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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • Antonio Acosta b. c1735 Aguimes, Canary Islands m. Damania Perrera - Brian Acosta [brianacosta AT]
    • Andrea b. c1760 Canary Islands
    • Maria b. c1763 Canary Islands
    • Lorenzo b  c1764 Canary Islands
    • Domingo b. c1765 Canary Islands
    • Francisco b. c1768 Canary Islands
    • Blas b. c1770  Canary Islands, m. Maria Manuela Placencia
      • Lorenzo b. c1791 Ascension Parish, Louisiana, m. Maria Ramirez
        • Andre b. 1810 Assumption Parish, Louisiana
        • Pierre Leon b. 1815 Assumption Parish, Louisiana
        • Paul Eugene b. 1816 Assumption Parish, Louisiana
        • Marie Marguerite b. 1819 Assumption Parish, Louisiana
        • Antoine b. 1825 Assumption Parish, Louisiana, m. Marie Diaz
          • Manuel b. 1853 Assumption Parish, Louisiana m. Catherine Gonzales
            • Leontine b. 1885 Plattenville, Louisiana
            • Faustin b. 1889 Plattenville, Louisiana
            • Numa Aurelien b. 1891 Plattenville, Louisiana m. Victoria Maude Acosta
          • Marguerite born ? Assumption Parish, Louisiana
      • Antoine b. c1796 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Melchorra b. c1798 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Jeanne b. c1799 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Manuel b. c1802 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Jean Joseph b. c1805 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Therese b. c1808 Ascension Parish, Louisiana
      • Cristaval Leon b. c1814 Ascension Parish, Louisiana A-1 70763
  • Josef Acosta b 1760-70 Spain m Manuela Chavez - Alvaro Acosta [aacosta8562 AT]
    • Juan Acosta Chavez b 1796 Rosales, Chihuahua, Mexico d 1845 m Tiburcia Ortiz Sanchez
      • Jose Dolores Pedro Celestino Acosta Ortiz b 29 May 1842 Rosales, Chihuahua, Mexico m Panfila Pereda
        • Jose Alejo Elias Acosta Pereda b 16 Jul 1869 Rosales, Chihuahua, Mexico m Balvanera Anchondo Zubiran
          • Elias Acosta Anchondo b 1898 Chihuahua, Mexico m Virginia Beltran del Rio Fierro 164743
  • Juan de Acosta de Vera b 1767 Fuertaventura, Canary Islands - Ralph Acosta [roya1 AT]
    • Sebastian Acosta b 1785 English Turn Terre-aux-Boeuf
    • Manuela Antonia Acosta b 1789 St. Bernard, LA
    • Antonia Acosta b 1791
    • Roque "Roc" Acosta b 1792 St. Bernard, LA
      • Maria Rufina Bernarda Acosta
      • Joseph Acosta b 1820
      • Antoinette Acosta b 1822
      • Antonia Florentia Acosta b 1822
      • Antonio Evarista Acosta b 1823
        • Marie Feliciana Acosta b 1850
      • Maria Josepha Acosta b 1827
      • Vincente Rogue Acosta b 1828
        • Arthur Acosta b 1854
        • Alcide Acosta b c1855
        • Gustave Acosta b c1856
        • Octave Acosta b c1856
        • Marie Acosta b 1858
        • Eliza Acosta b 1863
        • Pauline Acosta b 1865
        • Victor Roque Acosta b 1868
        • Felix Acosta b 1870
        • Felicy Acosta b 1871
      • Francoise Acosta b 1832
      • Carnella Acosta b c1835
      • Carmella Acosta b 1837 St. Bernard, LA
    • Bernarda Acosta b 1794
    • Lorenzo Acosta b 1797 Puerto Rico
  • Francisco Acosta b c1860-1900 Puerto Rico m Dominga Suarez - F. Acosta [jmacosta AT] A-3 118101
  • Antonio Acosta-Millan b 1871 Utuado (?), Puerto Rico m Maria C. Toledo-Moralez - Ulises Acosta [uriolc AT]
    • Felix N. Acosta-Toledo b 1910 Utuado, Puerto Rico m Otilia Toledo-Colon 200425

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