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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
Ring / Wringer / Ringer / Ringenberg
  • Arnold Von Ophelingen b Ophelingen, Canton Bern, Switzerland - Martin Skubinna [skubinna AT]
    • Diethelm Von Ophelingen b 1146 Brienz, Canton Bern, Switzerland
      • Kuno "Cono" Von Brienz b 1219 Brienz, Canton Bern, Switzerland m Mechthild
        • Philipp Von Ringgenberg b bef 1229 Castle Ringgenberg, Canton Bern, Switzerland m Agnes von Stratlingen
          • Johannes Von Ringgenberg b 1291 Berne m Elsi (or Elsa) Joss
            • Johann Hans Joss b 1300 Berne 213471
  • Gert Von Ringenberg b 1530 Juelich, Rhineland m Illske Klocke - Martin Skubinna [skubinna AT]
    • Anna Von Ringenberg b 1563-1572 Riga, Latvia m Baron Heinrich Von Ulenbrock
      • Heinrich Von Ulenbrock b 2 Feb 1592 Riga, Latvia m1 Anna Schomann m2 Catharina von Dreyling 213471
  • Stephen Ring b 1775 NC d 31 Aug 1816 Ft. Claiborne, VA m Rachel Smallwood - [dmring2003 AT]
    • Thomas b 1799 Rowan, NC d 19 Nov 1865 OR m Sarah Donahew
      • William b 17 Sep 1820 Russel, NC d 12 Sep 1902 Tell, TX m Dicie Gentry
        • Jesse b 19 Jun 1855 Gentry Co., MO d 22 May 1938 Hedly, TX m Amelia Abigail Bush
          • Homer P. b 23 Nov 1880 Van Alstyne, TX d 6 Mar 1944 Wichita Falls, TX m Mary L. Courtney
            • Robert J. b 20 Feb 1911 Gunter, TX d 24 Aug 1966 Yellowstone, WY m Mary E. Coburn 166975
  • William Ring b 1782 NC m Mary Ann Matthews GA - Sandybomar [stormcatcher53 AT]
    • John Ring b 1817 TN m  Mary Polly Haney 1825 AL/TN
      • Laura Ring b 1852 AR m George W Bond 1849 GA
        • John Andy Bond b 1877 TX m Lillie Jane Gooden 1884 TN
  • William Ring b 1782 NC m Mary Ann Matthews - edcedar [edcedarcreek AT]
    • John Ring b 1817 TN m Mary Polly Haney
      • Newton L. Ring b 1850/51 AR m Tennessee Brightwell
        • Mack Ring b 1886 AR m Lizzie Collier
          • Allen Newton Ring b 1909 TX m Eunice Nell Johnson R-1 66496
  • Wilson Wringer (Ringer) b c1830 OH m Nancy Ann Perkins - Janet Ringer [ringerj AT]
    • Monroe Wilson Wringher b 27 Oct 1854 IN m Martha Ann Roysdon
      • Douglas Wringher (Ringer) b 23 Jan 1881 Millcreek, IN m Nellie Hazel Mohr
        • Douglas Ringer b 17 Sep 1912 Cuates, NM m Ethel Fay Thrasher N61949

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