We will list all Families, by Earliest Ancestor and Line Leader who wish to be listed.  We hope that eventually, all families will be listed on this page.  Families will be listed in the order they appear on the Y-Results page.  Families who are looking for someone to test or who have a test in progress will be listed toward the end.  We also hope to eventually locate descendants of each family and to arrange their participation in the DNA project.  (Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we will indicate families who have a man representing them in the DNA Project .)

Only by having this information can the project help all members in the maximum possible way.

Haplogroup R1b (but not R-M222)

·          John Millikin b. 1800 KY USA  P-2


·          Jesse Millican, b 1810 TN (probably Jefferson Co) USA, m Margaret Shelley - David Millican [dm13 AT isp.com]

o         Nathan Alexander, b 1836 Mc Nairy Co, TN, m Annie McElroy

§          Jesse George Millican, b 1870 Mansfield, De Soto Psh, LA, m Alice Cotton  P-3


·          William Riley Milligan 1824 – 1827   P-64


·          William M Millican b 1810 TN USA d. 1871 TX

o         John Millican  P-59

o         William Millican  P-58


·          Julius Washington Milligan b. c. 1777 Greene Co. KY - Jim Milligan [milligan_jw AT yahoo.com]

o         John A Milligan b. 1798 d. 1892 KY USA   P-44


·          John Milligan b. c. 1800 Scotland or Ireland  P-5


·          Lionel Millikin of Wanwood farm, Alston, Cumberland UK - died 1624

o         John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston [manorial records]

§          John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston Cumberland UK  -  buried 22.Mar.1713

·          John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston, Cumberland UK - died late 1698 Alston, md Mary

o         John Millikin of Wanwood farm Alston Cumberland

§          Thomas Millican, b.8.Mar.1724 Garrigill Cumberland UK   -  8.Jun.1782 Garrigill, md Alice Allinson of Nattrass, Alston 1745

·          Thomas Millican, b.3.Aug.1766 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  20.Mar.1843 Garrigill, md Mary Bradwell 1786, Elizabeth Wallace of Garrigill 1793

o         George Millican, b.22.Jul.1810 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  22.Jan.1890 Garrigill, md Mary Hall of Garrigill

§          George Alfred Millican, b 1854 Garrigill Cumberland UK  -  d.1905 Garrigill, md Jane Dent

§          Joseph [Dent] Millican, b. 1880 Garrigill Cumberland UK, d.1937 Brisbane Australia, md Gertrude Varty of Alston UK  P-39


·          John Milliken b. 1796 Pennsylvania USA, d. 1865 New Hampshire USA , md. Achsa Sawyer - Lloyd Mulliken [loyd.Mullikin AT gmail.com]

o         George Mulliken m. Elizabeth Oakes Fitzgerald

§          John Mulliken m. Matilda Brickner

·          Lee Vernette Mulliken m. Ethel Mae Drake  P-72


·          John Milligan b. 1820 of Kirkubright Scotland and Lancashire England   P-69


·          Robert Mullicken  b. 1666 Scotland d. 1741 Bradford, Essex Co. Massachusetts m. Rebekah Savory - Terri Mulliken Allen [Imacutegal AT aol.com]

o         Benjamin Mullicken b. 1696 Bradford, Essex Co. Massachusetts, d. 1773 Bradford Massachusetts, m. Elizabeth Stickney

§          Amos Mulliken b. 1727 Bradford, Massachusetts, d. 1814 Townsend, Middlesex Co. Massachusetts, m. Mehitable Dodge

·          Asa Webster Milliken b. MA, d. Campbelltown, Steuben Co. New York USA m. Rachel Campbell

o         Henry Mulliken b. 1809 Campbelltown New York, d. 1880 Lansing, Ingham Co. Michigan, m. Ermina Burritt

§          Charles Hawley Mulliken b. 1839 Crete, Will Co., Illinois, d. 1896 Curunna, Shiawassee Co. Michigan, m. Mary Lucienda Watts

