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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.   Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him.
  • Cornelius Sheehan b c.1718, probably County Cork, Ireland, m Mary
    • Cornelius Sheehan, b c.1754, PA, (1st) spouse unknown
      • John Shahen/Shehan, b c.1775, Cumberland Co PA, m Mary Geyer
        • James Shahen, b 1804, Fayette Co PA, m Mary Todd
          • George W. Shahen, b 26 Oct 1833, Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA, m Margaret J. Beatty
            • John Andrew Shahen,b Aug 1870, Granville Twp Mifflin Co PA, m Minnie Valeria Kauffman
  • Cornelius Sheehan b c.1718, prob Ireland, m Mary Cornelius Sheehan,  m ( 2) Elizabeth McLaughlin 
    • John Sheehan, b 19 Sept 1806, New Lisbon OH, m Jane Betz
      • John Sheehan, b 17 Jun 1833, Homeworth, Columbiana Co OH, m Henrietta King
        • Charles Abraham Sheehan, b 20 Jul 1871, Homeworth, Columbiana Co OH, m Nettie L. Miller
          • Earl Miller Sheehan, b 22 Jul 1894, Homeworth, Columbiana Co OH, m Myrtle Kauf
            • Robert Kauf Sheehan  [] 16799
  • William Sheehan b Jun 1753, Kensington, PA, m Eleanor
    • Daniel Sheehan, b 03 Dec 1797, Lancaster, PA, m Elizabeth Hutchinson
      • John A. Sheehan, b 09 Jun 1824, Wayne Twp. Colombiana Co, OH, m. Melissa Shafer
        • George Maurice Sheehan, b 06 Jun 1851, IN, m Sarah Edna Dwire
          • Charles Sherman Sheehan, b 04 Apr 1882, OH, m Ocie Ethel Siniff       []46602
  • John Sheehan b c1758 Cork, Ireland d 14 Jul 1831 Washington Co., KY m Rebecca Beall -
    • James Henry Sheehan b 1800 Springfield, Washington Co., KY d 18 Sep 1852 Greene Co., IL m Nancy Bland
      • John Henry Sheehan b 25 Apr 1830 Washington Co., KY d 1 Mar 1909 Carroll Co., MO m Elizabeth A. Lanham
        • William Logan Sheehan b 27 Jun 1853 Marion Co., KY d 14 Oct 1923 Sayre, OK m Laura E. Brock
          • Luther Sheehan b 23 Mar 877 Carroll Co., MO d 2 Oct 1919 Tulsa, OK m Sophia L. Hart          [lilybigshu AT] 78268
  • William Sheehan/Shehen/Shane b c1774 d 14 Oct 1814 Frederick Co., VA m Hannah Light
    •  Andrew William Shane b 28 Feb 1811 Frederick Co., VA d 28 Jul 1878 m Rebecca DeHaven
      • Isaac Shane b 14 Feb 1839 Frederick Co., VA d 15 Oct 1916 Davidson Co., TN m Hester Light
        • Oscar Shane b 22 Dec 1888 d 22 Apr 1957 Davidson Co., TN m Hattie Stovall
          • John B. Shane b 22 Dec 1908 Davidson Co., TN d 1997 m Hattie Lambert  -                                 [dshane AT]169109
  • John Sheehand/ Shehan b 10 Dec 1780, PA, m Arah "Arie" Ann  Wood 
    • William John Sheehand b 07 Dec 1808, OH, m Mary Patton
      • John Patton Sheehand b 20 Nov 1834, Cincinnati, OH, m Lucinda "Sidney" Vanzile 
        • Jesse Clyde Sheehan b 04 Jul 1878, Cresline OH, m Clayda May Kell  
          • Lester William Sheehan, b 31 Mar 1915, Canton OH, d Jan 1972, m Louise Cecelia Schreiner  
                      [PatriciashahenATstarpower]   81090
  • Martin Sheehan b 1791 Ireland m Bridget Cockley/Coakley
    • Michael Sheehan b 4 May 1844 Abbeydorney, Co. Kerry, Ireland m Ellen G. Furlon
      • James Thomas Sheehan b 13 Sep 1887 Bath, Freeborn Co., MN m Elizabeth Bernadine Conlan - rjmorrison [] S-12 124832
  • Thomas Sheehan b North Co., Kerry, Ireland m1 Ellen Kirk m2 Nell Scoulon
    • Michael b 31 Jan 1829 North Co., Kerry, Ireland d Jan 1857 m Margaret O’Connor
      • Thomas b 18 Aug 1855 Connersville, IN d 1932 m Helen DeHaas
        • George Thomas b 28 May 1882 Connersville, IN d 22 Feb 1955 m Sarah Havey - Vince Sheehan [jsheehan AT] S-11 111276
  • Dan Sheahan, b. County Limerick Ireland, m Mary Madigan - Kevin Sheahan [ksheahan AT]
    • Patrick Sheahan,  b 1837, County Limerick Ireland,m Catherine Gwyn (Gwynne)
      • John Sheahan, b 28/12/1876, Diamond Creek Victoria Australia, m Rosanna (Rose) Blackmore
        • Patrick Gerald Sheahan,b 31/5/1917, Diamond Creek Victoria Australia, m Ann Elizabeth (Betty) Hill 223772
  • Timothy Francis Sheehan b. abt 1814 Cahersiveen, Ireland m. Johanna Sullivan (Michael Sullivan and Julia Coffy) - Cassie Bates [diancestry AT]
    • Patrick John Sheehan b. 1857 Montville, Connecticut  m. Elizabeth Farrell
      • Charles Edward Sheehan b. 27 Nov 1889 Webster, Massachusetts  m. Anna Frances McGee
        • Paul Edward Sheehan b. 8 Aug 1914 Pawtucket, Rhode Island m. Frances Lucille McAtee 305342
  • Thomas Sheehan b. c1820 County Cork m. Julia Hartnett - William Sheehan [BillSheehan1 AT]
    • Thomas Sheehan b.c1844 Banteer, County Cork m. Honora Spillane
      • Timothy Francis Sheehan b. 1872 m. Catherine Murphy
        • Joseph James Sheehan b. 1898 Brookline, MA m. Helen Mahoney 310969
  • Thomas Sheehan b Ireland c1830m m Honora ? - Xana [shawna AT]
    • George P. Sheehan b c Jul 1853 Ireland m1 Aurelia Richards m2 Ellen J. Gaffne
      • George Patrick Francis Sheehan b 17 Sep 1876 Dorchester m Ann M. Gil
        • Earle Sheehan b 30 Jan 1912 Boston, MA d 15 Jan 1994 m Bertha Delphine Jenkins
  • Mago William Sheehan b 1839 Ireland d 1912 m Mary J. Carroll
    • Joseph Carroll Sheehan b 1884 IA - rcsheehan [rcsheehan AT] 124832
  • Asa Armfield Sehen b 13 Jul 1868 d 14 Sep 1928
    • Berton Armfield Sehen b 26 Dec 1901 d 28 Aug 1960- John Harding Sehen [sehence AT]  87415
  • Mortimer Sheehan b 1837 Ireland, m Ellen White
    • Daniel Michael Sheehan b. 1876, Kilmaniheen , Johanna "Hannah" Loretta Lyons - Seminolecpa
  • John Sheehan b. Co Kerry, Ireland, m. Catherine Sullivan
    • Daniel James Sheehan b 1889 Cahirseveen Co, Kerry, Ireland m. Mary Ann Lyne - []

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