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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Ackerman, Aukerman

  • Johannes Georg Ackermann, b. c1670, Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m. Maria Rosina - paulrack [paulrackerman AT]
    • Johann, b. 9-18-1701. Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m. Margaretha
      • Franz Peter, b. 7-7-1728, Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m Johanna Weuter
        • Johann, b. 2-23-1767, Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m. Julian Schell
          • Johann Adam, b. 12-30-1795, Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m. Wallburga Muth
            • Franz Alois, b. 12-17-1832, Kirchhausen, Wuertemberg, Germany, m. Cristina Krieger
              • Julius Felix, b. 2-19-1877, Ottawa, Illinois, m. Emma Louise Hopfensack
                • Arthus Julius, b. 10-30-1908, Congress Park, Illinois, m. Marian Ardelle Wilcox A-2 N15325
  • Andrew Antoine Ackerman, b Beerwalde Saxony Germany 02/23/1801, d 07/17/1882 IL - valady1958 [valady1958 AT]
    • Michael Ackerman, b Sachsen Altenburg Germany 01/05/1831, d 11/1901 MO
  • John Aukerman, b. 14 Nov  1806 PA, m. Mary Roseborough - danellauk [danellauk AT]
    • John William Aukerman, b. 04 May 1863 IN, m. Ida Elva Tambling
      • Lyle Tambling Aukerman, b. 20 May  1903 NE; m. Zenobia Ward AX-1
  • John P. Ackerman, b.1829 Wuertemburg, Germany, m. Caroline Hartman - Donna Ackerman [donna236 AT]
    • George G. Ackerman, b.1863 d.1947 Iowa  m. Emma Muhl
      • Walter Washington Ackerman, b. 1892, m. Helena Elisabeth Fey
  • Samuel Ackerman b c1854 Hungary m Ella Lebovitz - Ellen Shindelman Kowitt [grapevynwest AT]
    • Marton Ackerman b 26 Dec 1874 Hungary m Tilda Weiss
    • Morris/Moshe/Martin Ackerman b 2 Feb 1888 Kiralyhaza, Hungary m S. Stein
    • Jacob/Yakov Ackerman b 27 May 1890 Hungary m Emma S. Rosenfeld
    • Louis/Lieb Ackerman b 10 May 1894 Hungary m Rose Weinberger
  • Jack Ackerman m Sarah - mingum []
    • Paul Ackerman b 21 Nov 1904 Brooklyn, NY d 2 Oct 1955 Bronx, NY m Dorothy Millman
    • Sidney Ackerman m Beatrice N65015


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