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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)


  • Timothy Sexton b c1750 m Esther Sisel - Casbar54 [Casbar54 AT]
    • William Sexton b c1786 York District, SC m Rhoda Griffith
      • Fielding Sexton b 1840 Morgan Co., TN m Lewallen
        • John Preston Sexton b Sep 1859 Morgan Co., TN m Julie Evie Hood
          • Leonard Franklin Sexton b Jun 1894 Roane Co., TN m Margaret Ellen Osborne 183698
  • Brittain Sexton b 1762 Wake, NC d Apr 1848 Dover, TN m Nancy Moody - Brad Sexton [bbsvolunteer AT]
    • Anderson W. Sexton b 1787 Wake, NC d 17 Oct 1846 m Zilpha Stanley
      • Thomas J. Sexton b 2 Feb 1814 Darlington Co., SC d 13 Sep 1894 Navarro Co., TX m Mary Ann D. Thomas
        • William Booth Sexton b 15 Jun 1873 Freestone, TX d 13 May 1965 Dallas, TX m Isabelle Harris
          • Finnis Booth Sexton b 1 Dec 1902 TX d 15 Sep 1994 Lubbock, TX m Vera Lawlis 188685
    • John Sexton b 1795 York Dist., SC m Sarah Hansen - dsexton []
      • Timothy Sexton b 1834 Morgan (?), TN m Artilissa Holt
        • Levi Sexton b 27 Jan 1857 Red Rock, Newton Co., AR m Mary J. Jones
          • Enoch O'Dell Sexton b Aug 1886 Newton Co., AR 183842
  • Bartlett Sexton b 1755 VA d 1860 KY m Catherine Gallion - Arlie Gallion Jr. [ajg16939 AT]
    • Thomas Sexton-Gallion b 1792 VA d 1877 KY m Ruth Watson
      • Jonathan Gallion b 1822 KY d 1889 KY m Elizabeth Atkins
        • Isaac Caise (Casswell) Gallion b 1848 KY d 1946 KY m Rena Elizabeth Williams
          • Lewis Gallion b 1881 KY d 1961 KY m Alice Laura Creech
            • Arlie Gallion b 1902 KY d 1968 WV m Mollie Pearle Stephens
  • William Sexton b c1795 m. Nancy Burks d c1828 in KY  -Andrew Sexton [msexton]
    • John Wesley Sexton b 19 Mar1828 at Cloken Co KY m Harriet Clifton Gains d 30 Dec 1912 at Gradyville KY
      • Silas Burks Sexton b 17 Mar 1876 Adair Co KY m 1 Apr 1892 to Nancy Elizabeth Shirley d 5 Nov 1958 TX
        • Cager Langford Sexton b 2 Feb 1896 Adair Co KY m Evie Mae Arrington Moore d 20 Nov 1966 Lufkin TX S-3 69344
  • Charles Sexton, b 1806, SC - vickisalvoni [vicki AT]
    • Henry Franklin Sexton, b Apr 14, 1865, AR
      • Owen Othello Sexton, b Aug 22, 1901, AR
  • Isaah Sexton, b 1812,  Letcher Co., KY tax rolls 1843, 1848, prisoner of the N. Civil War - Charles Sexton [7sjkphbc AT]
    • Kenas Farrow Sexton, b. 6/9/1860 m Mary Ann Samons, d.10/23/1932
      • John Oscar Sexton, b. 11/10/1889, Floyd Co., m  Mary Princess Griffith S-2 41289
  • John Sexton b 1827 Grainger Co., TN m Nancy Selvidge - C. Patricki [cpatricki AT]
    • Alfred Thornburg Sexton b 1859 Union Co., TN m Lizzie Levina Ridenour
      • Ruel Anderson Sexton b 1887 Bona, MO m Lydia Mina Schwarzenbach 141147
  • Rolla K. Sexton  b. 20 Aug 1845, TN,  d. 1882 MO, m. Sophia Jane Howell - NMT [tatefarm AT]
    • Manda (Amanda) Lee Sexton  b. 16 Sept 1868 MO, d. 1945 MO, m. Isaac Sigil Blades
    • Sarah Sexton  b. 1870 MO
    • Minerva Sexton  b. 1873 AR
    • William Sexton  b. 1875 AR
    • George Sexton  b. Jan 1880 MO
  • John Allen Sexton b 13 Sep 1853 Knox Co., TN d 18 Mar 1925 Jackson Co., AR m1 Mary Ann Johnson m2 Celia Belle Ford - Polly Willis [marcadean AT]
    • John Harvey Sexton b 4 Apr 1916 Jackson Co., AR d 13 Jan 1993 Crawford Co., MI 254046


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