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We will list all Families by Earliest Ancestor and email* of Line Leader or person who posted the pedigree. We hope that eventually all families will be listed on this page. We also hope to locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project by their T-number at the bottom of the line from which they descend.)

The male lines will soon be posted in Tree-format as well - stay tuned!


  • Richard Towne b 1568 Licolnshire, England m Ann Denton - LisaTowne [lisa12369 AT]
    • William b 1602 Yarmouth, England m Joanna Blessing
      • Joseph b 1639 Topsfield, MA m Phoebe Perkins
        • Joseph b 1673 Topsfield, MA m Abigail Curtis
          • David b 1715 Topsfield, MA m Mary Moore
            • David b 1742 Topsfield, MA m Susannah Averill
              • Luke b 1787 Topsfield, MA m Sarah Moore
                • Perkins b 1831 Topsfield, MA m Phoebe Strangman
                  • Evro W. b 1873 Amesbury, MA m Ellen F. Gurney
                    • Helen G. b 1898 Newburyport, MA m ? Leslie
  • John b. c1570 Eng. m. Elizabeth Clark - stowne26 [stowne26 AT]
    • William b. c18 Mar 1598, Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng. m. Joanna Blessing
      • Edmund b. bef 22 Jun 1628. Yarmouth, Norfolk, Eng. m. Mary Browning
        • Joseph b. 2 Sep 1661, Topsfield, Essex, MA. m. Amy Smith
          • Nathan b. bef 30 May 1693, Topsfield, Essex, MA. m. Phebe Curtis
            • Nathan b. 23 Apr 1720, Andover, Essex, MA. m. Eunice
              • Peter b. 20 Aug 1749, Andover, Essex, MA. m. Rebecca Sheldon
                • Amos b. 28 May 1779, Andover, Essex, MA. m. Mary Farnum
                  • Harmon b.18 Feb 1817, Norway, Maine, m. Rebecca Sargent
                    • Farnum Peter b. 18 Jul 1850, Boston, Sufolk, MA. m. Elizabeth Shanahan
                      • Samuel Herbert b. 25 Jun 1892, Cambridge, MA. m. Alice Carroll
                        • T-2 102737
          • Benjamine Towne b. 10 May 1691 Topsfield, MA m. Susannah Wildes - Towne10Gen
            • Benjamine Towne b. 12 May 1723 Topsfield MA m. Hanna Edna Towne
              • Joseph Curtis Towne b. 16 Sept 1760 Sturbridge MA m. Mary Slocum
                • William Slocum Towne b. 08 Sept 1799 Wilkes Barre PA m. Ester Jane Evans
                  • Milton Evans Town b. 26 May 1833 Greenfield, OH m. Marietta Jane Pond
                    • Harry Evans Town b. 9 June 1890 Runnels IA m. Elizabeth Clementine Kane
                      • T-11 108862
      • Jacob b. 11 Mar 1631,Yarmouth, Eng. m. Catharine Symonds - towneadmin [towneadmin AT]
        • John b. 2 Apr 1658, Topsfield, Essex, MA m. Mary Smith
          • Samuel b. 25 Jan 1695,Topsfield, MA m. Bathsheba Woods
            • Samuel b. 12 Mar 1747, Oxford, Worchester, MA m. Tabitha Eddy
              • Salem b. 16 Dec 1776,Warwick, MA m. Elizabeth Freeman
                • Samuel b. 12 Feb 1809,Conewongo, NY m. Susannah Fairbanks
                  • Benjamin, b. 24 Jul 1833,Conewongo, NY m. Emily Gail
                    • Samuel W. b. 10 Mar 1869, Leon, NY m. Rachel Young
                      • T-3 102694
            • James Town b 1722 Oxford MA m Ann Blood - deb [debatchley AT]
              • James Town b 1757 Belchertown MA m Lucy Bettis
                • Willard Oliver Town b 1779 Charlton MA m Damaris Luce
                  • Willard C Town b c1802 Stowe VT m Elizabeth N Jones
                    • James Wiley Town b 1841 Calwell County KY m Mary Elizabeth Hall
                      • James Willard Towne b 17 1870 Lyon County KY m Mollie S Parrent
                        • Miles Willis Town b 1904 Lyon County KY m Melvin Davenport
                          • T-8 106047
                  • Nathan Town b. Between 1800 and 1801, Stowe, VT m Matilda Havil [WSTowne]
                    • William Samuel Towne b. 18 Feb 1839, Roscoe, Coshocton Co., OH m Agnes Ray
                      • William Samuel Towne b. 16 Mar 1878, Kewanee, Henry Co., IL m Grace Marion Millard
                        • Norman Millard Towne b. 8 May 1911, Chicago, Cook Co., IL
                          • T-6 105024
      • Joseph b. 3 Sep 1639, Salem, Essex MA. m. Phebe Perkins - pstowne [pstowne AT]
        • Joseph b. 22 Mar 1673, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Abigail Curtis
          • Elisha Towne b 5 Sep 1708 Topsfield, MA m Mercy Foster - RBTowne [ktowne AT]
            • Thomas Elisha Towne b 8 Feb 1743 MA m Sarah Burton
              • Eli Towne b 19 Aug 1774 Temple, NH m Betsy Scripture
                • Alvin Towne b 29 Apr 1802 Dover-Foxcroft, ME m Mary Ann Wyman
                  • Sanford C. Towne b 7 Mar 1839 Sebec, ME m Edith Pratt
                    • William Harriman Towne b 26 Oct 1880 Sebec, ME m Ina Brown
                      • Earle William Towne b 13 Jul 1907 Sebec, ME m Barbara Strout
                        • T-13 111776
          • David b. 13 Feb 1715, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Marry Moore
            • David b. 17 Mar 1744, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Susanna Averill
              • Joseph b. 24 Oct 1784, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Hannah Perkins
                • Joseph b. 29 Jan 1826, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Helen Higgins
                  • Charles L. b. Feb 1855, Topsfield, Essex MA. m. Gertrude Jones
                    • Selwyn H.b.17 Dec 1884, Lynn MA. m. Elizabeth Mooney
                      • Selwyn H. Jr. b. June 1904, Lynn MA m. Susan Robbins
                        • T-5 104747
  • Joseph Arlando Town b Oct 1835 Hillsdale, MI or NY d 21 Dec 1901 m Candis M Baldwin - Brad Town [townba AT]
    • Joseph Leander Town b 22 Sep 1881 Lawton, Van Buren Co., MI d 8 Sep 1953 m Alvira Smith
      • Samuel Monroe Town b 28 Jan 1905 Waverly Township, Van Buren Co., MI d 26 Jan 1961 m Mary Lucille Pugh
        • T-12 110827