·          Franklin Granger Mulliken b. 1865, Illinois d. 1948 Washington, m Ella Marilla (Eastman) Crampton

o         Ralph Franklin Mulliken b. 1906 Washington, d. 1951 California   P-80


·          Jesse Milliken of Barnes Co. Tennessee

o         Austen Lee Milikien b. 1809, d. 1855 m. Catherine Wainwright   P-76



·          Robert Milligan b. c 1767 MD USA  d. 1842 Fairfield, OH - Barbara Waits [Barbarablooming AT yahoo.com]

o         Zachariah Milliken b. 1793 MD d. 1879 Fairfield, OH

§          George Milligan b. 1841 Fairfield, OH d. 1907 Fairfield, OH

·          Elda Milligan b. 1871 Fairfield, OH d. 1950 Frankin, OH

o         Paul Milligan b. 1910 Fairfield, OH d. 1958 Franklin, OH  P-22


·          Samuel Milliken b. c. 1804 PA USA  P-19


Haplogroup R1b (R-M222)

·          James Milligan of lowlands of Scotland md. Martha Eustis - Susan Milligan [similligan AT msn.com]

Note:  link to next generation is by secondary sources

o         John Milligan b. c 1779 of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1839 Coitsville OH USA, m. Margaret

§          James Milligan b. 1806 Co. Tyrone, Ireland, d. 1881 Coitsville OH m. Catherine McGuffey

·          William John Milligan b. 1834 PA, d. 1908 Coitsville OH, m. Martha Thornton Brownlee

o         John Rayen Milligan b. 1878 Coitsville OH, d. 1958 Youngstown OH, m. Ina Young   P-6


·          John Francis Milliken b. 1806 Portland Maine USA


·          Hugh Milliken 1600's of Boston MA USA m. Eleanor Ellison

Note: connection between Hugh and John is not proven

o         John Milliken b. c. 1664, d. 1749 Scarboro ME, m. Elizabeth Alger

§          John Milliken b. 1691 Boston MA, d. 1779 Scarborough, Cumberland ME USA, m. Sarah Burnett

·          John Milliken b. 1723 Boston MA, d. 1766, m. Eleanor Libby

o         Benjamin Milliken b. 1764 Scarborough ME, d. 1818 Buckford, Oxford ME, m. Elizabeth Bangridge

§          John Milliken b. 1791 Buckfield, Oxford, ME, d. 1861 Brunswick, Cumberland, ME, m. Jemima Bradstriit Minot

·          John Minot Milliken b. 1821 Lubec, Washington, ME, d. 1891 Sacramento CA USA

o         Theodore Jones Milliken b. 1868 Sacramento CA,d. 1932 Sacramento CA, m. Carrie Ann Eaton

§          Ernest C. Milliken b. 1896 Sacramento CA, d. 1973 Oaland Ca, m. Amybeth Payson   P-46

§          Edward Milliken b.c. 1706 Boston MA, m. Abigail Norman

·          Edward Millien b. 1733 Scarboro ME, d. c. 1812, m. Elizabeth Harmon

o         Nathaniel Milliken b. 1754 ME, m. Molly Lord

§          Samuel Alger Milliken b. 1802, d. 1872 m. (2nd) Olive Parcher McKenney

·          Frank R. Milliken b. 1833, m. Sarah C. Banks

o         William Hardy Milliken b. 1857 m. Fannie S. Lowell

§          Samuel Alger Milliken b. 1898 d. 1954 m. Elizabeth Kuhn  P-40


·          Stephen Grant b. 1620 Ireland  P-7


·          Placeholder   P-62


·          Robert Milligan b. c. 1811  P-67


·          William Millican b. 1738 Gt. Yarmouth Norfolk  P-21


·          Lewis Newton (aka Samuel M.) Milligan b. 1851 GA d. OK USA m. Minerva Hardin - Don Milligan [maivy42 AT yahoo.com]

o         Lewis Newton Milligan b. Van Buren Co., AR d. 1937 OK  m. Elizabeth McClung

§          Ester Milligan b. Garvin Co., OK  d. 1984 OK m. Marie Townsend  P-41


·          John Milligan - born 1755 in County Donegal, Ireland, d.1839 Washington CO. PA USA  -  Glenn Milligan [gmilligan AT roadrunner.com ]

o         Robert Milligan b. 1785, d. 1863

§          Robert Henry Milligan b. 1828 d. 1906

·          Joseph Wesley Milligan

o         Glenn Edward Milligan

§          Donald Lee Milligan  P-42

o         Joseph Wesley Milligan  P-33

·          Robert Daniel Milligan

o         Richard Milligah  P-32

o         Alexander Neely Milligan

§          John Milligan

·          Alexander R. Milligan

o         Clyde F Milligan  P-30

Note:  P-31 is culturally connected with the above family, but his DNA is connected to a non-Milligan/Milliken family


