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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Thomas Arthur b c1735 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland d c1780 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland m Janet Arthur - Dee Snook [deesgenes1 AT]
    • William Arthur bap 1756 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland m Nelly White
      • Thomas Arthur b 1780 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland m Janet Baillie
        • John Arthur b 1806 Auchtermuchty, Fife, Scotland d 1886 Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada m Mary Ann Sutton
          • Thomas William Arthur bap 1841 New Brunswick, Canada d 1910 Halifax, Nova Scotia m Clarissa Oxley Morris
            • William Blackburn Arthur b 1867 Halifax, Nova Scotia m Elizabeth Mary Willis
              • Harold Franklyn Arthur b 1896 Halifax, Nova Scotia d 1966 m Mary Camilla Glassey 267726
            • Alexander StClair Arthur b 1877 Halifax, Nova Scotia d 1962 Massapequa, Nassau Co., NY m Bessie Grace Hutt
              • Charles Earl Arthur b 1913 Halifax, Nova Scotia d 1985 Deltona, Volusia Co., FL 249529
  • John Arthurs (Arthur, Arters, Arter, Artis) b. 1756 England, d 1848, Bedford, PA m Eve Bowser - Clare Peden Midgley []
    • John Arthurs b 1793 Westmoreland, PA d 1876 Cambria, PA m Mary Oren
      • Eve Arthurs b 1826 Bedford, PA d 1913 m John Peden 90291
  • William Arthur  b 1770 Harrison Co, VA/WV  d 1832 m Mary Friend - Ann Newell [newella AT]
    • James Arthur b 1819 Webster Co, WV d 1898  m Mariah Adkisson
      • John A. Arthur  b 1849 Fayette Co, WV  d 1926  m  Martha Criss
        • Christopher Columbus Arthur  b 1875 Calhoun Co, WV  d 1957  m Martha Villers
          • Louie David Arthur  b 1902 Calhoun Co, WV  d 1974  m Nellie Boice A-10 74256
  •   William (Arters) Arthur  b 1770  m Mary "Polly" Davidson Friend - Abbottschild [McNab2000 AT] 
    • Friend Davidson Arthur  b 1805  d 1880  m Jane Taylor 
      • Christopher Columbus Arthur  b 1837  d 1911 m Mary Ann Clark   
        • Josephine V Arthur   b 1861 m Henan Canterbury 
        • Sara C Arthur   b 1864 m Henry B. Blagg
        • William Sherman Arthur  b 1867 d 1938  m Ella R. Cooper   
          • Paul Sherman Arthur   b 1898  d 1962  m Virginia Salmon
          • William Curtis Arthur   b 1899  d 1967 m Sylvia ?
          • Mary Jane Arthur   b 1902  d  1978  m Charles Clyde Cook
        • Estella Ann Arthur   b 1876   d 1955 100096
  • William ARTHUR, b. 1770 Mifflin, PA, m Mary FRIEND 1802, Harrison Co., VA - J. Steve Arthur [jstevearthur AT]
    • James Anderson ARTHUR, b. 1819 Webster Springs, VA, m Mariah Jane AKISSON 1841, Pocahontas Co., VA
      • William Cain ARTHUR, b. 1843 Fayette Co., VA, m Elizabeth YOUNG 1868, Roane Co., WV
        • James Willis ARTHUR, b. 1879 Kanawha Co., WV, m Effie Lee LOWE 1904, Kanawha Co., WV
          • James Willis ARTHUR, Jr., b. 1918 Charleston, Kanawha Co., WV, m Betty Lee LEKAS 1939  306787
  • John McArthur b 1779 Dunblane Perthshire Scotland m. Elizabeth Meiklejohn (link not proven) - I. D. McArthur [idmc AT]
    • Peter McArthur b. 1824 Dunblane Perthshire Scot. m.Christina Bennett
      • John McArthur b. 1848 Doune Perthshire Scotland m. Agnes McLeod
        • Donald McArthur b. 1876 Ararat Australia m. May Burgess
          • Alan John McArthur b.1907 Wellington N.Z. m. Maisie Isabella Taucher A-9 72086
  • Benjamin Arthur,  b.27 Apr 1785, m.Sarah Terrell - Frederick Jamison (Bixby) [fjamison AT]
    • Pleasant Arthur, b 15 Apr 1785, m.Agness Timberlake
      • Edwin Arthur,  b 2 Feb 1821,  m. Ann Larkin
        • John Larkin Arthur,  b c4 Feb 1869,  m. Letteice Ann Denny
          • Orlando F. Arthur,  b 14 Feb 1884, m.Pearl L. White
            • Mary L. Arthur,  b.28 May 1915, m. Henry D. Bixby N53913
    • Zebulen Baldwin, b. 29 Feb 1796 - Patty Bent []
      • m1. Nancy Bybee
        • John Pleasant, b. 4 Apr 1827 Bedford, VA m. Mary Elizabeth Farmer
          • James Alfred, b. 18 Dec 1857, m. Marcella Morris
      • m2. Ballew, Sarah (after marrying, moved to TN)
  • Edwin Augustus McArthur, b. c1812 CT, m. Mary Ann Leonard - duxbellum [caerlon AT]
