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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • John Wilkins b c1597 d Dec 1649 Northampton Co., VA m Anne - Billyghote [Billyghote AT]
    • Nathaniel b c1638 VA d c1692 m Frances Hunt
      • William b c1692 VA d c 13 Nov 1750 m Frances
        • John Sr. b 1702 VA d 27 Jun 1775 m Judith Bergeron
          • William Sr. b 15 May 1736 VA d 23 Nov 1797 m Agnes Stratton
            • William  b 23 Sep 1762 VA d 17 Oct 1828 m Peggy Scott
              • William W. b 1 Dec 1799 VA d 24 Nov 1864 m Elizabeth Custis Kendall
                • William Walton b 30 Nov 1850 VA d 16 Dec 1933 m Henertta Laurie Weddell
                  • George Fulwell b 26 Aug 1888 VA d 15 Apr 1959 m Ora Pearl Byrd 141435
  • John Wilkins b c1701 VA or NC m Prudence - Kentucky Fran [kykinsearcher AT]
    • John Wilkins b c1727 Duplin Co., NC m mary
      • William C. (?) Wilkins b c1753 Duplin Co., NC m Nancy J. "Polly" Hannah
        • James Wilkins b c1784 Duplin Co., NC m Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Jarvis
          • Elijah Wilkins b c1814 KY m Sarah "Sally" Millard
            • Jesse Wilkins b 1843 Muhlenberg Co., KY m Jane W. "Jennie" Roark
              • John Lewis Wilkins b 1883 Muhlenberg Co., KY m Golda Mae Cardwell 155830
  • Archibald Wilkins; b. 1 March, 1716 Edisto Island, Charleston, S.C., m. Ann Bellinger - Trey Wilkins [del_32073 AT]
    • Paul Hamilton Wilkins; b. 1760 South Carolina, d. 1836, Chatham, GA., m. Margaret Ann Campbell,
      • Joseph Campbell Wilkins; b. 4 June, 1818 Sunbury, Liberty, GA., m. Mary E. Grant,
        • Joseph Campbell Wilkins, Jr.; b. abt 1844 Liberty County, GA.,  m. Jane Wilkins
          • James Albert Wilkins;  b. 1872 Washington Cty., GA., m. Ella New
            • Ernest Garfield Wilkins; b. 8 Sep 1893 GA., m. Gertrude Cannon Wilkins
              • Ernest Garfield Wilkins, Jr., b. 2 April, 1918, Darien, McIntosh, GA., m. Martha Virginia Hamlin 324246
  • Thomas Wilkins b c1742 Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK d 29 Jun 1775 Donhead, St. Andrew, Wiltshrie m Christian Hascoll/Haskoll - mysty [fyrefly.58 AT]
    • Mary Wilkins b 27 Mar 1774 Donhead St Andrew, Wiltshire, UK m William Garrett 79266
  • James Wilkins - Pam Wilkins [pamwilkins AT]
    • John Wilkins b.Mar 1808 Sparsholt, Berkshire, England d. bef 1861
      • William Wilkins b.1840 Sparsholt d. Aug 1870 Harwell, Berkshire
        • John Wilkins b. 1862 Harwell, Berkshire
          • John Wilkins b. Jan 1888, Checkendon, Oxfordshire d. 1959 W-9 75152
  • Thomas Wilkins b c1755, VA, m Elizabeth - britzkrieg [britzkrieg AT]
    • Richard Wilkins, b 1803, KY, m Mary Ann Carrico
      • Thomas Jefferson Wilkins, b 1842, VA, m Dorcas Ann Dever
        • William Harrison Wilkins, b 1868, KY, m Genettie Morrison
          • Everett Wilkins, b 1892, KY, m Lucy Harris W-7 N34418
  • Clement Wilkins b. 1760 VA  md Clarissa Dicker - Rhonda Wilkins Daly [daly3821 AT]
      Clement J Wilkins b. 1798 GA md Levania Cude
        John C Wilkins b. 1827 TN md Margaret Hamblin
          James Russell Wilkins b. 1849 MO md Mary Ann Bankston
            Jesse Edgar Wilkins b. 1882 MO md Rachel Lovewell
  • Thomas Wilkins b. 1765  Cleveland Co., NC, m Susannah Price - Frank Wilkins [frank.wilkins2 AT]
