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Charles Row b. circa 1690 Broadclyst, Devon, England m Mary RatcliffeRoger North-Row 
├──Robert Row, b. 1714 Silverton, Devon, England m Elizabeth Heard
│  ├── John Row, b. 1760 Cutcombe, Somerset, England m Joan Kent
│  │    ├── William North-Row, b. 1810 Tiverton, Devon, England m Elizabeth Hewitt
│  │    │    └──Saint John Kent North Row, b. 1870 Tiverton, Devon, England m Ethel Maud Madden
│  │    │        └── John William Glengall North-Row, b. 1907 Axminster, England m Olive May Paling
│  │    │              └──John North-Row  m Margaret Warren
│  │    │                   └── Roger North-Row ( R-33)
│  │    ├── John Kent Row, b. 1805 Cove, Tiverton, Devon, England
│  │    ├──Robert North Row, b. 1806 Cove, Tiverton, Devon, England
│  │    ├── Samuel Kent Row, b. 1808 Cove, Tiverton, Devon, England
│  │    └── Thomas Kent Row, b. 1812 Cove, Tiverton, Devon, England
│  ├── Charles Row, b. 1749 Silverton, Devon, England
│  │    └──Charles Row, b. circa 1780 Silverton, Devon, England
│  └── Robert Heard Row, b. 1751 Silverton, Devon, England m Elizabeth Pyke
├──Richard Row, b. 1718 Silverton, Devon, England
│   ├── Charles Row, b. circa 1740 Silverton, Devon, England m Joan Unknown
│   ├── Richard Row, b. circa 1742 Silverton, Devon, England
│   ├── Robert Row, b. circa 1760 Silverton, Devon, England
│   └── James Row, b. circa 1760 Silverton, Devon, England
├──Charles Row, b. 1711 Silverton, Devon, Englandland
└──John Row, b. 1723 Silverton, Devon, England

ROWEs of Devonshire, England, researcher Lorna Henderson (web pages)

Joseph Rowe b. say 1695 ?Bere Ferrers, Devon, England m Florence Stephens
└── Joseph Rowe, b. between 1721 and 1725 Bere Ferrers, Devon, England m Hannah UnknownSurname ?Harris
     ├── Joseph Rowe, chr. 1749 Bere Ferrers, DEV, ENG m Elizabeth Cross
     │   └──Matthias Rowe, chr. 1780 Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England m Ann King
     │       └── William Rowe, b. circa 1827 Hele, Bickleigh, Devon, England m Honor Daw
     │            └── Matthias Rowe, b. 1852 Stoke Damerel, Devon, England m Caroline Emma Austin
     │                 └── Albert Rowe, b. 1873 Huirangi, Taranaki, NZ m Isabel Mary Purdie
     │                      └── Hugh Maxwell Rowe, b. 1902 Waitara, Taranaki, NZ m Annie May Draper
     │                           └── Max Rowe R-23
     ├── John Rowe, b. circa Sep 1757 Bere Ferris, Devon, England m +Charity Blagdon
     │   ├── Blagdon Rowe, chr. 1782 Devon, England
     │   ├── Joseph Rowe, chr. 1785 Devon, England
     │   ├── James Rowe, chr. 1788 Devon, England
     │   ├── William Rowe, chr. 1799 Devon, England m Elizabeth UnknownSurname ?CUDLIP?
     │   │    └── Richard Rowe, b. circa 1844 Beer Ferris, Devon, England m Elizabeth Rowe
     │   │         └── Stanley Rowe, b. 1876 Beer Ferris, Devon, England m Elizabeth Staplin
     │   │               └── Hedley Richard Rowe, b. 1898 Devon, England d. 1978 Claremore, Oklahoma
     │   └──Richard Rowe, chr. 1802 Devon, England m Jane Westlake
     │        └── Elizabeth Rowe, b. 1846 Filley, Devon, England m Richard Rowe
     │             └── Stanley Rowe (see above)
     └── Matthias Rowe, b. circa Mar 1760 Bere Ferris, Devon, England m Sarah Dunkin
           └── James Rowe, chr. 1787 Bere Ferris, Devon, England m Elizabeth Ann Colman
               └── Henry Colman Rowe, chr. May 1836  Lydford, Devon, England m Emma Matthews
                    └── William Ernest Rowe, b. 1869 Princes Town, Devon, England m Elizabeth Jackson
                         └── Herbert Henry Ernest Rowe b. Essex, England
                               └── Ernest Rowe R-26

William Rowe, d. 1721 Norfolk Co., VA - Steven Rowe [ smclontz (AT)]
└── John Rowe, b. 1712; d. May 1805, Hancock Co., GA
    └── Joshua Rowe, b. ca 1730, Norfolk Co., VA
        └── Robert Rowe, b. 1755, Beaufort Co., NC
            └── John Rowe, b. 1784, Beaufort Co., NC
                └── Asa Rowe, b. 1806, Beaufort Co., NC
                    └──  John Tillman Rowe, b. Nov. 26, 1829, Beaufort Co., NC
                        └──  Jesse Lawrence Rowe, b. Mar. 12, 1867, Beaufort Co., NC
                            └──  Joseph Vance Rowe, b. Apr. 20, 1893, Small, Beaufort, NC
                                └──  Edgar Riley Rowe, b. Dec. 4, 1922, Trenton, Jones, NC
                                    └── Steven Edgar Rowe, b. Hartsville, Darlington, SC R-30

R-21 (awaiting pedigree information - a 12/12 match with R-30)

Family of William ROE/Bersheba CATLETT of Virginia: Researcher Dawn ROE (beatatune AT tds DOT net)
Has genetic matches with the Spencer surname with both families residing within the same territory in the State of Ohio.

R1b1b2 Awaiting pedigree information:

Pending results:

Patriarch lines yet to find a representative

ROWE of Lamerton, Devon - placeholder

Nicholas ROWE Poet Laureate


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