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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


  • Robert b 1427 England m Cecily Welles - rsmac
    • Christopher b 1450 England m Margaret Jenny
      • Thomas b 1486 Ersby, Lincolnshire, England m Bridget Read
        • Christopher b 1513 St. George, Surry, England m Margaret Tottishurst
          • Christopher b 1538 Chiddingstone, Kent, England m Martha
            • William b 1588 Kent, England m Elizabeth Locke
              • Frances b 1612 London, England m Sarah Taylor
                • Nehemiah b 18 Jun 1644 Charlestown, MA m Abigail Bartholomew
                  • John b 11 Dec 1688 Salem Essex, MA
                    • John b 25 Dec 1707 Billerica, Middlesex, MA m Anna Chamberlain
                      • Joseph b 17 Feb 1739 Billerica, Middlesex, MA m Louise Ball
                        • Josiah b 31 Jul 1763 Bennington, VT m Susannah Thompson
                          • Andrew b 1804 Poss Western, Oneida, NY or Richmond Twp., Ont. m Linda Best
                            • Josiah b 1829 Keswick, Ontario, Canada m Mary Lloyd Deverell
                              • William b 7 Jan 1867 Keswick, Ontario, Canada m Susan Electa Jane Morton
  • Thomas b 1632 Elizabeth City, VA d 1672 VA - alvispat [alvispat AT]
    • Thomas b 1654 VA d 1710 VA m Ann Halstead
      • William b 1679 VA d 1755 VA possibly m Elizabeth Warrington
        • Benjamin b 1736 VA d 1800 Greene Co., TN m Susannah Wyatt
          • Elijah b 1762 Fauquier Co., VA d 1834 Monroe Co., IN m Susannah Leachman
            • Enoch m Susannah Moyers
            • George W.
            • Benjamin Jefferson m Katherine Russell James
  • John Willoughby b 1720 d 1782 Fauquir Co., VA m Eleanor - Ray Maxon
    • John Willoughby Jr. b 1764 Fauquier Co., VA d 1814 Greene Co., TN m Marry Leachman
      • Thomas Willoughby b bet 1791-1796 Greene Co., TN d c1833 Orange Co., IN m Nancy Chambers
        • John Willoughby b 1818  Greene Co., TN d 1892 Iroquois Co., IL m Ann Eliza Hussey
          • Ulyses Grant Willoughby b 1868 Milford, IL m Penelope Coonrod
            • Ulyses Grant Willoughby b 1890 Fairbury, NE m Eva Boyd
  • Isaac Willoughby b 1750 NC d Jackson Co., TN m Elizabeth Willoughby - William R. Willoughby Jr. [wwilloughby AT]
    • Jefferson Willioughby b 1805 Jackson Co., TN d 1850 Butler Co., KY m Elizabeth Ann Dockery
      • Isaac Patrick Willoughby b 1830 Jackson Co., TN d 1900 Butler Co., KY m Sally Ann Embry
        • James Buchanan Willoughby b 30 Nov 1855 Butler Co., KY d 30 Sep 1900 Grayson Co., KY m Mary Isadora Veteto
          • John Henry Willoughby b 27 Sep 1887 Grayson Co., KY d 13 Apr 1970 Breckenridge Co., KY m Effie Mae Corley 164545
  • Henry b 1759 Fermanagh, Ireland - Douglas Willoughby [dwilloughby AT]
    • Ralph b 1783 Fermanagh, Ireland d 28 Aug 1853 Ontario m Isabella Thomson
      • Ralph T. b 14 May 1801 Fermanagh, Ireland d 14 Jul 1881 Ontario m Mary Heatheringt
        • John Wesley b 27 Dec 1848 Tecumseh, Ontario d 19 Mar 1924 Port McNicol, Ontario m Roxanna Milligan
          • Joeseph William Law b 14 Dec 1875 Bondhead, Ontario d 8 Feb 1942 m Mary Jane McConnell
