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Welcome to the Yarbrough DNA Project!

For many years, it was believed that most, if not all, Yarbroughs were descended from Richard Yarborough, b. 1615 in England, d. 1702, in Virginia.  Richard,  "Old Richard" or "The Immigrant", immigrated to Virginia ca 1642.  He was joined shortly afterwards by several other Yarboroughs, but the relationships, if any, are still unknown.  To date, there are just over a hundred sets of Yarbrough DNA data, which appear to be distributed among several distinct family groups.  These are shown on the y_DNA page.  These data seem to support the long-held view that most, if not all, the early Yarb(o)roughs were related. However, more physical data are required before that can be taken as fact.  Also, as time elapsed, various other Yarb(o)rough families have been documented, and their places on our extended family tree is far from certain. The use of  DNA for genealogical  purposes offers the promise of resolving this uncertainty.

The late James Yarbrough/Houston, TX, began this project, and The Yarbrough National Genealogical & Historical Association, Inc. (YNGHA), is proud to be its sponsor.  Much more information is at the YNGHA web site, so please stop by and visit it.

The YNGHA serves these purposes:

  • Assisting the researchers of our extended Yarbrough families in unraveling and completing the family tree(s);
  • Educating the general public about our heritage, history and accomplishments;
  • Using project participants' DNA to better identify family branches, as well as to identifying other groups belonging to our extended family. 

More can be learned about our extended families at the Yarbrough Family web site. There’s also a  Facebook page.  You can also leave a message on the Forum page here at the Yarbrough DNA Project website. Please provide a means of contact (e-mail, telephone). 

If you have not yet been tested, click here to order a DNA test now. 

The project also has a fund that helps underwrite the cost of testing for qualified individuals. Please consider supporting this with any amount. It helps all of the extended family.

There are several new sets of DNA test data, and we are currently in the process of contacting  the various individuals for permission to add their data to our project. This may take some time, so please be patient. A notice will be placed here and on the YNGHA web site when new data are posted.  (8/20/2014)

Finally, send us your questions, suggestions, and comments.  



For basic information, visit World Families Network and check out "DNA the Smart Way".




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