • Thanie b 1882 TN
  • Henry Askew, d 1822 GA m Mary Sandifer Jefferson Co., GA -  []
    • Henry James Askew, b 1821 GA   d 1890 Webster Co., GA  m Elizabeth Dykes
      • John Dykes Askew, b 1847 Webster Co., GA  d 1916 TX  m Fannie Butler
        • James Daniel Askew, b 1882 Anderson Co. TX  d 1960 Dallas, TX  m Bertha Ruth Vandivere  kit # 50724 

Click here to find out how to add your pedigree or contact a pedigree provider.

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