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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • James Whistling Orr b 6/24/1743 Ireland; m1 Sarah McConnell m2 Margare Jane Lemmond - Marilyn Hall Jones [marilynhjones AT]
    • John Orr b Sept 26, 1776 Mecklenburg Co NC; married Elizabeth Karr
      • James Jefferson Orr b Mar 9, 1813 Mecklenburg Co NC; married Sophia Alexander
        • Lenora Sophia Orr b. Oct 23, 1846 Mecklenburg Co NC; married Robert Amzy Hall  226700
  • John Orr b 1700 Scotland m Rachel Alexander - Oliver Orr [meorr AT]
    • Robert Orr b 1749 onboard ship, Atlantic Ocean m Ann Hogsed
      • John Orr b 1775 Buncombe Co., NC m Jane Clayton
        • Oliver Jason Orr b 1826 Buncombe Co., NC m Miriam Hadden
          • Oliver Pinkney Orr b 1864 Henderson Co., NC m Annie Belle Bird
            • Oliver Sample Orr b 1901 Henderson Co., NC m Octavia Mae Saunders 178360
  • Arthur Orr b 1727 d 1808 Washington Co., VA - Dan Orr [jdan.orr AT]
    • Arthur Orr b 1753 PA d 1814 Washington Co., VA m Ann Ryburn
      • John Orr b 1777 York Co., PA d 1854 Boone Co., MO m Mary Eakins
        • Patrick Ryburn Orr b 1808 Washington Co., VA d 1862 Leavenworth Co., KS m Malinda Johnson
          • John Jay Orr b 1850 Platte Co., MO d 1926 Brown Co., KS m Alice Lucy Clem
            • Jay Clem Orr b 1894 KS d 1971 Los Angeles Co., CA m Kate Gillard 219398
      • Thomas Orr b 1793 York Co., PA d 1873 Pike Co., IL m Elizabeth Jones - [private]
        • Henry Orr b 1816 Washington Co., VA d 1909 Pike Co., IL m Ann Hull
          • James Henry Orr b 1847 Pike Co., IL d 1933 Hancock Co., IL m Louisa Emaline Watson
            • Warren Henry Orr b 1886 Marion Co., MO d 1962 Cook Co., IL m Dorothy Wallace 228552
  • George Ewing b West Indies 1808 - ? -  Dan Ewing [Dan.Ewing AT]
    • George Ewing b Philadelphia, PA 1848 - ? m Emma Augusta Krieger
      • Clarence Washington Ewing b Philadelphia, PA 1878 - 1966 m Cora Catherine Decker
        • Douglas Trissillian Ewing b Philadelphia, PA 1908-1992 m Thelsa Hennis 200905
  • William Orr b Ulster d 1784 NC m Mary Gill - Jerry E. Orr [jerryorr AT]
    • James Orr b 1755 PA d 1819 Caswell Co., NC m Agnes Walker
      • Samuel Orr b 1786 Caswell Co., NC d 1834 Pike Co., MO m Nancy Swift
        • Joseph Walker Orr b 1818 Caswell Co., NC d Yuba City, CA m Susan E. Pritchett
          • John Leonidas Orr b 1849 Pike Co., MO d 1932 m Eleanor Jopson
            • Frank Leonidas Orr b 1877 Sacramento Co., CA d 1949 Sutter Co., CA m Ada Harvie 69657
  • Robert Orr b c1736 d 1784 Carnwath, Lankarkshire m Agnes Watson - lcody
    • Adam Orr b 1768 d 1851 Carstairs, Lanarkshire m Marion McGie
      • William Orr b 1802 d 1893 Crossford, Lanarkshire m Anne Smith
        • George Orr b 1840 d 1906 Crossford, Lanarkshire m Helen Taylor
          • George Smith Orr b 1873 d 1963 Glasgow m Jane Brown
            • William Brown Orr b 1902 d 1986 Perth, Western Australia 57018
  • Alexander Orr b 1757 Donegal, Ireland m Margaret Ramsey - Armond Orr [rebelce AT]
    • William Orr Sr. b 1786 York Co., PA m Mary Rutherford
      • James Orr b 1814 Polk Co., TN m Temperance Coffey
        • John Morgan Orr b c1846 Maries Co., MO m Susan L. Ginn
          • Morgan Orr b 1882 Taney Co., MO m Mae Ethel Trimble
            • Ueal Eugene Orr b 1908 Knox Co., TX m Dora Lucille Corbett 168368
  • James b 1797 Ballymena, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland d Crete, IL - Dennis Orr [dennis_orr AT]
    • James b 5 May 1822 N. Ireland d 1 Jul 1900 m Isabell Williamson
      • James b 15 Sep 1860 Will Co., IL d 4 May 1945 Will Co., IL m Adeline Elizabeth Meyer
        • Mark Ulysses b 8 May 1906 d 5 Mar 1989 Denver, CO m Clara Belle Riley O-9 75988
  • Samuel Orr b c 1797 VA/NC/GA m Mary unknown SD ORR [orrgen AT]
    • Durham Orr b c 1830 AL m Caroline unkknown 
      • Acye/Asa Orr b 4-1860 Franklin Parish, LA m Katie (Catherine) Strong   320864
  • John Orr m Eliza Nevin 12 Apr 1839 Donaghadee, N. Ireland - LmOrr [lrails52 AT]
    • Jane Orr b 3 Apr 1840 Donaghadee, N. Ireland
    • Isabella Orr b 27 Nov 1841 Donaghadee, N. Ireland
    • George Orr b 23 Jan 1844 Donaghadee, N. Ireland
    • Eliza Orr b 2 Feb 1846 Donaghadee, N. Ireland O-7 23729



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Patrick Orr b 1643 Lochbridge, Ayr, Scotland - okiwen [okiwen2 AT]
    • Patrick Orr b 1679 Lochridge, Ayr, Scotland m Margaret Miller
      • Robert Orr b 31 Jul 1720 Lochbridge, Ayrshire, Scotland d 3 Dec 1768 m1 M. Gulliland m2
        • J. Allan Patrick Orr b 10 Jan 1751 Lochridge, Ayr, Scotland m Janet Speir
          • James Orr b 10 Dec 1780 Newton, Ayr, Scotland m Ann Houston
  • James Orr m Martha Patrick 1833 Gorbals Scotland - shall [shall707 AT] 
    • Andrew Orr b 1835 Gorbals Scotland m Margaret Sloane 1852
      • Mary Anne Orr b 1853
      • Samuel Sloan Reid Orr b 1855 m Elizabeth Wright b 1858
        • Anne Wright Orr
        • Margaret Sloane Orr
        • Robert Wright Orr
        • William Wright Orr b1892 Wishaw Scotland
        • James Wright Orr b 1886 Glasgow Scotland
        • Samuel Sloan Orr b 1887 Wishaw Scotland
        • Elizabeth Wright Orr b 1895 Wishaw Scotland
    • Isabella Orr b 1836 Gorbals Scotland
    • William Orr b 1840 Gorbals Scotland



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