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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Thomas Timmons Sr. b c1650 Leinster, Carlow Parish, Ireland m Mary - David Ellsworth Timmons [davwilm AT]

    • Samuel Timmons b 11 Jun 1694 Northumberland, VA

      • John Calvin Timmons b c1718 Stafford Co., VA m Elizabeth

        • Abner Timmons b 1756 Frederick Co., VA m Hannah

          • Elijah Timmons b 1798 Spartanburg, SC m Elizabeth

            • Robert Timmons b May 1828 Darke Co., OH m Matilda Brummett

              • William Timmons b Feb 1844 Darke Co., OH m Melissa Jane Coppock

                • David Allen Timmons b 24 Nov 1873 Grant Co., IN m Eliza M. Smelser

                  • Geneva Josephine Timmons b 30 Mar 1899 Marion, Grant Co., IN m Vernard Ellsworth Mason TX-1

  • Jacques (John) Timmons b c1660 - Thomas Timmons McGranahan [sunriverfrog AT]

    • William Timmons b c1702

      • John Timmons II b c1740 m Mary (Molly)

        • Isaac Timmons b c1775

          • Joseph Timmons II

            • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Sr. b 7 Jan 1856 Fairhaven, OH d 1936 m Barbara Ann Norris

              • Benjamin Franklin Timmons Jr. b 15 Mar 1880 Preble, Israel Twp., Dark Co., OH d 14 May 1958 Anderson, IN m Aida (Ida) Marie Goehler

                • Rheta L. Timmons b 2 Aug 1910 Anderson, IN d 11 Mar 2000 Roseburg, OR m Robert Daniel McGranahan 140120

  • John Timmons, b c.1720 - Bill Timmons [btimmons AT]

    • Thomas Timmons, b c.1745

      • William Timmons, b c.1779 Spartanburg Co. SC

        • Hamilton Timmons, b 1813 Williamson Co. TN

          • James K.P. Timmons, b 1841 Maury Co. TN

            • Evan M. Timmons, born 1868 Maury Co. TN - T-1 15908

  • Samuel Timmons b. 1747 m. Nancy - jcobc [jcobc AT]

    • George Timmons b. c1760 m. Miss West

      • George Edward Timmons b. 1818 m. Eliza Jane Miller

        • Commadore Amplias Timmons b. 1847 m. Martha Ann Crenshaw

          • Claiburn Lilburn Timmons b. 1875 m. Allie Tempie Thomas

            • Agnes Ione Timmons b. 1908 m. Herman Julius Rondot

  • Thomas Timmins b. c1780 Lincoln Co., TN m1 Polly Lewis  m2 Barbara Lewis - Tom Timmins [tomdotti AT]

    • Frank Bracy Timmins b. 1830 Madison Co., AL m Eliza Missouri Anderson

      • Barney Holland Timmins b. 1890 Harrison Co., TX m Lucille Howard T-3 N49849, T-4 N44850

  • John W. Timmons, b 1789 Sussex Co., DE, m Margaret Rowen  Jeff Timmons [j.timmons AT]

    • William C. Timmons b 1813 OH, m Catherine "Kitty" Moore

      • Enos Moore Timmons b 1844 IN, m Sarah Jane Keister

        • William Armond Timmons, b 1877 IN, m Addie May Nowels

          • Merle Leon Timmons, b 1901 Il d 1965 In, m Nellie Agnes Brown T-5 100772

  • William, b. 1797 Effingham, SC, d. 1841 Effingham, SC - Ray Timmons [ray AT]

    • Randelson,  b. 1821  Effigham, SC, d.1892 Friendfield, SC

      • James, b. 1857 Friendfield, SC, d. 1930 Freindfield, SC

        • Henry, b. 1891 Friendfield, SC d. 1961  Lake City, SC

  • Thomas Timmons b 1813 KY or TN d 1876 Franlin Co., IL m Julia Ann Burket/Burkitt - W. Thomas Timmons [timmons AT]

    • William C. Timmons b 1857 Franklin Co., IL d 1908 Johnson Co., TX m Sarah L. Flatt

      • William Thomas Timmons b 1892 Johnson Co., TX d 1943 Johnson Co., TX m Ruby Pearl Timmons B3517

  • Levi Timmons d. 1848 in Calhoun Co. GA  m. Martha "Patsy" Johns[t]on - Deloyce Timmons Conrad [deloyce.conrad AT]

    • John Aubrey Timmons, b. 1830 in Early Co. GA,  m. Prussia Sheffield

      • Seaborn Bryant Timmons, b. 1852 in Early Co. GA,  m. Frances Eudora Johnson

        • Julius Edgar Timmons, b. 1876 in Early Co. GA,  m. Nebraska Brown

          • Doyal Edgar Timmons, Sr. b. 1900  Early Co GA,  m. Alma Curry (first of five wives) 259032

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