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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. 
  • Thomas Purcell b c1667 m Christina Van Woggelum - Bill Purcell [bporcel AT]
    • John (Jan) Pursell b c1698 Richmond Co., NY m Hannah Hall
      • Thomas Purcell b 1720 NJ m Mary Van Hook - lindy535 [lindegren AT]
        • Benjamin Purcell b c1746 m Elizabeth Osborn
          • Samuel Purcell b c1775 VA m Ann Brewer
            • Benjamin Purcell b 1806 IN m Mary Smalley
              • Samuel Bruer Purcell b Nov 1839 m Sabra Caroline Smalley - Pat Purcell [pat.purcell65 AT]
                • Freeman Bruer Purcell b 7 Jun 1886 m Bertha Butler
                  • William B. Purcell b 7 Jan 1912 m Carrie M. Toombs 287222
              • Peter R. Purcell b 1845 IL m Nancy J. Dodds
                • Charles S. Purcell b 1884 TX m Katherine Montague 162593
        • Henry Purcell b 1747 VA m Elizabeth Whitaker - Chyril Purcell [chyril AT]
          • Clement Whitaker Purcell b 1805 KY m Julia A. Smith
            • William M. Purcell b 1838 IN m Margaret A. Faith
              • Leander Purcell b 1861 IN m Mary F. Smiley
                • Roy (Leroy) Purcell b 1885 IN m Catherine Farrell B3374
      • Jonathan Pursell b c1730 Hunterdon Co., NJ m Esther
        • John Pursell b 23 Sep 1768 Hunterdon Co., NJ m Mary Haughawout
          • Daniel Pursel b 12 Mar 1795 Hunterdon Co., NJ m Elizabeth Wells
            • George Wells Pursel b 22 Apr 1818 Hunterdon Co., NJ m Elizabeth Sample
              • Alonzo Purcell b 29 Jan 1847 Pickaway Co., OH m Georgianna Johnson
                • Thomas Eugene Purcell b 19 Jan 1878 Piatt Co., IL m Lula Edna Porter
                  • Wayne Thomas Purcell b 24 Dec 1904 Lee Co., IL m Clara Albina Holbrook P-23 132975
  • David Purcell (Pursell) arrived VA from Dublin mid 1700s d 1789 Rockingham Co., NC m Elizabeth - David A. Purcell, Jr. [purcellab AT]
    • George Purcell b Rockingham Co., NC d 1861 m Elizabeth Nicks
      • David Purcell b Rockingham Co., NC d 1899 m Alice Josephine Mitchell
        • David Ernest Purcell b Rockingham Co., NC d 12 May 1955 m Vandora Troxler
          • David Alexander Purcell b 1905 Rockingham Co., NC d 1994 m Margaret Virginia Holstein N69238
  • Charles Purcell, b. 1723 or 1773, Ireland, d. 1813, Co. Kerry, Ireland - James K Purcell [jpurcell AT]
    • James J. Purcell, b. 1791, Knockamoohane, Co. Kerry, Ireland, m. Maria Bourke
      • James Purcell, b. 1846, Knockamoohane, Co. Kerry, Ireland, m. Catherine O'Keeffe
        • John J. A. Purcell, b. 1891, Knockamoohane, Co. Kerry, Ireland, m. Elizabeth "Lizzie"  P-7 88562
  • Cpl. John Purcell d 1794 Edgefield Co., SC m Barbary - bjarrell [bjjarrell AT]
    • Edmund Purcell b c1767 SC d 1804 Edgefield Co., SC m Elizabeth
      • William Purcell b 1802 Edgefield Co., SC m Mary Haralson
        • Alexander Purcell b 1822 Edgefield, SC d 1886 Tallapoosa Co., AL m Mary Bailey
          • Nathan Alexander Purcell b 1848 Tallapoosa Co., AL d 1930 Elmore Co., AL m Sarah E. Morris
  • Jacob Purcell b. 1773 NC d 1859 GA m Mary King - freelancejy [freelancejy AT]
    • John B. Purcell b. 1804 Franklin Co., GA, m. Charity Crump
