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We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.   We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Mobley / Mobberly / Moberly

  • Edward de Mobberley b 1593 Cheshire, England - garce47 [garce1947 AT]
    • John Mobberley b 1625 England d 1684 MD m Elizabeth Venn
      • John Mobberley b 1657 Cheshire, England d 1727 MD m Anne Griffin
        • Edward Mobberley b 1696 MD d 1787 SC m1 Anne m2 Suzannah Duval
          • Benjamin Moberley b c1728 MD d 1807 Madison, KY m Mary Price
            • Edward Moberley b 1762 NC m Nancy Roebuck
              • Elias Moberly b 1799 Madison, KY d 1867 Madison, KY m Lucinda Barnett
                • Charles W. Moberly b 1836 Madison, KY m Mary Ross
                  • Mary E. Moberly b 1876 Fayette, IL d 1930 m David Traxler
            • Samuel Moberley b c1765 NC m Anne Tudor
              • Thomas Moberly b 1800 Madison, KY d 1881 m Clarky Long
          • Keziah Moberley b c1743 m Thomas Meadors
  • John Mobberley Sr. b 1657/8 m1 Ann ? - Carl Mobley [cmobley AT]
    • William Mobberley b 18 May 1699 Anne Arundel, South River, MD
      • Thomas Mobley b c1720, lived GA 1775
        • Edward Mobley b c1750 d 1820 Effingham Co., GA m Mary
          • Edward Mobley b 1818 d bef 15 Nov 1894 Macclenny, Baker Co., FL m Judia "Judy" Scott
            • Jesse Daniel Mobley b 3 Dec 1850 Camden Co., GA d 16 Dec 1925 Macclenny, Baker Co., FL m Tabitha Taylor
              • Andrew Jackson Mobley b 7 Oct 1876 Charlton Co., GA d 2 Apr 1963 Macclenny, Baker Co., FL m Lucy Lucinda Crews
                • Rufus Claude Mobley b 30 Mar 1904 Baker Co., FL d 17 Apr 1959 Jacksonville Beach, Duval Co., FL m Maude Chesser M-1 13831
  • Robert C. Moberly b either c1799 or bef 1788 SC or NC m Delilah W. Drake - Carol Anne Lucian [clkonfetti AT]
    • Erwin J. Moberly b c1827 TN (probably Lincoln Co.) m Sarah G. Calvin
      • Charles Joseph Moberly/Mobley b c1872 Dover Hill, Martin Co., IN m Anna Mary Messmer
        • William Theodore Mobley b 26 Aug 1906 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY m Marguerite Mangeot 204470
  • Thomas Jefferson Mobley b c1803 GA d 1863 AL - Patsy M. Jordan [pmj817 AT]
    • Edward Benjamin Mobley b c1845 AL
      • William Thomas Mobley b 1866 AL d 1937 AL 159954
  • Alfred Mobley b c1805 NC/SC/TN? m Jemima White - Larry B Mobley [lbmobley AT]
    • James Appleton Mobley b 1844 MS m Mary Ann Amelia Gibson
      • William Thaddeus Mobley b 6/15/1879 MS m Virtie Lee Blaylock
        • Fealon Thaddeus Mobley,b 7/17/1905 OK m Pauline Lena Hicks
  • Sion Green Mobley b c1812 GA d 1882 Pike Co., AL m Serena Simpler - Ray Mobley [Ray.Mobley AT]
    • Aubrey Anderson Spurgeon b 1841 GA d 1907 Pike Co., AL m Margaret Bright 
      • Mose Wesley b 1883 Pike Co., AL d 1948 AL m Mattie McLendon  126655


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