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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • James Smiley b. 1768 Ireland m. Martha Kiturah Watson - Donaldson Knight Smiley [dksmiley AT]
    • ​James Watson Smiley b. 14 Dec 1807 Amherst, Virginia m. Jane Tiller Peters
      • ​Elisha Peters Smiley b. 8 Aug 1840 Norwood, Virginia m. Althea Thomas Knight
        • ​James Watson Smiley b. 22 May 1874 Lynchburg, Virginia m. Isabel Fenwick Dixon
          • ​Samuel Dixon Smiley b. 15 Sep 1910 MacDonald, West Virginia m. Margaret Ruffner Earwood 398322
  • Jonathan Smiley b 1817 TN m Keziah Clary - Diane Dale [bonedigger AT]
    • Eleanor Smiley b c1837 Daviess Co., IN
    • Elizabeth Smiley b c1839 Daviess Co., IN m Christopher Columbus Chapman
    • Nancy Jane Smiley b c1841 Daviess Co., IN m William Farren
    • Martha Smiley b c1843 Daviess Co., IN m John A. Simpson
    • Mary "Polly" Smiley b Nov 1845 Daviess Co., IN m William Franklin Watson
    • Sarah Smiley b c1848 Daviess Co., IN m John W. Soward
    • Jacob Smiley b c1851 Daviess Co., IN
    • Charlotte Smiley b 3 Jan 1855 Daviess Co., IN d 18 Aug 1880 Greene Co., IN m Frederick S. Shoemaker
    • Andrew Jackson Smiley b c1858 Daviess Co., IN d c1880 m Emma J. Bynum
      • Anna Smiley b 1878 IN
    • George W. Smiley b Oct 1861 Daviess Co., IN d 1940 MO m Ida B. Williams
      • Raymond N. Smiley m Mattie Mae Kirby
        • Elvis Smiley
      • Mayme E. Smiley
      • Forrest Vaughn Smiley b 22 Sep 1895 Newberry, Greene Co., IN d Dec 1956
        • Forrest Vaughn Smiley Jr.
      • Clarence Hillery Smiley b 22 Sep 1898 Daviess Co., IN d May 1968 Taylor Twp., Wayne Co., MI m Eva Comal
      • Frana C. Smiley m Paul L. Inman
      • Fred Smiley
      • Tucker Smiley 31917
  • John Smiley b c1818 Green Co., TN m Lear Lane - SUELLEN1951 [SUELLEN1951 AT]
    • Samuel Smiley b 11 Feb 1846 Sullivan Co., TN m Miranda Starnes Smiley 40110
  • James Smiley b c1840 Ireland d 23 Mar 1900 Oneida Co., NY m Sarah Ann Parker - carriebias [CRH727 AT]
    • Samuel Smiley b 4 Aug 1868 NY d 25 Mar 1950 Santa Barbara Co., CA m Louise Wust/Weust
      • Eunice Smiley b 6 Jan 1905 Oneida Co., NY d 17 Jan 1991 Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co., CA m Harry Guy Howell

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