      • Robert Green Purcell b. 1843 Franklin Co, GA m. Gillie Burgess
        • William Noah Purcell b. 1886 Etowah Co, AL m. Mattie Rogers
          • Wilbur Green Purcell b. 1911 Etowah Co, AL m. Johnnie Shiver
    • Elisha W. Purcell b 1807 GA d 1870 GA m Sara Susan Addison - Brenda Purcell Thorpe [ladybren AT]
      • Elijah V. Purcell b 1863 GA d 1942 GA m Nora Bell Dickson
        • Clyde C. Purcell b 1903 GA d 1935 GA m Addie Cash 232345
  • William Purcell b 10 Jun 1788 m Eleanor Burke - Robert H. Purcell [purcell AT] P-17 108661
  • Thomas Nelson Purcell, b. 4-13-1792; m c1820 Ann Minor - Melanie Stevens Mattson [MelanieNJX AT]
    • John S. Purcell, b. c1822 ; m: Susan Mildred Hudgins Brown 
      • William Henry Purcell, b. 9-13-1856 Gloucester Co, VA, m: Elnora Hammond Hudgins
        • Irvin Wagner Purcell, b. 7-30-1890 Gloucester Co, VA; m: Riley - P-5 57858
  • Thomas Purcell b Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary, Ireland m Mary Bryan - Margaret Purcell [margaret AT]
    • John Purcell b 1818 Ballingarry, Co. Tipperary, Ireland m Ann Whittaker nee Heap
      • Thomas Purcell b 1856 Rawtenstall, Lancashire, England m Margaret Agnes Steel
        • John David Purcell b 1897 Colne, Lancashire, England m Rose Sharples 270962
  • Hiram H. Purcell, b. 19 Oct. 1799; m. Partheny Williams - T David Purcell II [tdavidpurcell AT]
    • Francis Marion Purcell, b. 2 July 1843, m. America Penuel
      • Samuel Thomas Purcell, b. 25 July 1870, d. 2 Nov. 1953
        • William Henson Purcell, b. 7 August 1895, d. 13 April 1974 (West Frankfort, IL) N8979
  • Thomas Purcell, b Tipperary, Ireland - Lisa Hawkins [lisahawkins1999 AT]
    • Edward Purcell, Thurles, Ireland, b 1870
      • Claretta Purcell, Thurles, Ireland, b 1905
  • Thomas Pursel, b 1815 (d) 22 Sept. 1886 Marshalltown, IA (m) Agnes Andrews - M Pursel [pursel AT]
    • John William Sr. b 13 Aug.1862 d 10 Feb. 1932 Marshalltown, IA
      • John William Jr. b 23 June 1886 d 9 Dec.1980 Las Vegas, NV P-6 87552
  • Meredith W. Pursell b 1825 Watne Co., KY m Perthena Neal - wpurc2540
    • John Ananias Purcell b 14 Mar 1852 Clinton Co., KY m Julia Ann Ford
      • John Preston Purcell b 25 Jul 1879 Daviess Co., KY m Lillie Viro Basham 108507
  • Reuben Pursell b 1828 d 3 Apr 1898 Lewisburg, PA m Suzannah Ross Van Horn - 1emmajen [wilpur33 AT]
    • Reuben Ross Pursell b 1870 d 1 Apr 1940 Milton, PA m Catherine Kreps
      • Reuben David Pursell b 12 Dec 1912 d 12 Dec 1971 York Co., PA m Rose R. Fry N10570
  • Thomas Purcell b In Ireland c1830 m Susan Comely Spratt, d 1891 - Joe Purcell [jgp5 AT 
    • Michael T. Purcell b in Garrard Co, Ky in 1863 m Viney Humphrey, d 1938
      • Mike Purcell B in Garrard Co, Ky in 1907 married Zelma Bryant, d 1968 P-8 91577
  • John Purcell, b 14 Sep 1840, Shropshire, England, m Mary Ann Perkins - Neil Frederick Purcell [neilivia AT]
    • Edwin Purcell, b 28 Dec 1872, Horsehay near Dawley, Shropshire, England, m Kate Abbley
      • Frederick Purcell, b 26 July 1904, White House Farm Thornaby-On-Tees Yorkshire England, m Louisa  Wilson Sandle
        • Neil Frederick Purcell, b Sep 1941, Thornaby-On-Tees-England P-18 109936                  

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