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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.
Pedigrees for Project Members--Kit numbers are in red at the end of each pedigree
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  • Owen Myrick, Sr., b. c. 1652 in Virginia, m. Joan _?_  
    • Francis Myrick, Sr. b. c.1673 in Virginia; m. Rebecca   - John A. Myrick [jmyrick AT]
      • Francis Myrick, Jr. b.  c. 1694 in Virginia; m. Rebecca Middleton.
        • ​Francis Myrick, III, b. 1715 in Virginia; m. Mary Turner.
          • ​John Myrick, b. 1751 in North Carolina; m. Amy Goodwin.
            • ​Goodwin Myrick, b. 1779 in Virginia; m. Martha Parham
              • ​Benjamin Harvey Myrick, b. 1820 in Georgia; m. Anne Edmondson.
                • ​John E. Myrick, b. 1843 in Georgia; m. Julia Peeples
                  • ​Dudley Peeples Myrick, b.1873 in Georgia; m. Ethel Helm
                    • ​John “Jack” Albert Myrick, Sr., b.1916 in Georgia; m. Mildred Mangham 310072
        • ​John Myrick, Jr.. b. 1716 in Virginia; m. Ann Thompson - Wm. Harvey Myrick 
          • ​Nathaniel Myrick, b. c.1766 in Virginia; m, Winnie Mims.
            • ​John Myrick, b.1787 in Virginia; m. Malinda Harris
              • ​Moses Myrick, b. 1811 in Georgia, m. (2nd)  Mary Shofner
                • ​William Harvey Myrick, b. 1849 in Alabama, m. Susan Harrison
                  • ​Henry Leonard Myrick, b. 1872 in Alabama, m. Ollie Cox.
                    • ​William Harvey Myrick, b. 1908 in Alabama, m. Delia Black. 209154
                • John Wesley Myrick, b. 1834 in Alabama, m. Mary Cade. - Elbert Myrick
                  • ​John James Myrick, b. 1860 in Alabama, m. Martha Jernigan. 
                    • ​Elbert Lee Myrick, b. 1910 in Alabama, m. Gertrude Rose. 95361
        • Moses Myrick, Sr., b. c.1725 in Virginia, m. Susannah Ellison. - Thomas Myrick
          • ​James Myrick, b. c.1745 in North Carolina, m. Elizabeth James. 
            • ​Charles Myrick, b.1769 in North Carolina, m. Martha Ray. 
              • ​James C. Myrick, b.1802 in North Carolina, m. Mary Shearin.
                • ​William Armstead Myrick, b.1863 in North Carolina, m. Sallie Munn.
                  • ​James Thomas Myrick, b.1899 in North Carolina, m. Mattie Harris. 311213
            • Moses Myrick III (1777 – 1853)
              • Edward Macon Myrick, Sr. (1820 – 1891
                • Edward Macon Myrick, Jr. (1854 – 1922)
                  • Francis Macon Myrick (1880 – 1958)   300141
      • Richard Myrick, b. c. 1704 in Virginia, m. Elizabeth _?_ - Robert Myrick IV
        • James Myrick, b. 1740 in South Carolina, m. (2nd) Mary Brooker.
          • ​Eli Myrick, b. 1775 in South Carolina, m. Mary Creech. 
            • ​John T. Myrick, b. 1806 in South Carolina, m. Sarah Jane Jeter. 
              • ​James Wilson Myrick, b. 1841 in South Carolina, m. Ann Williams. 
                • ​William Wilson Myrick, b. 1871 in South Carolina, m. Angie Louvici Milhous 
                  • ​Robert Fulton Myrick, b. 1896 in South Carolina, m. Hazel Inez Baker. 
                    • ​Robert Fulton Myrick, Jr., b. 1918 in Florida, m. Miriam Cornell Case 317990
    • Owen Myrick, Jr., b. c.1685 in Virginia, m. Mary _?_ . - Eugene Myrick
      • ​John Myrick, Sr. b. c.1720 in Virginia, m. Ann _?_.
        • John Myrick, Jr. b. c.1745 in Virginia, m. Martha Edmonds
          • ​John Myrick, III b. c.1777 in Virginia, m. Elizabeth Kirk.
            • ​David Nicholson Myrick, Sr., b. 1807 in North Carolina, m. (2nd) Nancy Ann Bolt.
              • ​David Nicholson Myrick, Jr., b. 1847 in Tennessee, m. Cornelia Kellum.
                • ​David Nicholson Myrick, III,  b.1893 in Texas, m. Gladys Payne. 383344
        • William Myrick, b. 1750 in Virginia, m. Lucy Newsom. - Jack V. Myrick
          • ​Walter Myrick, b. 1790 in Virginia, m. (2nd) Mary Barrett 
            • ​James L. Myrick, b. 1818 in North Carolina, m. Elizabeth Nelson.
              • ​Theodore C. Myrick, b. 1856 in Kentucky, m. Alice Myra Coulter.
                • ​John L. Myrick, b. 1892 in Kentucky, m. Eleanor Irene Hill 299396

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