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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page,
but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project by the red kit or code identity number
after the pedigree)

Please note that a pedigree does not include any marriage information, any death information, or any details on the wife.  It is
intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest.  It is NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known
on this family.  Often, something special is listed on the first generation, as usually little is known about him. 

Click on the link for Pedigrees on the right in the menu bar across the top of the page to post your pedigree on the forum.  The Project

Administrator will then post it on the Patriarch Page. 


Haplogroup I

  • Alexander Patty b c1821 Ireland m Elizabeth McCarrey
    • Thomas Franklin Patty b 1858 Kirkpatrick, Glenfaba, Isle of Man m Zora E. Beach
      • Ernest Newton Patty b 1894 LaGrande, Union OR m Kathryn Bryce Stanton
  • James Patty b c1814 SC m Anna or Hannah MNU
    • John James Patty b c1851 AL m Sarah J. Watts
      • Charles M. Patty b 1890 AL m Bessie L. Weems
  • Josiah Patty b c1776 VA m Elizabeth Rooker [bob.patty AT]
    • Obediah Patty b 1815 Roane County TN m Susannah H. Bacon
      • Allen Patty b 1842 Roane County TN m Martha Jane Livingston
        • Andrew Madison Patty b 1881 Faulkner County AR m Maggie Ola Winter 1P
  • Isaac Henry Stetler b 1845 Clinton County IN
    • Claude Emanuel Stetler b 1876 Henry County IA d 1943 Ft. Worth TX 2S
  • Obed (Obediah) Patty b c1780 SC m Sarah (Sally) Unknown
    • Obed C. Patty b 1819 Knox County TN m Eliza S. Millard
      • Francis E. Sevier Patty b 1846 McMinn County TN m Ellen Elizabeth  Wilson
        • Orvis Lafayette (Lafite) Patty b 1882 McMinn County TN m Martha Raper 3P
  • Jesse Patty d c1795 Union District SC [KennethWebb226 AT]
    • John Paty m Jane Barlow
      • Joshua Patty b 1789 Union District SC m Nancy Walker
        • William M. Patty b 1834 TN m Jane (Jenny) Gibson
          • William Robert Patty b 1861 TN m Cynthia Webb
            • Melvin Albert Webb aka Patty b 1897 Sevier County TN m Florence Arrowood
              • Charles A. Webb b 1924 NC m Lee Rose Dean
  • Thomas Patty (Not verified)
    • James Patty b 1772 VA m Mary Cook
      • Isaac Patty b 1808 m Jane White
        • James Nathan Patty b 1855 IN m Lucinda Jane Harness
          • Glen G. Patty b 1904 IN m Lillian Grace Meeker 5P [patty.marsha AT]
  • James F. Petty b c 1840 Lexington Jct. MO 14 PE


Haplogroup A

  • Elijah Paty b 1775 VA m Averilla Ann Parrott [rcpatey777 AT]
    • William Paty b 1799 Jasper County GA m Sarah Godwin
      • Elijah Sanford Paty b 1826 DeKalb County GA m Margaret Ann McJunkin
        • John Sanford Paty b 1882 Caddo Parish LA m Trella Florence Jamison
          • Merrill A. Paty b 1905 Pulaski County AR m Helen Elizabeth Longhurst 6P
    • John Paty b 1803 Jasper County GA m Nancy Anna B. Drew
      • William Parks Patey b c1829 GA m Elizabeth Jane Nichols
        • George D.W. Patey b c 1852 Marshall County AL m Frances Ella Spillers
          • Parks Oscar Patey b 1873 AL m Willie Jane Abernathy
            • Jay Thomas Patey b 1896 Etowah County AL m Bertha Mae Callahan 9P
  • Robert Vest b 1848 Rockingham County NC m Melinda Hensley (l.l.Vest AT]
    • George Washington Vest b 1878 Madison County NC m Unknown
      • Oval Vance Vest b 1904 Madison County NC m Madge M. Corby 7V
  • John Alexander Roberts b c1700 England m Virginia Horseley (Not verified)
    • John Roberts b c1729 Culpeper County VA m Lucy Pollard (Not verified)
      • Joseph Roberts b c 1748 Amherst County VA m Sally Hardy
        • Henry Dawson Roberts b 1791 Nelson County VA m Eliza Brown Landcraft
          • William Ganderson Roberts b 1820 Nelson County VA m Mary Virginia Knight
            • William Henry Roberts b 1858 VA m Bertha Sallie Morris
              • William Knight Roberts b 1894 Kanawha County VA m Lula Ethel Neeley 6R [billykr AT]
  • Benjamin Ray (RS) b 1756 Surry County NC or Brunswick County VA m Unknown Pinnion
    • John Ray b 1788 Surry County NC m Elizabeth Hess 9CR [raysearcher AT]
      • James Ray b 1820 Russell County VA m Margaret Griffin
        • Iredell Ray b 1866 Russell County VA m Rachel Celia Honaker
          • Ivan Roosevelt Ray b 1905 Honaker, Russell, VA m Dollis Sykes
    • Iredell Ray b 1810 Surry County NC m Rhoda Sargent 9RR [Stephanie.ray90 AT]
      • Elisha Ray b 1839 Russell County VA m Cynthia Honaker
        • Robert Elisha Ray b 1860 VA m Cosby Jane Ray
          • Shade W. Ray b 1888 Russell County VA m Nora Marie Ray


Haplogroup R1b

  • James Patty b c1705 VA d c1758 Halifax County VA m Sarah Unknown (Not verified)
    • James Patty b c1749 VA d c1795 Newberry SC m Margaret Mote (Not verified)
      • James Patty b c1775 SC m Ann Brown
        • Samuel Patty b 1806 OH d 1861 Versailles, Darke, OH m Ann S. Gray
          • Albert Earl Patty b 1854 Mercer County OH d 1913 Benedict, Wilson, KS m Della Ann Evans
            • William Rex Patty b 1900 Benedict, Wilson, KS m Grace E. Chamblin
  • Jesse James Patty b 1833 TN d 1879 AR m Lutitia Wilson

Note: Comparison testing need to verify Jesse James Patty line.


Updated 10 March 2013




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