·          William Milligan b1757 probably Ireland; d 1796 Rockbridge, VA, m. Martha Barton - Marcia Milligan Skiver [mmskiver AT  gmail.com]

o         Robert Milligan, b1780 Rockbridge, VA; d 1852 Adams Co., OH, m. Elizabeth Wiley

§          William Milligan b 1814 Rockbridge VA; d 1881 Adams Co., IL, m Mary Ann Secrist Caringer

·          Charles Andrew Milligan, b 1843 Adams Co., OH; d 1925 Paris TX; m. Martha Licenora Perryman

o         Charles Andrew Milligan, b 1881 Paris, Lamar, TX; d 1947 Pauls Valley, OK, m. Martha LaDella Knight

§         Thomas William Loyd Milligan, b 1903 Paris, Lamar, TX; d1952, Oklahoma City, OK; m. Truly Mae Blackwell   P-60


·          William Milligan b. 1829 Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, m. Alice Taggert  - Richard Milligan [rmajpe72 AT msn.com]

o         Robert H. Milligan, b. 4 Oct 1854 Jersey City, NJ USA, m. Emma C. Behme

§          William S. Milligan, b. 1901 Michigan, North Dakota, m. Julia Marvin Lytton (Litton)  P-29


·          John Millikin c.1630-40 of Donegore, Co. Antrim, IR -  Don Milligan [donmilligan AT comcast.net]    P-11


·          Patrick Mullikin b. c. 1630, d. !686 Maryland   P-54


·          James Beatty Millikin b. c. 1808 Ballymulderg, Derry, Ulster, d. 1878 Ardtrea, Ontario, Canada   P-57 and P-65


·          Moses Milliken b. 07 Mar 1697 in unknown married Mary Murrell - Diane Bertrand [dbertrand AT ec.rr.com]

o         Benjamin Milligan b. 18 Feb 1728 in SC USA married Elizabeth Hargrove

§          Hezekiah Milligan b.c. 1770 in NC married Sarah Bozeman

·          Samuel Milligan, b.c. 1826 Brunswick County, NC married Lucy Milligan

o         Christenberry Milligan b. 22 Dec 1851 in Brunswick County, NC married Sarah Elizabeth Milligan  P-14


·          William Carrington Milligan b. 1900 South Carolina - William Milligan [docmilligan AT gmail.com]   P-79


·          James Milligan

o         James Milligan b. 1800 Killyleagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          Robert Milligan   P-75


·          Robert Milligan b. 1798 Dumfriesshire, Scotland d. New Brunswick, Canada, m. Elizabeth Wood Seaton

o         James Milligan b. 1822 Dumfriesshire, Scotland, d. 1880 NB, Canada m. Margaret Douglas Aiken

§          Charles James Milligan b 1870 NB Canada, d. 1926 ?, m. Mary (Cunningham) Stone

·          Charles James Milligan b. 1895 NB Canada, d. 1947 ?, m. Marjorie (Stickland) Wilson  P-48


·          Thomas Milliken d. 1845 Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, Ireland m. Jane Hill

o         James Milliken b Islandmagee, d. 1858 Islandmagee m. Eliza Miller  

§          Thomas Milliken

·          Henry James Shaw Milliken   P-82

§          James Milliken b. 1857 Islandmagee, Co. Antrim, Ireland d. 1936 NSW Australia md. Helena Hill

·          Wiliam Millar Milliken b. 1896 NSW Australia d. ? m. Thelma Amelia Thompson   P-70



Subgoup B


·          Samuel Milligan (1727-1815) b. Scotland? d. Perry county, PA m.. Sarah Jardine  - Patricia Cootey [pcootey AT satx.rr.com]

o         John Milligan (1764-1842) b. Ireland d. Perry county, PA m. Jane Graham

§          Samuel Milligan (1793-1861) b. Perry county, PA d. Osage, Henry county, Missouri m. Margaret Graham

·          William G. Milligan (1828-1862-64?) b. Perry county, PA d. Unknown m. Margaret Brushwell

o         William Wallace Milligan (1858-1886) b. Minn. d. Randolph county, IN m. Sadie Dixon

§          Dora Elmer Milligan (1880-1966) b. Randolph county, IN d. Randolph county, IN m. Ollie Jarrett

·          John Wesley Milligan (1911-1991) b. Randolph county, IN d. San Antonio, TX m. Amy Krueger  P-49



·          James Milliken b.c1680 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland - Alan Milliken [Alanmill10 AT aol.com]

o         Hugh Milliken b. 1722 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          David Milliken b. 1753 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

