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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • James Joseph or Joseph James or J. J. Tuttle b 1852 Clark Co., Caddo, AR - Carter Dale Tuttle [hatari AT] T-3 57616 
    • C D Tuttle b 20 Dec 1891 Chickasha, OK  T-3 57616
    • A B Tuttle b 1888 Indian Territory m Caroline Brewer
    • Effie Tuttle b 1892 Lincoln Co., OK
    • Zenna Tuttle b 1895 Lincoln Co., OK m Dallas J. Kern
    • Zella Tuttle b 1895 Lincoln Co., OK m Bert H. Cochran
    • Dewey George Tuttle b 24 Nov 1900 Lincoln Co., OK m Martha Hudson-Seals
    • Frank Tuttle b 5 May 1904 Lincoln Co., OK
    • Phillip Tuttle b 1906 Lincoln Co., OK
  • John Tuthill b c1467 Yorkshire England - pharward [gharward AT]
    • Richard Tuthill b c1493 England
      • William Tuthill b c1517 Yorkshire, England
        • Richard Tuthill b c1545 Northampton, England
          • Symon Tuttle b c1560 Woodford Northampton, England
            • John Tuttle b c1596 St. Albans, Hereford, England
              • John Tuttle b c1634 St. Albans, Hereford, England
                • Peter Sr. Tuttle b c1660 England
                  • Peter Jr. Tuttle b c1700 St. Marys, MD
                    • Thomas Tuttle b c1720 St. Marys, MD
                      • John Tuttle b c1761 Fairfax, VA
                        • William Tuttle b 13 Oct 1799 Germanton, NC
                          • Alexander Tuttle b 12 Aug 1828 Germanton, NC
                            • Josiah Tuttle b 10 Jan 1856 Germanton, NC
  • Henry Tuthill b c1580 Tharston, Norfolk, England m Alice Gooch - Dwight Warren Tuttle [cnbcn_ AT]
    • Henry Tuthill b 28 Jun 1612 Tharston, Norfolk, England m Bridget
      • John Tuthill b 16 Jul 1635 Hingham, MA m Deliverance King
        • John Tuthill b 14 Feb 1658 Southhold, LI, NY m Mehitable Wells
          • Joshua Tuthill b c1690 Oysterponds, LI, NY m Hannah Reeve
            • Benjamin Tuthill b c1725 Cutchogue,LI, NY m Clementine Woodhil
              • Josiah Tuthill b c1759 Brookhaven, LI, NY m3 Azuba Corwin
                • David W Tuttle b 29 Feb 1806 NY m2 Sarah Jane Mills
                  • Parmenius Tuttle b 7 Sep 1830 NY m Elizabeth Law
                    • Charle David Tuttle b 17 Apr 1869, Monroe Co., IA m Bertha Annette Swengel
                      • Dwight Evert Tuttle b 24 Dec 1910 Alta, Canada m Evelyn Stewart Waddell
                        • Dwight Warren Tuttle b 7 Apr 1960 Alta, Canada m Daphne Ruth West
  • Richard Tuttle b c1593, came to US 1635 d 8 May 1640 m Ann Taylor - Gerald K. Tuttle Jr. [shaggy41 AT]
    • John Tuttle b 12 Feb 1625 England d 8 Nov 1687 m Mary Holyoak
      • Edward Tuttle Sr.
  • John Tuttle - Terry Barton
    • Elizabeth Tuttle b 1668 Providence, RI m Samuel Edgerly
  • Peter Tuttle Sr. b c1660 - Anthony Tuttle [kingtut741 AT]
    • Peter Tuttle Jr. b c1700 St. Mary Co. MD, d c1733 MD
      • Thomas Tuttle b c1720 St. Mary Co MD, d c1790 Stokes Co. NC
        • John Tuttle Sr. b 22 Mar 1761 Fairfax Co. VA, d 30 Sep. 1840 Stokes Co. NC
          • Thomas Jefferson Tuttle Sr. b 15 April 1784 Stokes Co. NC., d 25 Dec. 1837 Stokes Co. NC
  • Robert Tutle b c1760 d 1827 Charleston Neck, SC m Elizabeth Bunch - Roger Buttermore [rogerb46 AT]
    • Thomas Tutle b 1789 SC
      • Robert Tutle (???) b 1818 St. Johns Parish, SC m Harriet M. Davis
        • William Capers Tutle b 1855 Pineville, SC  m Sarah Ann McCants
          • Edward William Tuttle b 1886 Greeleyville, SC m Hallie McDowell McCollough B1536
  • Robert Tuttle b c1820 m Harriet Joyner - lynwood [jltuttle91 AT]
    • John William Tuttle b 1875 Effingham Co., GA d 1914 m Susan Hinely
    • Charles Robert Tuttle b 1875 Effingham Co., GA d 1914 m Julia Crawford
      • Charles Ernest Tuttle b 18 Aug 1900 d Oct 1984 m Estelle Chapman 
  • George B. Tuttle b 1824 OH or NY m Wealthy A. Rockafellow - Gerald Tuttle [bhurst1948 AT]
    • Frank H. Tuttle 12 Apr 1856 OH m May Elizabeth Bentley
      • Arthur Lee Tuttle b 24 Jun 1894 Cleveland, OH m Lena Rilla Venier 254851

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