    • George Amidy McArthur, b. 1866 OH, m. Minnie Louise Jordan
      • Walter Duncan McArthur, b. 1892, m. Ruth Erskine A-4 49179
  • Joseph Arthurs b. c1819 Ireland. d. Sep. 4, 1874 New Brunswick, Canada. m Jane ? - William Arthurs [barthurs AT]
    • William Christie Arthurs. b. Nov. 6, 1842 New Brunswick. d. Mar. 6, 1923 NB. m J. Margaret Long
      • Joseph Arthurs. b. Mar. 15, 1865 Acamac, St. John Co., NB. d. Nov. 7, 1956  m Christina Haynes
        • John William Arthurs. b. May 1, 1907 Acamac, St. John Co., NB. d. Apr. 23, 1992  m. Vera Beatrice Titus 80939
  • John Arthur, b. 1820 KY, d. before 1870 - Carolann Arthur [carthur AT]
    • Stephen Douglas Arthur, b. 1860 IN, m. Emily Amanda Cooper
      • Freelen Wesley Arthur, b. 1885 MO, m. Olga Irene Bell
        • Lester Woodville Arthur, b. 1908 AL, m. Mabel Claire Burnett A-7 61641
  • William Arthur b 1823 Ellen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland m Jannet White - Thomas Arthur [trarthur AT]
    • William W. Arthur b 1851 Ellen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland m Laura Jane Patchen
      • Ythan G. Arthur b 1877 Ashtabula, OH m Margaret Smith
        • Alfred Arthur b 1905 Cleveland, OH m Ann Bergel 267745
  • Samuel Arthur b. 3 Sept. 1831 in IN; m. Sarah Jane Graves 4 Dec. 1851 in Morgan Co IL; d. 22 Aug 1898 in Lane, DeWitt Co IL - Barbara Arthur LeRoy [roots1620 AT]
    • James W. Arthur b. 3 Oct 1858 in Manchester, Scott Co IL; m. Minnie Elizabeth Lane 5 Nov 1893 in Logan Co IL; d. 31 Mar 1917
      • Ralph Lane Arthur b. 25 Sept. 1894 in Lincoln, Logan Co IL; m. Ruby Katherine Weaver 23 Apr. 1916 in Lincoln, Logan Co IL; d.23 Jul 1979 in Urbana, Champaign Co IL
        • Evan Wayne Arthur b. 21 Feb 1917 in Lincoln, Logan Co IL; m1 Frances Louise Blome 8 Aug 1940 in Kenney, DeWitt Co IL; m2 Eleanor Jackson ca. 1960; m3 Frances ; d. 4 Aug 1983 in Oklahoma City, OK 202382
  • John Arthur b. abt 1689, Cornwall, UK, m. Cathering Billing - [bdarling AT]
    • John Arthur b. 23 Jun 1735, Cornwall, UK, m. Judith Pellew
      • John Arthur b. 1759, Cornwall, UK, m. Dorothy Stephens
        • Edward Pellew Arthur b 1802, Cornwall, UK, m Frances Rosetta Reid Robson
          • Edward Pellew Arthur b. 12 Jan 1839 Lancashire, Eng. m.(1) Sarah Morris 1848, (2) Louisa C. W. Barrett 1899
            • Charles Carter Arthur b. 5 Jan 1902, Cripple Creek, CO, m Blanche M. Marvin A-8 49534

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Thomas Barnabus Arthur  b  c1680 Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Ireland   m. Anne Moore - Kate Reed [morley AT]
    • John Arthur Sr. b 1707-1709 Cullybackey, Co. Antrim, Ireland  m. Rebecca (last name unknown)
      • Thomas Arthur  b 1730 Prince George Co., VA  m. Rebecca Jenny
        • Joel Arthur  b 1761 Goose Creek, Bedford Co., VA  m. Nancy Jenkins Chandler
          • Lewis Arthur  b Mar 1801 Greenbrier Co., VA  m. Melinda Flemming
            • Joel Joseph Arthur  b 1826  d 1884  m. Matilda Melinda Mault
              • James Thornton Arthur b 22 Apr 1853 Pinkerman, Scioto Co, OH  m. Eliza Jane Monroe
                • Milton Ellsworth Arthur b 10 Sept 1875 Scioto Co., OH  m. Ella Pilgrim Burns
  • Joel Arthur, b. 1760 Goose Creek, VA, m. Nancy Chandler - plycoupe [ctrpt2002 AT]
    • Nimrod Arthur, b. 1789 Bedford, VA m. Nancy Parrish
      • John K Arthur, b. 1817 Bedford, VA, m. Susan Ann Toler
        • Chesley Arthur, b. 9 Oct 1839 Wayne, KY, m. Mary Ann New
          • William Thomas Arthurb. 26 Nov 1869 Wayne, KY, m. Etta Elizabeth Thomas
  • William Arters/Arthur  b 1770 Harrison Co, VA  d 1832 m Mary "Polly" Davisson Friend - padrake [padrake AT]
    • James Arters/Arthur  b 1819  m Mariah Jane Adkisson
      • Daniel Davisson Arthur b 1848 Calhoun Co, VA  d 1939  m Louisa Almirah Saurborn
        • Icey Dora Arthur b 1875 Clahoun Co, WV  d 1962 m Eli Carrington Drake ,Sr.
  • Thomas McArthur, b 1843, Ireland, m Catherine Wixon - keithmc [kcmac52 AT]
    • John McArthur, b 1886, Stanford, NY, m Minnie Speed
  • Rev. William Arthur b c1854-1857 UK m Ruth Woodhams - Louis [louisarthur4 AT]
    • Charles Arthur b 1906 at sea, registered at Cape Town, South Africa

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