·          Hugh Milliken b. 1784 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

o         James Milliken b. 1836 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

§          Hugh Milliken b. 1866 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland

·          John Milliken b. 1891 Possilpark, Glasgow, Scotland   P-16


·          James Milliken b.c1680 Ballyskeagh, Co. Down, Ireland  P-17


·          Rodger Milliken b.c.1765 in Ireland m. Frances Dickson - Bryce Milligan [brycemilligan AT verizon.net]

o         John Milliken/Milligan b.1804 in Ayrshire, Scotland m.Agnes MaGill

§          John Milligan b.1842 in Ayrshire, Scotland m. Margaret Gordon

·          Thomas Rodger Milligan b.1875 in Scotland m. Louise Vogel

o         Robert Milligan b.1914 in Manchester, NH USA m. Hazel Gunn  P-20


·          James Milligan b. 1818 Pennsylvania USA   P-78


·          Robert M Milligan b. 1819 Pennsylvania USA   P-55


·          William Millikan b. 1720 Dromore, Down Co., Ireland, d. 1804 Randolph, NC, m. Jane White

o         William Millikan  b. 1753 Chester, PA, d. 1838 Morristown, TN, m. Eleanor Smith

§          Elihu Millikan, b. 1785, Guilford, NC, d. 1864, Blaines Roads, Jefferson Co., TN, m. Nancy Hurst

·          Pleasant Miles Millikan, b. 1811, Jefferson City, Jefferson Co., TN, d. 1874, TN m. Jemima Day

o         Frank Thomas M. Milligan, b. 1849, Lost Creek, Jefferson Co., TN, d. aft. 1920, m. Hetty Dunn

§          John Edgar Milligan b. 1881 St. Paul Nebraska USA m. Ethel Brooks  P-35


·          Thomas Milliken b.c.1730 in Northern Ireland. m. Mary Jane McConnell  - Ron Milliken [rmilliken AT stny.rr.com] OR Mike Milliken [mikeamilliken AT gmail.com]

o         John Milliken b: 17 May 1766 in Cumberland or Juniata Co, PA. USA m. Parmelia Stiles

§          Abraham Stiles Milliken b: 17 May 1785 in Juniata Co, PA m.Jane Hufty

·          Abraham Stiles Milliken Jr. b: 23 Jul 1811 in Jefferson Twp., Greene Co, PA. m.Jane Gwynne

o         Jesse Abraham Milliken b: 12 Apr 1857 in Jefferson, Greene Co, PA. m.Mary Elizabeth Hoge

§          Clarence Francis Milliken b: 18 Nov 1890 in Washington, Washington Co, PA. m. Helen Belle Gilmore

·          Robert Norval Milliken b: 07 May 1918 in Wilkinsburg, Allegheny Co, PA.m.Irene Cecelia Tomko  P-18

o         Isaac Franklin Milliken b: 10 May 1850 PA USA m Johanna Huffman – Lawrence Paul Milliken [milliken AT sbcglobal.net]

§          George Leslie Milliken b: 9 March 1876 PA USA m Albra Faustian Dodds

·        George Kenneth Milliken b: 9 Sept 1910 PA USA m Luella Kathryn Rutter  P-51

o         Samuel Milliken  b: abt 1773 Cumberland Co, PA d: abt 1805 m: Mary Gray

§          Thomas S Milliken  b: 5 Jun 1797 Mifflin Co, PA d: 18 Apr 1864 Tuscarora Twp, Juniata Co, PA. [John’s mother is unknown]

·          John Milliken  b: 9 Oct 1826 Juniata Co, PA d: 7 Oct 1885 Locke's Mills, Mifflin Co, PA m: Anna Catherine Wolfkiel

o        Thomas Samuel Milliken  b: 15 Feb 1879 Menno, Mifflin Co, PA d: 27 Dec 1946 Piketown, Dauphin Co, PA m: Anna Mary Nesbit   P-52

Note:   DNA results for P-18 and P-51 above indicate that they are not related.   The participants are looking into this.



Ungrouped R-M222


·          James Mullikin 1667, Scotland  P-10


·          James Mulligan (b around 1760)- Geoff Mulgan [geoff.mulgan AT  gmail.com]

o         William Edward Mulligan (b 1816)

§          Edward Ker Mulgan (?)

·          Geoffrey Mulgan (b 1881)   P-63


Haplogroup T

·        Isaac Milligan b. 1810 d. 1880  P-27



Tests in Progress