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By correlating test results and paternal pedigrees, each family can identify their genetic heritage and related families.
  • Thomas Albert Mims b 1612 Wales
    • Thomas b 1637
      • Thomas b 1681 VA
        • Benjamin b 1710
          • Thomas b 15 Jul 1736 VA
            • Richard b 1754
              • John b 1780
  • Lynah Mims b.1772 Virginia married to Rebecca Davis - Leader 745 [Leader 745 AT]
    • Davis R. Mims  b.1810 Virginia married to Elizabeth Cresap
      • John M. Mims  b. 1840 Kentucky married to Margaret Warren
        • Oscar C. Mims b 1869, m Cora LaFerry B25128
  • James G. Mims b 1774 Darlington Co SC m Febraba Reynolds-Tommie J Mims Jr [mims9006 AT] 
    • Elijah Mims b 1807 Darlington Co SC m Mahalia Popwell
      • George W. Mims b Dec 26 1827 Autauga Co AL m Tabitha Miller
        • George Thomas Jackson Mims b Oct 16 1862 Autauga Co AL m Laura A Baker
          • William Isiah Mims b Oct 16 1883 Chilton Co AL m Lexie Rosa Lee Baker
            • Tommie Jackson Mims b Mar 1 1907 Chilton Co AL m Hazel Marie Pierce  B6088
  • Matthew Mims b 8 Oct 1813 Twiggs Co., GA m Czarina E. Robinson - Staley W. Mims III [staleym3 AT]
    • Ellis B. Mims b 1837 Twiggs Co., GA m Ann GO Staley
      • Joel M. Mims b 1871 Morehouse Par., LA m Carrie V. Logan
        • Staley W. Mims b 15 Jul 1903 McClennan Co., TX m Oralie Byrne

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