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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove spaces.

  • William Stoddard  b1508 d 1557 Staffordshire, England - M.S.Stoddard [mattathias444 AT]
    • James Stoddard b 1534 d 1590 Staffordshire, England
      • Anthony Stoddard b 1572 d 1637 Surrey, England
        • Anthony Stoddard b 1605 d 1647 Roxbury, MA
          • Solomon Stoddard b 1643 d 1729 Northampton, MA
            • Anthony Stoddard b 1678 d 1760 Woodbury, CT
              • Elikim Stoddard b 1705 d 1749 Woodbury, CT
                • Anthony Stoddard b 1734 d 1785 Lenox, MA
                  • Simeon Stoddard b 1776 d 1848 St.Louis, MO 
                    • Orville Stoddard b 1804 d 1873 Huntsburg, OH - Farmington, IA
                      • Merchant Stoddard b 1846 d A1900 Farmington, IA 49748
  • John Stodart d aft 1643 Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland - George Archibald Stodart [Jraisb AT]
    • James Stodart d 1678 m Helen Howison
      • James Stodart b 1643 d Loanhead, Scotland m Elizabeth Johnstone
        • James Walston Stodart b 30 Mar 1703 m Marion Haig
          • Adam Haig Stodart b 28 Oct 1729 d 1780 m Agnes Wilkie
            • Archibald Hillhead Stodart b 26 Mar 1795 d 1 Sep 1879 m Agnes Patterson
              • Archibald Stodart b 30 Dec 1846 d 24 Dec 1913 m Mary Marie Condra
                • Charles Edward Stodart b 8 Aug 1898 d aft 1938 m Hazel May Nopper 169384
  • John (Sr) Stoddard b. 21DEC1623 England d. DEC1664 CT m. Mary Foote
    • John (Jr) Stoddard b. 12APR1646 CT d. 4DEC1703 CT m. Elizabeth Curtis
      • John Stoddard b. 22FEB1674 CT d. 22JAN1727 m. Sarah Camp
        • Moses Stoddard b. 20MAR1701 CT d. 2SEP1777 CT m. Ruth Goodwin
          • Moses (Jr) Stoddard b. 14MAY1741 CT d. 21DEC1831 CT m. Abigail Luddington Barnes
            • Jasper Stoddard b. 20JUN1793 CT d. 5FEB1873 CT m. Sophia Hubbard
              • Truman Stoddard b. 6JUL1820 CT d. 6MAY1860 IA m. Clarissa Lois Barber
                • Fayette Jasper Stoddard b. AUG1859 IA d. 24MAR1942 IA m. Alice Barcume
                  • Guy Lester Stoddard b. 8JUL1896 IA d. 17DEC1958 Humboldt, IA m. Anna Christina Halligan
                    • James Leo Stoddard b. 28OCT1936 Livermore, IA d. 18FEB1985 St. Paul, MN m. Norma Joyce Pettit  245456
  • William Stoddard 1720 - Dennis Studdard [saleglo AT]
    • David C Studdard  b. 1750 N Ireland d. 1825 Laurens SC  m. Martha Mary Ensley
      • James C Studdard  b. 1784Laurens SC d.1830 Walton GA m. Mary Anna Lemmond
        • Joseph H Studdard b. 1811 Rome, Floyd, GA d. 1909 Jefferson AR m. Chrystie Dial
          • James Studdard b. 1934 Walton GA d. Jefferson AR m. Elizabeth Jefferies
            • Augustus Lee Studdard b. AR d. ? m. Nancy Ann Beard
              • Barney Lee Studdard b. 1898 Prairie Dell TX d. 1960 Dallas TX m Burlie Blanche Green 262974
  • Hugh Stodart b 1732 Peebles, Peebles, Scotland m Isabelle Tait - DT Yarger [dtyarger AT]
    • John Stodart b 1770 Traquair, Peebles, Scotland m Elizabeth Steuart
      • Robert Stodart b 7 Sep 1802 Traquair, Peebles, Scotland m Johannah Tynan
        • Hugh Charles Stodart b 20 Dec 1851 Ansonville, PA m Martha Jane Croyle
          • Robert Henry Stodart b 9 Sep 1883 Janesville, PA m Goldie Marie Richards 130129



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Anthony b c1615 England d 3/16/1687 Boston, MA - Peter White Stoddard [aries929 AT]
    • Solomon b 10/1/1643 Boston, MA d 2/11/1729 Northampton, MA
      • Anthony b 6/9/1678 Northampton, MA d 9/6/1760 Woodbury, CT
        • Gideon b 5/27/1714 Woodbury, CT d 5/21/1780 Woodbury, CT
          • Nathan b 8/8/1742 Woodbury, CT d 11/15/1777 Philadelphia, PA
            • Nathan Ashbel b 2/27/1768 Woodbury, CT d 4/1/1848 Pulaski, NY
              • Rodman b 7/5/1797 Woodbury, CT d 5/13/1853 Detroit, MI
                • Henry Clay b 8/25/1841 Detroit, MI d 4/8/1909 Reed City, MI
                  • Nathan Bedell b 9/25/1877 Reed City, MI d 6/17/1965 Santa Rosa, CA
                    • Calvin Clay b 5/15/1917 Santa Ana, CA d 12/23/1983 Atlanta, GA





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