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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Solomon / Salomon

  • Rupold b c1580 Irmstett, Germany (now France) - Laurent Salomon [salomon-laurent AT]
    • Hans b c1600  Irmstett
      • Johannes b 4 Dec 1631 Irmstett
        • Christophe b 2 Mar 1660 Irmstett, France
          • Hans Adam b 1685 Irmstett
            • Hans Adam b c1720 Irmstett
              • Johannes b 1743 Irmstett
                • Hans Georg b 23 Apr 1760 Irmstett
                  • Jean Georges b 26 Feb 1803 Irmstett
                    • Jacques b 1 Oct 1833 Irmstett
                      • Alphonse b 20 Aug 1868 Irmstett
                        • Auguste Aloyse b 06 Apr 1905 Irmstett S-11 N40919
  • Lewis Solomon b 1675 England m Martha - John Davis Solomon [solojd AT]
    • Lewis Solomon b 1720 Surry Co., VA d 1795 Sussex Co., VA m Elizabeth "Betty" Johnson
      • James Solomon b 31 Jul 1741 Surry Co., VA d 1825 Franklin Co., NC m Elizabeth Parramore
        • Lewis Solomon b 1 Apr 1778 Franklin Co., NC d 28 Jul 1849 Macoupin Co., IL m Sarah Bowden
          • Lewis Solomon b 1 Apr 1812 Muhlenberg Co., KY d 1 Apr 1886 Macoupin Co., IL m1 Nancy Ann Fink m2 Mary Ann Baker
            • Dempsey Washington Solomon b 15 Dec 1844 d 10 Oct 1899 Kingfisher Co., OK m1 Martha Ann Ross m2 Sarah J. Hamner m3 Lucy Jeanette McPherson
              • Elmer Jason Solomon b 14 Nov 1876 Macoupin Co., IL d 4 Nov 1944 Kingfisher Co., OK m Minnie Mae Davis
                • Edward Dempsey Solomon b 5 Jul 1906 Coldwater, KS d 19 Mar 1950 Kingfisher Co., OK m Mary Blanche Smith 185769
  • Peter Solomon b c1735 - Perry Lamy [perryl AT]
    • Lazarus Solomon, b 1765 Tyrrell Co, NC, d 20 Apr 1833 Twiggs Co, GA, m Elizabeth Bedgood
      • John Solomon, b 3 Jan 1797, Nashville, Nash Co, NC, d 13 May 1879, Clopton, Dale Co, AL, m Rebecca Sturdivant
        • Henry Franklin Solomon, b 28 Feb 1830, Talbot Co, GA, d 13 Apr 1867, Skipperville, Dale Co, AL, m Bethenia Stewart
          • John Stewart Solomon, b 7 Mar 1859, Newton, Dale Co, AL, d 17 Feb 1935, Floydada, Floyd Co, TX, m Frances Caroline Bain
            • John Franklin Solomon, 15 Jan 1896, Wise Co, TX, d 1 May 1983, Shamrock, Wheeler, TX, m Mabel Clair Newton 207669
  • William Shelton Solomon b 1824 d Sep 1863 Baltimore, MD m Matilda Curry - Glenda Solomon Meyer [GGINCHICO AT]
    • John Brisco Solomon b 2 Sep 1863 d 6 Jul 1927 Key West, FL m Geleita Ann Sawyer
      • Harold John Solomon b 18 Jul 1893 d 15 Mar 1954 Key West, FL m Rebah Rebirtha Anderson 153407
  • George Solomon m Florence Cleasy - Ted Hopes [thopes AT]
    • Chester Solomon b c1907, Cuyahoga Co OH  S-2 N3955
  • Chester Solomon m Violette Hopes  Lakewood, OH d mid-1980s - Jacquelynn Morris [SolomonMcGee AT] 





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