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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Nicholas Vincent b Amesbury, Wiltshire, England m Frideswide Carpenter - rcvincent [rcvincent AT]
    • William Vincent b 1638 Amesbury, Wiltshire, England m Priscilla Carpenter
      • Nicholas Vincent b c1675 Providence, Providence Co., RI m Elizabeth Reynolds
        • Dr. William Vincent b 31 Mar 1729 Westerly, Washington Co., RI m Serviah Rudd
          • Joshua Vincent b 11 Sep 1762 Westerly, Washington Co., RI m Elanor Maxson
            • Joshua Vincent b 14 Aug 1790 Petersburg, Rensselaer Co., NY m Olive Spencer
              • Nicholas Biddle Vincent b 28 Feb 1837 Alfred, Allegany Co., NY m Clarissa Louise Brown
                • John Brown Vincent b 23 Sep 1879 Orleans, Harlan Co., NE m Kittie Ballard
                  • Nicholas Brown Vincent b 6 Oct 1912 Pittville, Shasta Co., CA m Dorothy Vern Meseth N58379
  • Charles Vincent listed as minor creditor in Yonkers NY, 1675 - DonG [donald.vincent AT]
    • Leonard, b c1690 Lower Yonkers NY, m Hannah Van Kortryk
      • Ambrose, b c1720 NY, m Dorothy Hunt
        • Michael Vincent b 1751 d 1803 m Eunice Palmer - Sheridan Vincent [svincent AT]
          • Michael Vincent b 1784 d 1875 m Nancy Ray
            • James Brebner Vincent b 1807 d 1845 m Polly Cady
              • Martin Luther Vincent b 1836 d 1925 m Martha Washborn Clark
                • Frank Barge Vincent b 1869 d 1937 m Hattie Elma Waterman
                  • Earl Leo Vincent b 1893 d 1956 m Cassie Ethel Reese 65834
        • Stephen, b 1754 NY, m Elizabeth Toof
          • Lyman, b 1805 Canada, m Sarah Elmina Carr
            • Levi, b 1837 Canada, m Lovey Maria Fuller
              • George Lyman, b 1877 Canada, m Amelia King V-4 N27386
  • John Vincent d 1698 Surry Co., VA - Ron Vincent [ronv AT]
    • Thomas Vincent/Vinson d bef 1716 Prince George Co., VA
      • Thomas Vinson b 1690 d 1764 Northampton Co., NC m Isobel
        • John Vinson m Amelia
          • Aaron Vinson b 1747 m Sarah Ogburn
            • John Vincent b 1787 Johnston Co., NC m Nicey Hawes
              • Aaron Vincent 1835 Chambers Co., AL m Margaret Missouri Finch
                • Oakley Vincent b 1870 Talladega Co., AL m Penoma Ophelia Seay B3604
  • James Vincent d 1755 Somerset, MD m Sarah - James W. Vincent [james-vincent AT]
    • Benjamin Vinson d 28 Jun 1773 Somerset, MD m Esther Hearne
      • Benjamin Vinson d Jan 1821 Somerset, MD m Mary "Polly" Hearn
        • Thomas Vincent b 26 Oct 1777 Sussex, DE m Mary "Polly" Wingate
          • John W. Vincent b 26 Aug 1803 Sussex, DE m Mary Elizabeth Reeves
            • Phillip Wingate Vincent b 18 Mar 1845 Niles, Delaware, IN m Sarah Elizabeth Green
              • Benjamin Harrison Vincent b 27 Sep 1889 Niles, Delaware, IN m Willo A. Shier 279422
  • Ozias Vincent, 1758, Wake, North Carolina, United States, Susanna - Sherry Larson [satori1952 AT]
    • Oren Vincent, 17 Dec 1813, TN, United States, Mary I
      • Josephus E. Vincent, 3 Feb 1839, TN, United States, Drusilla
        • W N Vincent, 28 Oct 1866, Weakly, TN, United States, Nora 297843
  • James Vincent b c1770 VA/NC/SC d c1826 Jackson Co., TN - Bill Vincent [WmRVincent AT]
    • Reuben Vincent b c1789 SC d 1874 Edmondson Co., KY m Easter Ann Salling
      • Reuben Adam Vincent b 1834 d 1915 Edmondson Co., KY m Elizabeth Blanton
        • William Jasper Vincent b 1861 d 1952 Edmondson Co., KY m Mary Jane Meredith
          • Frederick Hilery Vincent b 1900 d 1954 Edmondson Co., KY m Mattie Meredith 91114
  • John Emerson Vincent b c1792 near Boston d Jun 1833 Augusta, KY m ELizabeth Branch Rudd - atexan [cev1940 AT]
    • John Taylor Vincent b 14 Oct 1833 Augusta, KY d 15 May 1912 Birmingham, AL m Amanda Josephine Linder
      • John Nathaniel Vincent b 7 Jul 1875 AL d 30 Sep 1950 Birmingham, AL m Mollie Elinor Eager
        • Charles Eager Vincent b 15 Aug 1904 Birmingham, AL d 17 Mar 1989 Victoria, TX m Hazel Ruth Balston
  • Norflete F. Vincent b 1814 d 1878 Beaufort Co., NC m Nancy Hill - Wilson R. Vincent [ekantor AT]
    • Argalas H. Vincent b 1870 Greene Co., NC d 1945 Elizabeth City, NC m Fannie Sutton
    • Norfleet F. Vincent b 1873 Greene Co., NC d 1920 Craven Co., NC m Lilla E. Hill
      • Wilson R. Vincent b 1914 Craven Co., NC d 2008 Virginia Beach, VA m Rosemary Underwood 115070
  • George M. Vincent b c1828 Little Creek Hundred, Sussex, DE d aft 1880 Barren Creek Springs, Wicomico, MD - Sennen [EMSCRS AT]
    • George Americus Vincent b 7 May 1860 Barren Creek Springs, MD d 16 Oct 1906 - 16 Oct 1907
      • Norman Mills Vincent b 16 Oct 1890 d 1955 119598

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