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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 


  • William Rivers b. 1710-1718 England, m Temple Dempsey - Linda Rohrig [linda.rohrig AT]
    • Mark Rivers b 1735 Chesterfield, SC - floyd [jworley3759 AT]
      • Mathew Riley Rivers b 1786 SC
        • Sarah E. Rivers b 26 Dec 1846 Morgan Co., AL d 29 Dec 1918 Howard Co., AR
    • Frederick Rivers,Sr. b. 1739 England or SC, m 1. Mary Boatwright 2. Sarah Purvis
      • William Rivers b. c1773 Chesterfield SC m Elizabeth (Betsy) Rivers
        • Frederick W. Rivers b Chesterfield SC m Synthia Matilda Knight
          • Huldah Ann Rivers b 1856 Democrat Al, m1. Lewis Williams Baldwin m2. James O. Farley
  • Isaac, b. 1735? England,  d. 1843 Chesterfield, SC, m. N. Parker - Marc Rivers [marcwan AT]
    • Frederick C., b. 3/20/1800 Chesterfield SC, m. Sarah Ann Hurst
      • William Jasper, b. 9/13/1830 Chesterfield SC, m. Lydia Jane Massey
        • Frederick William, b. 11/11/1857, m. Charlotte Jane Hurst
          • William Thomas, b. 7/2/1884, m. Annie Jane Sellers R-1 N9634
  • Joel Rivers, b c1749 VA?, m Rhoda Harwell - Charles W Rivers [wildeagl AT]
    • Richard Rivers, b 1786 Warren Co NC, m  Lucy B. Gibbs
      • Thomas Buxton Rivers, b 1810 NC,m Lydia Grimes Carney
        • Robert Blount Rivers, b 1840 Clarke Co AL, m Sally Wilson Armistead
          • Thomas Robert Rivers, b 1870 Washington Co TX, m Emmie Williams
            • James Blount Rivers, b 1897 Williamson Co TX, m Eunice Ada Wilkins R-4 58990
    • Mason Harwell Rivers b c1794 d c1825, Clayborne AL, m Mary Willis - srivers [sam AT]
      • Edgar Monroe Rivers, b c1818 AL, d c 1898 m 1. Mary Ann Harrison 2. Nancy Pearl Williams
        • George Washington Rivers b 1856 d 1948, m Bell Vernon Wheeless
          • Samuel Monroe Rivers b 1900 d 1980 m Margaret Hellen Shaw R-6 68974
        • James Marion Rivers b 20 Jun 1869 Clarke Co., AL d 20 May 1940 Humphreys Co., MS m Annie O. Sanders - myriversfamiily [srwscott AT]
          • Eddie Marion Rivers b 17 Mar 1893 Clarke Co., AL d 2 Dec 1965 Humphreys Co., MS m Annie Mae Smith
  • Samuel Rivers b 1785 Sproughton, Suffolk, England m Elizabeth Rudland - Bredabixbee [bebixler AT]
    • Samuel River II b 1811 Sproughton, Suffolk, England m Mary Allen
      • George Rivers b 1843 Bramford, Suffolk, England m Emma Sage
        • Herbert "Billy" Rivers b Bramford, Suffolk, England m Ellen Heffer
          • Victor George Rivers b 1907 Ipswich, Suffolk, England m Lottie Garnham
  • James Robert "Robert" Rivers b 11 Mar 1835 SC m Sybil Elizabeth "Sibbie" Fikes - Bonnie Butler [SCGenealogy AT]
    • David Aaron "Dave" Rivers b 23 Feb 1861 Lexington Co., SC m1 Ella Jane "Janie" Shealy m2 Laura Rodella "Laurie" Shealy
  • Robert Blount Rivers  b 27 Aug 1840 Suggsville, Clark Co., AL m Sallie Wilson - darboardman [texasgirldar AT]
  • Marsel b Sept 1878 NY- grandma [geandmab04 AT]
    • Marshall b Jun 1900 NY d Nov 1963


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