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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.


Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Silas Titus b c1570 d 1637 Bushey, Hertfordshire, England m Jane Newdyke and/or Constancia Colly - clayjoy AT
    • Robert Titus b c1600 Huntingtonshire, England d c1679 Huntington, Nassau Co., NY m Hannah Carter
      • Edmond Titus b 1630 St. Catherines, Herts., England d 1715 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY m Martha Washburn
        • John Titus b 1672 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d 1750 Westbury, NY m Sarah Willis
          • ? Titus b 1703 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d 1792 NY m Margaret Gorman
            • Timothy Titus b 1726 Wheatley, Nassau Co., NY d 1802 NY m Charity Locea
              • Isaac Titus b 1746 Wheatley, Nassau Co., NY  d Digby Co., NS m Jemima Mead
                • Lewis Titus b c1781 NY d c1862 Digby Co., NS m Olive Blakeley
                  • Jacob Titus b 1812 Digby Co., NS d 1860 Digby Co., NS m Sarah Titus
                    • Thomas Edward Titus b 1837 Digby Co., NS d 1910 m Anna Sollows
                      • John Edward Titus b 1877 Westport, Digby Co., NS d 1957 m Ethel Forbes
                        • William Arthur Titus b 1913 Westport, Digby Co., NS d 1996 m Nellie Almaretta Churchill T-3 138758
        • Peter Titus b 6 Jun 1674 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d 1753 Westbury, NY m Martha Jackson - Dick Gates [gatesrh AT]
          • James Titus b 1700 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d bef 1750 m Jane Seaman/Seamon
            • James Titus b 1722 Nassau, Long Island, NY m Mary Morgan - E T Hansen [pth184 AT]
              • James Titus b 1747 Long Island, NY m Phebe Keese
                • Stephen Titus b 29 May 1778 Dutchess, NY m Phebe Hare Marsh
                  • James Hamilton Titus b 29 Oct 1815 Duanesburg, NY m Maria Carpenter
                    • Albert Carpenter Titus b 5 Nov 1842 QuakerStreet, NY m Mary Francis Gaige
                      • Edward Sharpe Gaige Titus b 26 May 1873 QuakerStreet, NY m Sophia May Isaacson 286864
            • Richard Titus b 1725 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d 1825 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY m Mary Smith
              • Augustine Austin Titus b 1747 Westbury, Nassau Co., NY d 1812 m Waite Gidley Hall
                • James Titus b 1790 Clinton, Dutchess Co., NY d 1866 Mound City, Holt Co., MO m Philura White
                  • Giles Titus b 1838 Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH d 1911 Fostoria, Seneca Co., OH m Sarah Elizabeth White
                    • John Franklin Titus b 1870 Dansas, Seneca Co., OH d 1952 Eugene, Lane Co., OR m Bertha Lois Rhineberg
                      • Bruce Linville Titus Sr. b 1908 Eugene, Lane Co., OR d 1970 Portland, Multnomah Co., OR m Beatrice Noble Milligan 174275
  • Titus Syrach De Vries - b. Holland d. 1688, Flatbush, NY m. Jannetji Teunis Nyssen - Kevin Titus [nktitus AT]
    • Teunis Titus - b. c. 1677, Flatbush, NY d. Burlington co, NJ m. Mary Barre
      • Francis Titus - b. c. 1712, Burlington co, NJ d. 14 May 1784, Bucks co, PA m. Mary Clark
        • Samuel Titus -  b. c. 1745, Bucks co, PA d. Dec 1819, Loudoun co, VA m. Deborah Feathers
          • Abner Titus -  b. c. 1771, Bucks co, PA d. 1818, Loudoun co, VA m. Mary Nesus
            • Timothy Titus - b. 1808, Loudoun co, VA d. 19 Dec 1889 Harrison co, WV m. Susan Bishop
              • George Washington Titus - b. 14 APR 1845, Fauquier, VA d. 26 Sep 1935, Doddridge, WV m. Olive M. Nicholson
                • George Allison Titus - b. 4 Mar 1882, Doddridge, WV d. 27 Nov 1956, Doddridge, WV m. Melvina Reed
                  • Creed Dorsey Titus - b. 14 Aug 1904, Doddridge, WV d. 14 Feb 1989, Orlando, FL m. Lula Margaret Davis
                    • Edward Eugene Titus - m. Louella Grace McCullough 306257
  • Samuel Titus, b.1824, Essex Co. NJ, Elizabeth R. Hughes - John C. Titus [mojotitus AT]
    • Clark Hughes Titus, b. 15 Feb 1858, Mercer Co. NJ, Mariah Zerwick
      • George Samuel Titus, b. 30 Nov 1892, Mercer Co. NJ, Clare Keown 318188

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