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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • James Smiley b. 1768 Ireland m. Martha Kiturah Watson - Donaldson Knight Smiley [dksmiley AT]
    • ​James Watson Smiley b. 14 Dec 1807 Amherst, Virginia m. Jane Tiller Peters
      • ​Elisha Peters Smiley b. 8 Aug 1840 Norwood, Virginia m. Althea Thomas Knight
        • ​James Watson Smiley b. 22 May 1874 Lynchburg, Virginia m. Isabel Fenwick Dixon
          • ​Samuel Dixon Smiley b. 15 Sep 1910 MacDonald, West Virginia m. Margaret Ruffner Earwood 398322
  • Jonathan Smiley b 1817 TN m Keziah Clary - Diane Dale [bonedigger AT]
    • Eleanor Smiley b c1837 Daviess Co., IN
    • Elizabeth Smiley b c1839 Daviess Co., IN m Christopher Columbus Chapman
    • Nancy Jane Smiley b c1841 Daviess Co., IN m William Farren
    • Martha Smiley b c1843 Daviess Co., IN m John A. Simpson
    • Mary "Polly" Smiley b Nov 1845 Daviess Co., IN m William Franklin Watson
    • Sarah Smiley b c1848 Daviess Co., IN m John W. Soward
    • Jacob Smiley b c1851 Daviess Co., IN
    • Charlotte Smiley b 3 Jan 1855 Daviess Co., IN d 18 Aug 1880 Greene Co., IN m Frederick S. Shoemaker
    • Andrew Jackson Smiley b c1858 Daviess Co., IN d c1880 m Emma J. Bynum
      • Anna Smiley b 1878 IN
    • George W. Smiley b Oct 1861 Daviess Co., IN d 1940 MO m Ida B. Williams
      • Raymond N. Smiley m Mattie Mae Kirby
        • Elvis Smiley
      • Mayme E. Smiley
      • Forrest Vaughn Smiley b 22 Sep 1895 Newberry, Greene Co., IN d Dec 1956
        • Forrest Vaughn Smiley Jr.
      • Clarence Hillery Smiley b 22 Sep 1898 Daviess Co., IN d May 1968 Taylor Twp., Wayne Co., MI m Eva Comal
      • Frana C. Smiley m Paul L. Inman
      • Fred Smiley
      • Tucker Smiley 31917
  • John Smiley b c1818 Green Co., TN m Lear Lane - SUELLEN1951 [SUELLEN1951 AT]
    • Samuel Smiley b 11 Feb 1846 Sullivan Co., TN m Miranda Starnes Smiley 40110
  • James Smiley b c1840 Ireland d 23 Mar 1900 Oneida Co., NY m Sarah Ann Parker - carriebias [CRH727 AT]
    • Samuel Smiley b 4 Aug 1868 NY d 25 Mar 1950 Santa Barbara Co., CA m Louise Wust/Weust
      • Eunice Smiley b 6 Jan 1905 Oneida Co., NY d 17 Jan 1991 Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co., CA m Harry Guy Howell


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