  • James Toone/Town b c1620 England d c1676 Old Rappahannock Co., VA m Anne Duncombe - Gloria Tune [glogirl4 AT]
    • Mark Tune b c1675 Old Rappahannock Co., VA d c1718 Richmond CO., VA m Elizabeth Lewis
      • Thomas Tune b c1705 North Farnham Parish, Richmond Co., VA d c 1768 m Anne Harris
        • Travis (Traverse) Tune b 15 Feb 1731 Richmond Co., VA d c1824-1827 Halifax Co., VA m Frances
          • William Tune b c1783 Halifax Co., VA d c1830 m Lurana Scurlock
            • Joshua Tune b c1811 Halifax Co., VA d c1873-1879 Lewis Co., TN m1 Rhoda Pickard m2 Mary Perdue
              • William P. Tune b c1834 Maury Co., TN d Nov 1869 m Elizabeth A. Beckum
                • Henry G. Tune b 24 Oct 1864 Maury Co., TN d 29 Jul 1897 Dallas Co., TX m Mary Etta Ann Spencer
                  • Robert William Tune b 8 Apr 1892 Ellis Co., TX d 18 Aug 1974 m Aletha Mae Stafford
                    • T-1 84172
  • Jonathan Tune b. Dec. 19,1819 Halifax Co., VA d. bef 1910 Phelps Co., MO - Hilma Tune Ardito [joe_hilma AT]
    • George K. Tune b. Oct 24, 1847 Bedford Co., TN, Phelps Co. MO
      • Horace Greeley"George" Tune b Nov. 27,1884 Phelps Co.,Mo,d.July 29,1964 L.A., CA
        • T-7 99649

Please note that a pedigree does not necessarily include marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife. It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family. Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.

* To email these line leaders, replace the "AT" with @. This is to prevent spammers from scooping up our email addresses.


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