            • John Edgar b 7 Feb 1900 Severin Falls, Ontario m Myrtle Irene Gunstone W-4 143619
  • Aaron Willoughby b 1765 NC d 1860 Pike Co., GA m Sarah Benton/Benson - Michael Willoughby [mhlgwill AT]
    • Thomas Willoughby b 1801 GA - Jeffrey S. Willoughby [jntwilloughby AT]
      • Daniel Richard Willoughby b 12 Dec 1823 Monroe Co., GA m Mary Ann McMillan
        • Joseph N. Willoughby b Mar 1853 Coweta Co., GA m Nancy J. Odum
          • Richard Paul Willoughby b 3 Feb 1872 Campbell Co., GA d 1918 Cobb Co., GA m Octavia McMillan
            • William Clifford Willoughby b 1 Aug 1900 Campbell Co., GA d 15 Nov 1972 Cobb Co., GA m Gladys F. Griggs 204562
    • Solomon Willoughby b 1804 Columbia Co., GA d GA m Phebe Jones
      • William Riley Willoughby b 1830 GA d 1862 Civil War m Nancy Clayton
        • William J. Willoughby b 1849 Pike Co., GA d 1920 Lamar Co., GA m Emily Musgrove
          • William Henry Willoughby b 1875 Meriwether Co., GA d 1954 Lamar Co., GA m Elizabeth Frances Watts
            • Quinton Willoughby b 1913 Meriwether Co., GA d 2000 Loudoun Co., VA 150468
  • William Willoughby b c1780 Bourbon Co., KY m Phebe - Mary Belyea [maryabelyea AT]
    • Benjamin Jefferson Willoughby b 1811 Montgomery Co., KY d 1889 m Amanda Hon
      • Joseph Willoughby b 1855 Powell Co., KY d 1919 m Sarah Caroline Lowery
        • Reuben Clifton Willoughby b 1882 Powell Co., KY d 1971 m Nannie Sexton
          • William Reid Willoughby b 1910 Montgomery Co., KY d 1980 m Artie Rudell Cox
  • Rodolphus Willoughby b 1786 Canada/MD d 1869 MS m Catherine Cooper - Barbara Davis [barbdavis80202 AT]
    • William Marion Willoughby b 1834 MS d 1908 MS m Mary Narcissa Sistrunk
      • William Clinton Willoughby b 1859 MS d 1907 MS m Julia Price
        • Samuel Charles Willoughby b 1881 MS d 1951 MS m Lugina Newman
          • Julius Crisler Willoughby b 1921 MS d 1976 MS m Helen Mummah 305781
  • Frederick Willoughby b 1811 MD m Martha Wheat - Bryan Adam [ba2025ba-ancestry AT]
    • Jonathan Willoughby b c1835 GA d 1911 McLennan Co., TX m Sarah M. Amos
      • Jacob Fredrick Willoughby b 1869 AL d 1933 Harris Co., TX m Keturah Loretta Teague
        • Alton Burchard Willoughby b 1907 TX d 1999 Jackson, TX m Mabel Beatrice Sappington 193922
  • Andrew C. Willoby b c1812 d bef 1870 m Nancy R. Everett - Walter Jackson Willoughby III [jackw AT]
    • David Curry Willoughby b 1853 probably Smith, TN d 1 Feb 1890 m Margaret Lawson Brown
      • Walter Jackson Willoughby Sr. b 16 Jul 1874 Pools Mill, Webster, KY d 11 Dec 1958 Berkeley, Alameda, CA m Edna Maude Hill
        • Walter Jackson Willoughby Jr. b 8 Dec 1909 Wilmette, Cook, IL d 10 Jul 1981 Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, CA m Mary Virginia Hart W-1 91239
  • Richard Willoughby likely b Ireland m Mary Moore - Christopher Neil Willoughby [cwilloug AT]
    • Edward M. Willoughby b May 1855 Tallow, Co. Waterford, Ireland m Mary A. Jennings
      • Leo Richard Willoughby b 15 Sep 1889 Titusville, PA m Gretchen Leocadia Dubar N83949

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.


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