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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project. (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)



Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
To contact provider of the pedigree, change the AT to @ and remove space

  • James Proctor North b 1894 Mo. d 1987 Wa. m Elizabeth May Eidson b 1893 mo. d 1966 Wa. - Mary Fodey [mvfodey AT]
    • Willis Franklin North b 1870 Mo. d 1916 Mo. m Lavada Francis Capps b  1877 Mo. d 1904 Mo.
      • James Richard North b 1825  Ky d 1888 Mo. m Emiline Allison b 1827 Ky d 1888 Mo.
        • Thomas Francis North b 1784 Va. (through Ky) d 1853 Mo.  m Elizabeth Branch b 1785 Va d 1860 (The DNA seems to link with this Branch family)
          • Thomas North b 1760 Va, d 1832 Va. m Mildred Overton  Berlkey b 1750 Va. d 1784 Va B3486
  • Thomas North b 1742 Va. d 1794 Va. m Sarah W McCarty b 1740 Conn. d 1772 Va. - Mary Fodey [mvfodey AT]
    • William North b 1700 Va. d 1748 Va. m Susannah Cottrel b 1710 Va. d 1740
      • William North b 1652 Va. d 1706 Va. m Mary Callaway b 1655 Va. d 1711 Va.
        • Anthony North b 1626 Va. d 1700 Va. m Jane ---1628-1684 Va
          • Thomas North b c 1600 prob England  ---1673/8 Va B3486



Pedigrees submitted prior to Nov. 2012 that have no Kit Number as yet.

  • Basset b c1790 NC m Sally Lassetter - northernone [lnorthern AT]
    • Allen B. b c1820 Macon, GA m Mary Ann Spearman
      • William Basset b 18 Jul 1858 Coweta Co., GA m Laura Frances Merrell
        • Otto Paul b 16 Jul 1889 Frost, TX m Mary Lou Prater
  • John North b c1791 d c1852 Huntingdonshire England m Charlotte Jarvis(s) - JimNorth [jim.north AT]
    • Henry North b c1820 Buckden, Hunts, England d 1903 Lewisham, Kent, England m Eliza Goldsmith
      • William John North b c1840 Islington, Middx, England d c1891 m Susan Sandiland
        • Alice J North b c1864 Islington, Middx, England
        • William Frederick P. North b c1865, Islington, Middx, Engand
        • Minne North b c1867 Islington, Middx, England
        • Arthur North b c1875 Islington, Middx, England
        • Florence North b c1880 Holloway, London, England
      • Frederick George North b 1842 Kennington, Surrey, England m Elizabeth Wallace
        • Ada Eliza North b c1867 Hoxton, Islington, Middx, Eng m Richard Smith
          • Reginald Alfred Smith b 1899
        • Henry George North b c1870 Barnsley, Middx, England m Edith Ellen Ford
        • William North b c1873 Islington, Middx, Eng
        • Harry Wilkie North b 1874 Wandsworth, Surrey, England m Julia Rose Harris
          • Frederick George North b 1903 Chelsea, London, England m Phyllis Doreen Woodman
          • William Harry North b 1905 Chelsea, London, England m Bertha Nllie Hurst
        • Emily Louise North b 1877 Balham, Surrey, England m Alfred James Woods
          • Nellie Woods b c1899 Catford, Kent, England
          • Elsie Audrey Woods b 1900 Catford, Kent, England
          • Kathleen Woods
          • Edna Woods
          • Doris May Woods b 1902 Lewisham, Kent, England
          • George H Woods b 1910 Lewisham, Kent, England
        • Nellie Kate North b 1881 Balham, Surrey, England   
      • Emily Ann North b 1847 Kennnington, Surrey, England m Edward Shuttleworth
      • Harry Sidney North b c1851 Islington, Middx, England m Emma Lucy ?
        • Kathleen B North b c1884 East Dulwich, London, England
      • Alfred Wilkins North b 1855 Islington, Middx, England m Louisa Jordan
        • Ruby Estelle North b 1884 Camberwell, Surrey, England
        • Sydney North b 1885 Greenwich, Kent, England
        • Valantine Alfred North b 1889 Camberwell, Surrey ,England
        • Connie Victoria North b 1897 Lewisham, Kent, England m Ernest James Moore
      • Mary E North b c1858 Islington, Middx, Englanad
    • George North b c1821 Godmanchester, Hunts, England
    • Elizabeth North b c1829 Huntingdonshire, England
    • Catherine North b c1829 Huntingdonshire, England m Thomas Smith









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