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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove spaces.
  • William Stoddard  b1508 d 1557 Staffordshire, England - M.S.Stoddard [mattathias444 AT]
    • James Stoddard b 1534 d 1590 Staffordshire, England
      • Anthony Stoddard b 1572 d 1637 Surrey, England
        • Anthony Stoddard b 1605 d 1647 Roxbury, MA
          • Solomon Stoddard b 1643 d 1729 Northampton, MA
            • Anthony Stoddard b 1678 d 1760 Woodbury, CT
              • Elikim Stoddard b 1705 d 1749 Woodbury, CT
                • Anthony Stoddard b 1734 d 1785 Lenox, MA
                  • Simeon Stoddard b 1776 d 1848 St.Louis, MO 
                    • Orville Stoddard b 1804 d 1873 Huntsburg, OH - Farmington, IA
                      • Merchant Stoddard b 1846 d A1900 Farmington, IA 49748
  • John Stodart d aft 1643 Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland - George Archibald Stodart [Jraisb AT]
    • James Stodart d 1678 m Helen Howison
      • James Stodart b 1643 d Loanhead, Scotland m Elizabeth Johnstone
        • James Walston Stodart b 30 Mar 1703 m Marion Haig
          • Adam Haig Stodart b 28 Oct 1729 d 1780 m Agnes Wilkie
            • Archibald Hillhead Stodart b 26 Mar 1795 d 1 Sep 1879 m Agnes Patterson
              • Archibald Stodart b 30 Dec 1846 d 24 Dec 1913 m Mary Marie Condra
                • Charles Edward Stodart b 8 Aug 1898 d aft 1938 m Hazel May Nopper 169384
  • John (Sr) Stoddard b. 21DEC1623 England d. DEC1664 CT m. Mary Foote
    • John (Jr) Stoddard b. 12APR1646 CT d. 4DEC1703 CT m. Elizabeth Curtis
      • John Stoddard b. 22FEB1674 CT d. 22JAN1727 m. Sarah Camp
        • Moses Stoddard b. 20MAR1701 CT d. 2SEP1777 CT m. Ruth Goodwin
          • Moses (Jr) Stoddard b. 14MAY1741 CT d. 21DEC1831 CT m. Abigail Luddington Barnes
            • Jasper Stoddard b. 20JUN1793 CT d. 5FEB1873 CT m. Sophia Hubbard
              • Truman Stoddard b. 6JUL1820 CT d. 6MAY1860 IA m. Clarissa Lois Barber
                • Fayette Jasper Stoddard b. AUG1859 IA d. 24MAR1942 IA m. Alice Barcume
                  • Guy Lester Stoddard b. 8JUL1896 IA d. 17DEC1958 Humboldt, IA m. Anna Christina Halligan
                    • James Leo Stoddard b. 28OCT1936 Livermore, IA d. 18FEB1985 St. Paul, MN m. Norma Joyce Pettit  245456
  • William Stoddard 1720 - Dennis Studdard [saleglo AT]
    • David C Studdard  b. 1750 N Ireland d. 1825 Laurens SC  m. Martha Mary Ensley
      • James C Studdard  b. 1784Laurens SC d.1830 Walton GA m. Mary Anna Lemmond
        • Joseph H Studdard b. 1811 Rome, Floyd, GA d. 1909 Jefferson AR m. Chrystie Dial
          • James Studdard b. 1934 Walton GA d. Jefferson AR m. Elizabeth Jefferies
            • Augustus Lee Studdard b. AR d. ? m. Nancy Ann Beard
              • Barney Lee Studdard b. 1898 Prairie Dell TX d. 1960 Dallas TX m Burlie Blanche Green 262974
  • Hugh Stodart b 1732 Peebles, Peebles, Scotland m Isabelle Tait - DT Yarger [dtyarger AT]
    • John Stodart b 1770 Traquair, Peebles, Scotland m Elizabeth Steuart
      • Robert Stodart b 7 Sep 1802 Traquair, Peebles, Scotland m Johannah Tynan
        • Hugh Charles Stodart b 20 Dec 1851 Ansonville, PA m Martha Jane Croyle
          • Robert Henry Stodart b 9 Sep 1883 Janesville, PA m Goldie Marie Richards 130129

Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.
  • Anthony b c1615 England d 3/16/1687 Boston, MA - Peter White Stoddard [aries929 AT]
    • Solomon b 10/1/1643 Boston, MA d 2/11/1729 Northampton, MA
      • Anthony b 6/9/1678 Northampton, MA d 9/6/1760 Woodbury, CT
        • Gideon b 5/27/1714 Woodbury, CT d 5/21/1780 Woodbury, CT
          • Nathan b 8/8/1742 Woodbury, CT d 11/15/1777 Philadelphia, PA
            • Nathan Ashbel b 2/27/1768 Woodbury, CT d 4/1/1848 Pulaski, NY
              • Rodman b 7/5/1797 Woodbury, CT d 5/13/1853 Detroit, MI
                • Henry Clay b 8/25/1841 Detroit, MI d 4/8/1909 Reed City, MI
                  • Nathan Bedell b 9/25/1877 Reed City, MI d 6/17/1965 Santa Rosa, CA
                    • Calvin Clay b 5/15/1917 Santa Ana, CA d 12/23/1983 Atlanta, GA

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