    • Perryman Wilkins b. c 1786 m. Nancy Jones
      • Richard P. Wilkins b. 1815 Halifax Co., VA m. Saluda Adams
        • Joseph Franklin Wilkins b. 1848 Pineville, Smith Co., MS m Rosaline Miller
          • Earl Jacob Wilkins b. 1893 Jacksonville, Pulaski Co., AR m Erma Louzelle Henson W-19 N54236
  • William Wilkins, born NY 1788 as per census records, in War of 1812 NY. D after 1870, prob. Kent County, MI remarried Isabella Cavanah Pender - Fonda Murch [Fonda AT]
    • Stephen Wilkins Murch, b 1851 Ypsilanti, adopted at age 4 by Dr. William D Murch B12276
  • Charles William Wilkins b 1804 NC d c1860 Madison, TN m Charlotte - sjperez [shirleyjean AT]
    • James Alexander Wilkins b Apr 1823 Madison, TN d 15 Jan 1901 Sugar Grove, AR m Martha O. Estes
      • James Clinton Wilkins b 5 Jan 1866 Humbolt, TN d 19 Feb 1923 Sugar Grove, AR m Martha Almeda Scott 166214
  • James Henry Wilkins b 1822 NC d c May 1855 Prattville, Autauga, AL m Margaret Laura ? (Peggy) - lookkapypy [lookkapypy AT]
    • William Edward Wilkins b Nov 1855 Prattville, Autauga, AL d 15 Apr 1922 Geneva Co., AL m1 Dorah Kay m2 Sarah Isabelle Sheppard
      • Oree Wilkins b 21 Oct 1913 Dothan, Houston, AL d 28 Sep 1961 Modesto, Stanislaus, CA m Josephine Hartzog 158083
  • John Henry Wilkens b c1840 Hanover, Germany d 7 Feb 1890 Clarinda, Page Co., IA m Elizabeth Lammers - Regina (Wilkens) Yuill [wilkensgenealogy AT]
    • George Henry Wilkens b 12 Jan 1879 Carroll Co., IA d 6 Jan 1946 Carroll Co., IA m Clara 256419

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Isaac William Wilkins b 1746 VA, m Cassandra, d 1820 NC - Jason Wilkins [jdwilkins8 AT]
    • Isaac William Wilkins, Jr, b 1783 NC, m Elizabeth Meghe Green, d 1830 NC
      • Nathaniel Wilkins, b 1822 NC,  m Malinda Thomas, d 1871 GA
        • Jonas Lafayette Wilkins, b 1863 GA, m Sarah Ella Hutson
          • James Hubert Wilkin, b 1898 GA,  m Polly Adeline Thomas, d 1963 GA
  • John Wilkins b c1700 - Jimmy W. Wilkins [jpw062 AT]
    • Richard Wilkins b c1732 d 5 Oct 1796
      • Anderson Wilkins b c1812 d aft 1880 Granville Co. NC
        • William C. Wilkins b Dec 1849 d 22 Jan 1922  Barbour Co., AL
          • James Madison Wilkins b Feb 1885 d 1961 Troy, AL
  • James b 1796, Donhead, Wiltshire, m Lucy - aw [alan1wilkins AT]
    • Charles b 1831, Minchington, Dorset, m Elizabeth Hester Burt
      • William John b Sep 1868, Minchington m Annie Emma Bennett
        • Percival b 3-1-1900 Farnham, Dorset m Evelyn Elsie Jennings-Giles
  • "Lew Allen" Wilkins b c1799 d 1847 Weakley Co., TN m Candis O'Neals - Charles F. Wilkins [ninewands AT]
    • Zachariah Alfred b 1 Mar 1825 NC m Sarah Williams
      • James Decatur b 1 Aug 1854 Camden, TN m Thomas-Ena Bidwell
        • Charles Frederick b 16 Jun 1890 Dalark, AR m Evie Elder
  • Alfred Wilkins b c1805 prob Robeson Co., NC d aft 1880 Johnston Co., NC m Edith - euris [eurisus2 AT]
    • Owen C. Wilkins b 3 Jun 1833 Robeson CO., NC d 12 Jun 1906 Johnston Co., NC m Rebecca Johnson
      • Charlie Bertie Josiah Wilkins b 1869 Johnston Co., NC d 15 Jun 1944 m Vandelia Wallace
        • Christine Wilkins b 19 Apr 1909 Clayton, Johnston Co., NC d 26 Sept 1994 Wilson Co., NC m Robert Eugene Hill

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